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Last year, we had mysterious crop failures blamed on covid. We had aluminum shortages blamed on covid. I don't know about you, but every day started out clear during growing season only to have at least a half dozen lines go across the sky and a haze spread out. I assume we have all already seen the yt videos of officials saying that they are using aluminum particulate to try to control global warming through "stratospheric aerosol injection" (SAI). I guarantee there is a lot of aluminum in you soil now, sterilizing it so that most crops will fail now. I started putting these dots together last year as I watched my garden fail to produce despite keeping my plants nourished and hydrated. When I mentioned this to anyone, I was told I was reading too much into it and making up conspiracy theories. That I must be doing something wrong in my garden for it to fail. The damage is already done. The aluminum is already in the soil.


Have you had the soil tested for metals and contaminants?
Yep, that's where to start. Aluminum shows up in a lot of soil... as long as you keep the pH balanced properly (preferably keeping it between 6.7 and 7.0) it won't affect the plants.

Talk to your local county cooperative extension about getti g a soil test done. Then you can have a better idea where to start.



Agree with the above. Test both soil and your water. In the meantime, try hydroponics for your basic greens (pH is critical here too, but quick and easy to test for and fix). If they don't grow with that, you can start looking elsewhere for the reason(s) the plants fail to thrive. Could be atmospheric.

They are trying to kill us all, so I AM very suspicious, but aluminum in the soil seems like an inefficient way of making us dead or dependent.
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I spray a hydroponic mix a about 4 times a week. It has been raining for months where I currently live. Vegetables need to be fed a lot and rain washes the salts out of the surface soil. You then loose your vegetables when this happens.


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Aluminum silicate is the form aluminum occurs in most natural sittings this is what makes clay feel slick. It is the most prevalent material on the surface of the earth.
Cudos to China Connection for knowing that trivia.