Flood And the Floods Came: Nebraska 2019


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There are lots of links on this page. The video is not Youtube, so it must be viewed at the link. Runtime is 56 minutes.

"And The Floods Came" | Nebraska 2019


The story of the worst natural disaster in modern Nebraska history is told in “And the Floods Came: Nebraska 2019,” a production of the news unit at NET, Nebraska’s PBS & NPR Stations.

In a day-by-day, and at times minute-by-minute account of the March flooding, NET News documents the stories of survivors, first responders and local communities. Dramatic video and still photographs capture the aftermath and heartbreak shared by Nebraskans who witnessed dramatic rescues and horrific damage from failed dams and rushing water that carried huge slabs of ice.

“And the Floods Came: Nebraska 2019” explores flooded areas in Boyd and Knox counties where ice smashed through the Spencer dam and caused $4.4 million in damage to roads and bridges in Boyd County alone. It also follows damage along the Loup River system including the communities of St. Edward and Dannebrog. Crews at the Loup Power District diversion dam battled to save that crucial part of the electrical grid.

In the suburban communities near Omaha, the documentary examines how major arterial roadways were literally swept away and how the entire city of Fremont essentially became an island.

In addition to eyewitness accounts of the devastation and deeply personal stories of survival, the documentary examines the circumstances that made this flooding so unique in the state’s history.

While “And the Floods Came: Nebraska 2019” looks back at the disaster, it also looks forward – hearing from those in both urban and rural areas who are unsure about their future, but determined to rebuild their lives and communities.


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