Contagion A Sick Room kit-in-a-bucket for my family

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A Sick Room kit-in-a-bucket for my family

The following is a sick room bucket kit that I'm putting together for my own family. Basically it contains most items needed to for me to set up a sick room contained in a 5 gallon bucket. I am not a medical practitioner and cannot provide medical advice. Anyone contemplating doing this should discuss it with their Doctor to make sure their kit is appropriate to meet their unique needs. Maybe those on the board who are healthcare professionals could run with this and suggest or subtract items as they feel appropriate.

1 - 5 gallon bucket with re-sealable lid
2 or 3 tall trash bags & twisty ties
1 - tub diaper wipes
2 or 3 Sippy cups
1 - box bendy straws
1 - pourable water container with lid
1 - box tissues
few - old clean towels & face cloths
pre cut plastic sheeting
plastic bag with latex exam gloves
premeasured plastic bags of rehydration powder with directions
1 - Hand Sanitizer dispenser
2 or 3 paper grocery bags
puppy pee pads to use as Chucks pads

This may be old hat for us on this board but many Doctors today just don't have time to tell new mothers or patients about stuff like this. As far as I know the schools are not teaching it. Due to vaccines many parents in first world countries today don't have firsthand knowledge or experience of how to deal with what my parents generation called "childhood diseases". Those now preventable childhood diseases made setting a sick room a necessity of child rearing a generation or two ago.
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I've heard about sick rooms, but never really thought about how to set one up. Thanks. I think this is a good starting point. Can do some research from here.

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Debating getting a bedpan, urine bottle and stethoscope.

An old fashion hot water bottle can be a nice to have depending on the situation.