POL Worried Trump could 'go rogue,' Milley took top-secret action to protect nuclear weapons


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I was wondering when Milley went through the Q Course. Seems it was before I got to JFK. Our intreped reporter below failed to determine that SFAS preceeds the Q course, not follows it, and SFAS was not in place when Milley went through JFK. At the time, soldiers going into the Q Course were PCSed to Bragg (permanent change of station), an expensive process for the Army. And most of them wiped out without getting tabbed (completing the course).

To save money, the Q course was made a TDY assignment (temporary duty) and SFAS was put in place to better prepare soldiers for the rigors of the Q course.

I found this an interesting footnote to the current Milley kerfluffle, however.

Milley: A flawed general who learned a lesson (armytimes.com)

Milley: A flawed general who learned a lesson
By Scott W. Patton
Jun 14, 2020

The motto of U.S. Army Special Forces is “De Oppresso Liber” or “to free the oppressed.”

The current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley, is authorized to wear the Special Forces crest on his dress uniform. Milley is not just the Joint Chiefs chairman, but was an Army Special Forces soldier.

As a combat veteran and member of a Gold Star family, I was angered at the sight of federal law enforcement officers forcibly removing peaceful protesters against police brutality exercising their right of free speech in Lafayette Square so Trump could hold a photo op. But it was the sight of Milley walking side by side with the oppressors’ that brought me to tears filled with disappointment and disgust knowing the general is an Army Special Forces soldier. A four-star general who swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States failing his oath right in front of our eyes — complicit in use of force to oppress a peaceful protest, violating the right given to all citizens under the Constitution — an abuse of power by every leader involved. General Milley failed in his commitment to free the oppressed. I fear Milley and other military leaders will again fail their duty to the citizens of the United States as the November election approaches and Trump fights to maintain his hold on the presidency.

Milley has apologized and taken responsibility for his actions on that telling day in Lafayette Square. I appreciate that in hindsight — days after the incident occurred — the general has apologized. According to the New York Times, “Mr. Trump’s walk across Lafayette Square” has sparked outrage which “current and former military leaders said, has started a critical moment of reckoning in the military. General Milley addressed the issue head-on.” Did Milley address the issue head-on? How will he address other unlawful constitutional challenges ordered by Trump?

I remain disappointed about Milley’s conduct while in uniform. He should’ve known better. He knows right from wrong. While attending Army Special Forces Assessment and Selection (SFAS) and the preceding Qualification Course (Q Course), Milley would have passed many difficult tasks that required smarts, morals and physical endurance. Army Special Forces training is grueling. Milley would not have excelled in Special Forces without knowing right from wrong. Milley is our country’s highest-ranking military adviser to the president. Milley cowered to power when he stood by Trump in Lafayette Square.

I question how he will react when tested again. According to the Times, “for the past 10 days, he had agonized about appearing — behind Mr. Trump during the walk, an act that critics said gave a stamp of military approval to the hardline tactics.” He should have “agonized” over his decision but not for 10 days! Eighty percent of America believes we are out of control. You are supposed to be the protector of our rights, a symbol of freedom against oppression worldwide. When it counted, you failed.
A glimmer of hope was displayed in recent days when General Milley, along with Defense Secretary Esper, stood up to Trump advising not to deploy the 82nd Airborne Division onto the streets of the capital to police peaceful protesters. Milley clarified his position affirming in a speech that the "armed forces swears an oath to defend the Constitution, which gives Americans the right to freedom of speech.” He went further saying: "The protests that have ensued not only speak to his (George Floyd) killing, but also to the centuries of injustice toward African-Americans.”
President Donald Trump walks with Attorney General William Barr, left, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper ,center, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark A. Milley, right, and others from the White House to visit St. John's Church after the area was cleared of people protesting the death of George Floyd June 1, 2020, in Washington.

Milley says he was wrong to accompany Trump on church walk during George Floyd protests
“I should not have been there,” the Joint Chiefs chairman said in remarks to a National Defense University commencement ceremony.

By Robert Burns

I worry for the country, but I believe General Milley is the right person for the job. A flawed general who learned a lesson. He will need to display the intestinal fortitude required to pass the Q Course when standing up to the bully in chief. Milley will be asked to participate in a future unlawful act. He will have to exhibit the courage of a combat vet fighting to free the oppressed. Trump has no regard for the rule of law. It will be up to military leadership to be the backstop of our democracy. America will continue to struggle with Trump, race, religion, voting rights, guns and other social issues. Our military leaders must be accountable to the oath they swore to protect the Constitution. They must fight for the rights of the American people by speaking truth to power allowing freedom to prevail.
De Oppresso Liber!


