WELCOME to Homemaking and Homesteading

Dennis Olson

Chief Curmudgeon
Hi everyone! Based on many requests, I've created a new place just for YOU! Those of you interested in homemaking and homesteading issues, drop on in and pull up a chair on the sunporch!

We'll try this room out, and if it's popular, we'll make it a permanent part of the forum. So it's up to YOU! Make it popular!



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Wow - glad to find this new forum. Looking forward to reading, learning and sharing both Homemaking and Homesteading. Thanks!!!


Girls With Guns Member
Thanks Dennis! Since this is what I devout most of my time to, I guess I belong here. ;)


Kathy in WV

Down on the Farm...
Just got done browsing and it looks like this forum is off to a good start! This fits in so well with the whole preparedness issue I can't imagine it failing! THANKS!! Kat


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Yeah! Finally a subject I know something about!! Looks like I might be posting more instead of just reading :)



resident chicken

I finally got myself over here. I've been reading the threads, Great stuff!! Love those chalenges!!

ok now , back to more reading.




My first post! Glad to become a member after ghosting for a long time. I hope I can contribute now, I know I will be learning!



Eyes WIDE Open
Please keep this forum!

I was doing a search on Google and it lead me to TB2K! I had never seen this website before that. I check the forums everyday now.


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There are still so many parts to TB that I haven't explored yet, but I'm glad I found this. Now where is the farming forum?


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Just got back in from feeding the chickens the left over jack o lantern pumpkin. I think this will be a great idea!