Food 1700 & 1800-18th & 19th Century Cooking!


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There a YouTube Chanel thats go's under the name "Townsends" and this fellow by the name John Townsend does these videos covering mostly 18th and 19th century cooking and a small number of these videos also covers other aspects of life durning that time.
Jas Townsend's go's as far to have setup a 1700's kitchen for himself to make it look like he is in the 18th century and even dressed for the part.
I would post a link to all this but it seems he has somehow set it up so this is not posable as all my attempts have failed to do this.
So going to YouTube your self and use their search engine and enter "Townsend's" and it all shows up and enjoy learning how they cooked back in the 18th and 19th century.


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Yes and with this virus thing going on that members here would like to learn this and it is entertaining more so than some of the TV shows I have seen on friends TV's while visiting. Back in the day they have to make do with what they had.


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His company supplies historic re-enactors, and he makes the videos to help those of us who do living history be more authentic with our cooking. But what he cooks always looks delicious :)
I've watched his videos for a few years. Not just cooking.
Also informative for the era's clothing and accessories, which is how I found them. People dressed better and with greater comfort back in those days.


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Hopefully that is it. He does have an excellent channel


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My daughter got me started on Townsends. She made me the 18th-Century Fried Chicken, and it was outstanding.