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Outed himself? Amazing huzzpah or delusional? Or are we supposed to think that we are done?
The only thing that makes me skeptical is its got CNN all over it--are they trying to stay relevant?


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I can't say I'm surprised. In Frank Kaplan's "The Bomb" he starts by mentioning his fear of Trump and there being no checks and balances if a President should go "rogue". The interesting thing is this fear has come up before. There were concerns that Nixon might launch during a drunken stupor.

All being said, I agree with many of you that this was a treasonous act and should be dealt with extreme measures.


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Milley is in desperate need of a general court martial!
Bannon War Room Episode 1262 discussed this at today's 5 p.m. show. PODCAST

Called "attempted coup" also "insubordination" also "treason."

Millie and his "Trusted friend" in the CCP - drop a dime and let your country's enemies know you're concerned about Trump dropping something larger.



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I still believe if the country is ever attacked by either China or Russia, the dem's in charge would surrender to them.
... and after ordering all military and civilian authorities to disarm in the face of the occupation troops they would then green light the occupation troop's disarmament of all American civilians ..... by any means necessary.


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Trump is still president...
Think...Trump still has the 'football'...and only the President can 'hold' the 'football'... Dave in the 'X22 reports' talks about it in his lastest. I've a thread down in 'ALT' where I post those videos, if you decide to watch them.


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“General Li, I want to assure you that the American government is stable and everything is going to be okay,” Milley told him. “We are not going to attack or conduct any kinetic operations against you.”

Now why the hell would any legit general make it his duty to call a foreign country, who is our professed enemy, and tell them that we are stable over here and there are no problems???? Why??? Keep 'em guessing and unsure of things.
Well, if you were in debt to a foreign entity, and some form of "payback" was planned/guaranteed once the new administration had things either "stable", OR in a situation of "controlled chaos" where things could be locked down wherever and whenever needed, then you would want to make sure that the "debt collection department" was not worried about it's collateral or it's future "payback"... The chinese have already said that they want the land, so they really don't want to have to fight "here" that may damage their collateral. They want it, and whatever workforce that they have made deals with, not us.

Consider all of the other things going on, and then ask yourself what makes sense. Now ask yourself who are the players, and who is on who's side. Now ask yourself who is on your side, and who you will be able to trust with what is coming.

If Milley did this, and there are others like him, think about some of the other news that has happened in the recent past in that context. The "stuff" left behind in Ashcanistan. Where did it go? Who bought the tech? iran? china? What about the odd landing practice around the southwest? Have you looked up "Nuclear Sponge" yet? Where is that "Sponge"? What is it's purpose? Why are MANY countries practicing landing their MILITARY aircraft on odd roads around their own countries? Why are they doing that, and not just here? Ask yourself where THEIR Nuclear Sponges are, if they have them.

What if someone was 4 years behind in their efforts of payback of their debt, and hadn't had a chance to get the current occupants "out of the house" enough for it to go on market? They want a reduction in population, not just here, but everywhere but in "THEIR" camp. They are playing king of the hill, and they are playing for all the marbles because they know time is short and people are catching on and "making ready". Remember the Zimmerman telegram, and what it promised? Remember the talk in the 90's about Aztlan? How many Trillion are we in the hole for to how many countries, not just china? What other promises have been made?...

Again, ask yourself who are the players, and who is on who's side. And again, ask yourself who is on your side, and who you will be able to trust with what is coming.

Nobody likes having to fight a multi-front war. Get ready for that, and the fact that a lot of it will be 4th gen and 5th gen, asymmetric and with NO guarantees on any side.

Stuff to think about, and contemplate well.

GYSER moment is near.
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Think...Trump still has the 'football'...and only the President can 'hold' the 'football'... Dave in the 'X22 reports' talks about it in his lastest. I've a thread down in 'ALT' where I post those videos, if you decide to watch them.
The codes used have to match. If someone has had a chance to change the codes on the receiving end since there was a change in administration, they probably won't match now. It's fail safe, not fail active. And there are still people in the mix as well that could monkey wrench if they wanted to.

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Solid points, Loup.

Ref the Football. Yep. DJT held it for the rest of the day on the 20th. Those codes changed at 1201 EST on the 20th.

HIS box is non-functional.


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Solid points, Loup.

Ref the Football. Yep. DJT held it for the rest of the day on the 20th. Those codes changed at 1201 EST on the 20th.

