Epidemic A hundred bucks...


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A guy walks up to you and says he has a sure-fire money-making proposition for you. He takes you to a warehouse and in the middle is a large table. On it are 1000 revolvers and he says he'll give you a million dollars if you walk up to the table and stick a revolver of your choice in your mouth and pull the trigger. He explains that all of the guns are empty except 10. He says he has taken 10 .357 Hollow points and placed them in 10 random guns, spun the cylinders and scattered them on the table. He shows you the briefcase with stacks of 100 dollar bills. What would you do? Another guy walks up to you and and shows you a glass jar filled with jelly beans. He says for a million dollars all you have to do is reach into the jar and pop a jelly bean of your choice into your mouth. He explains that of the 1000 jelly beans in the jar he has removed 10 and injected them with a deadly poison and it causes a painful and agonizing death. What would you do? Another guy walks up and says he has a new drug he wants you to try. It will reduce your chances of getting sick from an accidently released bioweapon. It was hastily thrown into production without the usual years long human trials, it is based on theoretical concepts of virus/immune system behavior, it failed terribly in animal models killing all the feline test subjects, and the terrible side-effects have been ignored or squelched by researchers and manufacturers in an orgy of money-making greed and career building lust. What would you do?


I'll tell or ask the guy if I could go get my witness or undertaker.

Come back and steal the booty and guns.



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Grab the pistols and start pulling the triggers as fast as I can at the three idiots with a million dollars each. Bound to get one of them before they get out of range. Yes....I'm that kind of A-hole.


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Some people will do anything for the chance of money, powerball and lotteries are the idiot's tax and they had to bribe the morons to take the 'jab'...


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The revolvers...

I can see if it is loaded.

Thanks for the million.

He also did not say that I couldn't pull out my own revolver...

Technicalities for the win.

I understand that was not the game.

The only way to really win is not to play the game.