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Has No Life - Lives on TB
In all the years I've been weed eating I've never come in contact with the cord...until today.

It's not even enough to draw more than a couple drops of blood, more like a scrape. Boy, it sure does sting!

Lesson learned, take my finger away from the trigger when changing positions.

Thankful because I've heard some horror stories, all like me, not paying attention.


Has No Life - Lives on TB
I also have a PSA about these things. Wear a GOOD pair of safety glasses when in use. I was popped on the side of my glasses this weekend and am green across the bridge of my nose. And with a small cut I might add. Thank you for sharing this story with all those who may believe removal of an object from their eyeball might be a great way to spend the weekend. I had JUST been without them and gone in the house and mounted them on my face. Thank goodness for that wee voice.