HIS box is non-functional.
If Trump's 'box' is non-functional...then why are Nancy Pigolsi, and a number of others, so worried he could launch nukes?


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Part II if you are still able to keep reading (I feel kind of sick myself)

'You really should do a tweet'
According to the authors, Trump ignored repeated requests by both staff and his daughter Ivanka Trump to call off the rioters at the Capitol on January 6.
In one episode, retired Gen. Keith Kellogg, who served as Pence's national security adviser, was in the White House with Trump while he watched the insurrection unfold on television.
Kellogg urged Trump to act.
Retired Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg, who advises Donald Trump on foreign policy and military issues, speaks to the media in the lobby at Trump Tower, November 15, 2016 in New York City.

Retired Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg, who advises Donald Trump on foreign policy and military issues, speaks to the media in the lobby at Trump Tower, November 15, 2016 in New York City.

"You really should do a tweet," Kellogg said, according to the authors. "You need to get a tweet out real quick, help control the crowd up there. This is out of control. They're not going to be able to control this. Sir, they're not prepared for it. Once a mob starts turning like that, you've lost it."
"Yeah," Trump said. The authors write, 'Trump blinked and kept watching television.'
Ivanka Trump also repeatedly tried to intervene, talking to her father three times. "Let this thing go," she told him. "Let it go," she said, according to the book.
Rage 2.0
Woodward's previous book on Trump was called "Rage," but "Peril," filled with expletive-laced shouting matches, takes the rage up a notch.
Top officials told the authors that Trump's outbursts reminded them of "Full Metal Jacket" at times and "Doctor Strangelove" at others.
In June 2020, after Black Lives Matter protests near the White House, Trump lit into then-Defense Secretary Mark Esper, who had just announced at a news conference that he opposed invoking the Insurrection Act in response to the protests.
"You took away my authority!" Trump screamed at Esper in the Oval Office. "You're not the president! I'm the goddamn president."
But Trump wasn't done, according to the book, turning to the rest of his team in the room. "You're all ****ed up," he yelled. "Everybody. You're all ****ed. Every one of you is ****ed up!"
In the aftermath of the election, Trump's rage was directed at Barr for daring to even mention the incoming Biden administration.
US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper (left), US President Donald Trump, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Army General Mark A. Milley (right) wait for a meeting with senior military leaders in the Cabinet Room of the White House in October 2019.

US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper (left), US President Donald Trump, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Army General Mark A. Milley (right) wait for a meeting with senior military leaders in the Cabinet Room of the White House in October 2019.

"First part of the Biden administration!" Trump shouted, according to the authors. Trump was so mad, Barr thought, 'if a human being can have flames come out of his ears, this was it,' Woodward and Costa write.

The book also reveals that Trump is still angry with Republicans who blamed him for the insurrection, including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

"This guy called me every single day, pretended to be my best friend, and then, he ****ed me. He's not a good guy," Trump said, according to the book.

While McCarthy has walked back his initial comments after the insurrection, Trump is quoted as dismissing McCarthy's attempts to get back into his good graces.

"Kevin came down to kiss my ass and wants my help to win the House back," Trump said, according to the authors.
The book ends with Trump allies speculating about his plans for 2024. Privately, Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham is quoted as saying, "if he wants to run, then he's going to have to deal with his personality problems ... we've got a very damaged team captain."
But in a conversation with Trump directly, Graham was much more optimistic.

"You've been written off as dead because of January the 6th. The conventional wisdom is that the Republican Party, under your leadership, has collapsed," Graham told Trump, according to the book. Graham continued, telling Trump that if "you came back to take the White House, it would be the biggest comeback in American history."

In July, Trump's former campaign manager Brad Parscale, who had been demoted and then stepped aside from the campaign in September 2020, asked the question.

"Sir, are you going to run?"

"I'm thinking about it ... I'm really strongly thinking about running," Trump said, according to the book.
"He had an army. An army for Trump. He wants that back," Parscale later told others. "I don't think he sees it as a comeback. He sees it as vengeance."

end of part II
I haven’t read that many lies in one place since I taught sixth grade and read the excuses of 11-year-olds as to why they hadn’t done their homework or studied for a test


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The DS requires the perception of having the moral high ground. Without it, the yet to be seen heavy handed full on Bolshlevik BS will not hold water.

I suspect the revelation of Milley's actions are to build on a narrative. One that will attempt to paint Trump as a psycho madman, willing to start WW3 just to remain in power. And, by extension, anyone that supports/supported Trump, anyone proclaiming to be a patriot or constitutionalist is just as dangerous.

You ain't seen nothing yet! Time is short.

