Sewing A Scarf Adaptation


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For a variety of reasons I have family members that need scarves but can't wear things that drape/hang. For two of them there is an additional requirement of looking professional. I found a knit/crochet pattern but no sewing adaptation. So I got busy. I still have some button holes to do.1577217445546.jpg1577217496386.jpg1577217453991.jpg


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I like these a lot! There are times when wearing a long draping scarf is dangerous to my health, like when I'm out in the woodworking shop with OC.


Beautiful work! I love the buttons on the magenta scarf!

I wear turtlenecks habitually all winter... I made several from wool jersey and silk jersey knit. They are my first layer. But the silk jersey is a bit *too* soft and flowy... And the turtleneck doesn't stay up on my neck. I wear a knitted cowl under my barn jacket, but I think one of your scarves woukd work realky well in the house.



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These were based off a knit/crochet neck cowl scarf. But when the pleating is done there are 4 layers of fleece with the needed air layers between them. The black one had the buttons down the side. The purple one had them in a line down the center.
One trick, make sure you don't stitch one pleat down when you are making the next pleat.
An easier one is to make a 60 inch long fleece scarf with buttons on one end and the buttonholes on the other end. Then wrapp that two or three times before fastening the buttons.


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I am debating making some to sell. But I'm not sure what lengths. The purple one for my SIL was oversized for her. Another 6 inches or so and she would have been able to drop it around her shoulders.