PLAY America’s favorite Potato Chip (photo fun - use your intuition)

Which is America’s favorite potato chip?

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Well, whenever anyone I know goes to buy potato chips, it is always Lay's. And those are always the ones I see at picnics. So I must answer A.


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Depends. Ruffles required for dip. Pringles for club sandwiches. 6 lays and a juice glass o' milk if you crave salt or cannot sleep. No scenario in which that B bag would be best choice though, so I'm going with "B".

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I went with ruffles. C. Pringles are a potato crisp. There was a lawsuit (iirc) about chip vs crisp. Lays, nobody can eat just one but ruffles have ridges.


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They're not chips they're crisps :p
I've only heard of Pringles (we get them here) and Lays (we don't).

I'm gonna go with Lays, everybody loves a good Lay :whistle:


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America's favorite this or that when it comes to a consumer item usually hinges on what has the most sales...........and if that is the case I believe the sales of A are significantly greater on a national scope than the I would have to go with A.


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C, especially the sour cream & onion variety. They're so good we only buy a little lunch-box size pkg and split it; if we bought the big bag we'd eat too many and they're heavy on the salt and fat.


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I'd guess Lay's and Ruffles would be pretty close. Never saw Cape Cod brand in any store around here. Never cared for Pringles but I remember a rumor about Pringles going out of business years ago because of too much wasted product since the only chips they used had to be the same size and exact shape to stack and fit in the can and they had to throw the rest away.

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None of the above, it's Tostitos! :D

Okay, I'll go with Lay's, cuz you can't eat just one, everyone has them, and the baked kind are my favorite.

But I have a sneaking suspicion they're gonna pull a fast one on me again...