RT 3:44

Yes—and they are THAT SCARED of Trump possibly winning again—so they concoct these lies both to discredit him and-if possible-persecute or remove/destroy those who might vote for him.


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Well thank goodness the old general won’t have to walk the line on President Magoo. Whew, I feel so much better, no rogue in the White House now… :kaid:
That’s what will be so ironic—Biden will DO what they (lyingly) tried to paint Trump as doing. If ANYONE gets “out-of-control when crossed, it’s Biden—THAT we have already seen.

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Well if they were afraid of Trump going rogue ( bullshit) … Miley was running things. So tell me they aren’t afraid numb nuts China Joe won’t? But I’m confident he isn’t running things anyway … so the question is … who’s in charge right now.

They took Trump and his supporters out … and inserted a commie moron.
You are correct!


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what's a lone Patriot Jarhead to do ?

Winston covered it in WW2 -

“If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed;
if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may
come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

Quote by Winston S. Churchill: “If you will not fight for right when you can ea...” (goodreads.com)


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The Gaslighting Begins After Mark Milley's Treasonous Actions Are Revealed

By Bonchie | Sep 14, 2021 8:45 PM ET

Earlier today, one of the most consequential stories in a long time broke with the revelation that Gen. Mark Milley, now the Joint Chiefs of Staff, had colluded with the Chinese to possibly commit treason. The discussion that led to the quote in question happened via secret, unsanctioned calls between Milley and a top Chinese general. At one point, Milley is reported to have pledged to the Chinese that he would tip them off about any possible attack coming from the United States.

Later, it was revealed that Milley was working with Nancy Pelosi, both of which were trying to subvert the constitutional system in order to essentially neuter Donald Trump’s ability to function as Commander in Chief.

Now, the clean-up crew has arrived to gaslight everyone and claim that was transpired not only didn’t amount to an intention to commit treason but was “routine.” Here’s Pentagon stenographer Jennifer Griffin relaying the message without a hint of skepticism.

View: https://twitter.com/JenGriffinFNC/status/1437906065073577986?s=20

As far as the facts on the ground go, Milley has two choices. He can either claim that the quote attributed to him by The Washington Post (which was quoting Bob Woodward’s new book) is false and that he never said it, or he can admit he told a foreign adversary that he was willing to commit treason. There is no third option where Milley and the Pentagon get to pretend that all of this was routine because it absolutely was not.

Regardless of what “fears” Milley may have had following January 6th, we still have a constitution and a military that is controlled by civilian, elected leaders. There is no possible justification for a military general setting out to not only conduct his own foreign policy but to also offer aid and comfort to our enemies. That is, by the very definition of the word, treasonous.

Further, no one should be taking Milley’s claims of concern as a representation of reality. He is a deeply disturbed, delusional man who went so far as to compare January 6th, an event that resulted in no purposeful deaths except a police officer shooting Ashil Babbitt, to the Russian Revolution. Milley apparently saw himself as saving the country from a coup, but in the end, it was he that did more to execute a coup than anyone on January 6th.

None of this adds up to be routine, and it’s incredibly insulting that the Pentagon thinks they can brush this under the rug with such a whitewashing.

View: https://twitter.com/JordanSchachtel/status/1437923709352808452?s=20

What Milley did in conjunction with Pelosi is the biggest breakdown of the constitutional order in modern history. We had a general essentially declare himself a military dictator, calling up foreign adversaries to let them know he had their back and would sell out his own country to give them information. And for what? There is no evidence Donald Trump was going to order an attack on China. Rather, Milley’s actions were driven by his delusional god complex.

But even if you assume Trump was going to do something dangerous (he wasn’t, but let’s assume), Milley’s obligation would be to refuse the order, resign, and notify Congress. It would not be for him to make secret calls to the Chinese to let them know he’s going to feed them information.

This is the kind of thing Republicans can not let go of. There have to be repercussions here or we cease to be a functioning nation. If that means a Republican-led DOJ taking action in 2025, so be it.


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I was astounded when people were calling for Trump to enact the Insurrection Act in his Last weeks. It was clear he knew what Milley had done and they probably would have gone after Trump.

The ONLY force DJT had control of at that time was the UNORGANIZED MILITIA, and they would have come had he gave the order.


If you read some of the original indictments of the 1/6 crowd, you will see a laundry list of what the Deep State imagined was going on. It was 'feelings' based, not evidence based. It was wokeness induced hysteria. Some might say that it was a manifestation of exactly what the Deep State was doing. This episode more or less proves it. Menticide.