Misc/Chat What grows fastest? Kudzu or Zucchini?

Barry Natchitoches

Has No Life - Lives on TB
I swear!

I will have just a little baby zucchini - no more than a few inches long, one day.

Then I go out to the garden the next day, and I don’t have a mere zucchini growing: I have a huge green thing, the approximate size of a baseball bat.

Honestly, the zucchini I pulled out of the garden this morning is so large that it should be registered as a Lethal Weapon!

If I had left it on the plant another day, the Postal Service would have had to assign the plant its own zip code!

Some people ponder the age old question of what came first: the chicken or the egg.

But I ponder a much more significant question: what grows fastest - the zucchini or kudzu?

Jeff B.

Don’t let the Piss Ants get you down…
Zucchini boats!

We grew zucchini in two half whiskey barrels while stationed in Virginia, those two plants kept us in zucchini!

Jeff B.