POL Alert Texas Constitutional Carry bill HR1927 in TX Senate


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Hey list of actual members on the new committee constitutional issues special

From Senate website The Texas State Senate – Senate Special Committee on Constitutional Issues
Charles Schwertner

Brian Birdwell

Dawn Buckingham
Brandon Creighton
Bob Hall
Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa
Eddie Lucio, Jr.

Please Texicans call them and request (politely) to support HB1927 and not SB2224 which is worse than what we have now.




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E-mail I rec'vd. from the NRA-ILA,

Texas: NRA-Backed HB 1927, Permitless Carry Legislation, Will Be Heard in Senate Committee This Thursday!

Dear Texas NRA Member:

Exciting news! House Bill 1927, by Rep. Matt Schaefer (R-Tyler) & Sen. Charles Schwertner (R-Georgetown), an NRA-backed permitless carry proposal that would allow law-abiding citizens to carry a handgun without a state-issued License To Carry (LTC), has been referred to, and scheduled for, a hearing in the Senate Special Committee on Constitutional Issues THIS THURSDAY, April 29! This is the first time a permitless carry bill will have a public hearing in a Senate committee.

HB 1927 will be heard on Thursday, at 9:00 a.m., in Room E1.016 of the Capitol Extension. If you are interested in attending the committee hearing to testify in favor of HB 1927, you will need to visit the Texas Department of Emergency Management (TDEM) tents outside the north entrance to the Capitol (UT campus side) before entering the building. You must obtain a wristband after providing proof of COVID vaccination or after completing free COVID testing onsite and receiving a negative result. Testing usually takes about 10-15 minutes. The wristband will be necessary to enter the committee room and masks are required to be worn while in the committee room except when testifying.

Information on parking at the Capitol Visitors Parking Garage can be found here: SPB - Capitol Visitors Parking Garage (texas.gov).

Verbal testimony in committee will be limited to 2 minutes. You'll need to register your position for HB 1927 and your desire to testify in support of it, using the electronic kiosks outside the committee room.

If you cannot attend, you can still help. Please keep contacting your State Senators and urging them to support HB 1927 and TO PASS PERMITLESS CARRY THIS SESSION! The existing LTC law would not be repealed under this measure. Criminals who are prohibited from possessing firearms (i.e., felons, fugitives from justice, domestic abusers) and individuals committed by the courts for mental illness, would still be barred from carrying guns. This legislation would not prevent the enforcement of any laws broken by criminals who misuse firearms. It's time for Texas to join the 20 other states that have legalized this personal protection option!


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Is this open carry or concealed carry or both?

Why is the House Bill good and the Senate Bill bad?

Both and every state that has done this have not had issues after passing it and crime went down, The doom sayers claimed crime will go up and all kinds of bad things, what really happen was just the opposite what the over controlling doom sayers were claiming would happen. There are no negatives to this.
Right now we have 22 states that have allowed we the people carry a sidearm concealed without government permission/license. If Texas passes this it will make 23 states.
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Is this open carry or concealed carry or both?

Why is the House Bill good and the Senate Bill bad?
sb2224 creates a need for a 'permit' to carry in the Capitiol, now Concealed permit lets you get in the 'fast lane' at the capitol.
very idea of requiring a 'permit to' enter a .gov building is abhorrent.
also add a bunch of charge the person with possessing a firearm and they have assorted after being charged
'defenses' much like what used to happen to drivers in Houston and it's environs, the DA ordered cops to arrest for possession even after the car carry was State Law, the DA still tried to prosecute. Took a couple more edits on the car carry to slap that jackass down. and cost a lot of innocent folks $$$
sb2224 makes that stupid statewide again.

HB1927 goes with constitutional carry and requires that locations advise by writing or verbal alert that weapons are not allowed (sort of like the 30.06/30.07 signs) but the language gives a armed individual the ability to decamp from the site without being charged (so the gunbusters sign still has zilch legal authority) the 30.06/30.07 signs have to be up and visible not hid off to one side or behind stuff. Have seen 30.06/30.07 signs by elevators, not visible until you were getting back in or getting out at destination floor all sorts of cute fascists bs out there in unreal estate mismanagement.
HB1927 adds give carrier opportunity to depart.
HB1927 also keeps the permit processes so if necessary reciprocity rules stay in effect where we have Reciprocity with Given States.
(Pending restoration of National 2nd Amendment rights that is.)



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Wow, thank you both for the detailed answers. I have not been following this legislation like I should, but I agree with your observations.


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Does anyone have info on what the TX house is doing with the senate ammendments?
my mis reptiles and senatho are flatly not responding and I can’t find the ‘version’ the senate passed
praying we haven’t been screwed bit it looks like these lying RINOs have done us dirt again


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What was explained to me by someone else is that it is "dead".

They said:
The senate knowingly & effectively shadow-killed the bill. When amendments are added or removed to a bill and sent back to the House, if they effect other bills outside of the existing bill then the re-voting can be halted by a point of order from a minority party. Apparently the changes in penalties does this and the bill will not be voted on again by the House, and will not go to a committee to reconcile for the same reason. For anything to happen, the Senate has to pass another version of the bill without those specific changes to resend it to the House and there is a clock on that as well.

I do not specifically understand the details, or know if it is true, but something I just read on GOA seems to indicate the same.


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Just received this from NRA,

"Dear Texas NRA Member:

The Texas House has sent House Bill 1927, constitutional carry legislation sponsored by Rep. Matt Schaefer (R-Tyler), to a conference committee to work out the differences between the House- and Senate-passed versions of the bill. House Speaker Dade Phelan (R-Beaumont) appointed very strong pro-Second Amendment House conferees: bill author Rep. Schaefer, House Committee on Calendars Chairman Dustin Burrows (R-Lubbock), House Committee on Homeland Security & Public Safety Chairman James White (R-Hillister), Rep. Terry Canales (D-Edinburg) and Rep. Ryan Guillen (D-Rio Grande City). All House conferees were joint authors or co-authors on HB 1927, and Canales and Guillen were two of the Democrats who provided bipartisan support for the measure when it initially passed the House last month.

The Lieutenant Governor could appoint Senate conferees as early as today. We will report to you on which Senators he selects.

The work is not yet done on this critically important bill! With just 18 days remaining before the Legislature adjourns, time is of the essence and Texas NRA members will be watching closely."

(So basically if this dies in commitee, looks like Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick might have wanted it not to succeed!)


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Pulled this from the Texas GOA website:

The Texas House took another step Wednesday night in moving Constitutional Carry forward – despite the games being played by Lt. Governor Dan Patrick.

As we told you earlier, the Senate passed HB 1927, the Constitutional Carry bill, last week. However, the Lt. Governor pushed through a packet of amendments that not only weakened the bill but also opened the door for anti-gun members of the Texas House to kill the bill on a procedural defect.
Last night, bill author Rep. Schaefer brought up HB 1927 on the House floor. Anti-gun Rep. Chris Turner brought a point of order against further consideration of the bill, but, after lengthy discussion, withdrew the point of order.

The House then voted to send the bill to a conference committee to fix the errors caused by the Senate. And Speaker Phelan appointed a very strong team of Constitutional Carry supporters to serve as the five House conferees.

This allows us to use the final 2½ weeks of session to get a truly strong Constitutional Carry bill to Governor Abbott’s desk.

Now, once again, we wait for the Senate . . .