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So we normally buy a half a pig from a local 4H kid. Works out great. Comes to us in little packages ready for the freezer. His Dad hasnt set up a butcher date yet. Has been trying but they are all full up. His Mom called my wife and asked if I knew of any butchers or if she thought we could do it. So I very well may be butchering a couple of pigs this fall. Guess that will be a good 4H project but not what I planned to do. Havent cut up a pig in probably 30 years and that was just helping a friends family. Got to see how much butcher paper I have and get some more plastic wrap.


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I'm waiting on half a cow. That butcher is full until September of next year.

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I buy my cuts from the local carneceria. Here's one of there packages and you can tell me if the price seems good:

10 lbs. chicken wings
20 lbs. ground beef
10 lbs. cube steak
10 lbs. country style ribs
10 lbs. split chicken breasts
10 lbs. pork chops
5 lbs. chicken legs
5 lbs. chicken thighs
10 lbs. pork steak
2 slabs of ribs
3 lbs. bacon
3 lbs. T-bones
2 packs hot dogs
plus 1 gallon of milk and 1 2-liter of soda


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Around here that is probably about average at most of the local meat shops. Can do better buying in bulk but all prices are regional and without knowing the quality of the meat it hard to say if it is really a good deal or just convenient to buy it in a bulk buy.