CORONA viruses don't exist


Hi. The reason I tried to join this board is because in being a lurker or learning the news from your site, I noticed that I think I have learned a few things that will help in understanding medical things better. I am happy to learn if I am wrong, but I sincerely don't believe that any virus exists.

In studying the statistical info on the supposed coronavirus and the effects of 5G, I happened on learning of Stefan Lanka, a German virologist who claims that viruses don't exist. He worked for his doctorate in the 80's, when Robert Gallo was supposedly discovering HIV. He says he noticed inconsistencies in others work and his, enough so to prompt him to question and investigate the supposed evidence for the existence of viruses back to Pasteur, who purported their existence in the 1800's. He says he found no evidence for such. He offers a reward of $100,000 to anyone who can prove that the measles virus exists. Virus, incidentally, means poison in Greek and Pasteur was a bad person, not understanding yet plagiarizing much of Antoine Bechamp's thoughtful work.

So I studied a lot of what Lanka said and pondered a bit and I believe also that viruses don't exist. I'd like to say why:

1. Viruses, by the 'definition' of them, have no means of metabolism. They have no Krebs' cycle, no energy substrate, nothing. So they aren't living and can have no purpose. They are a mental construct only.

2. They have no real pictures of a virus. I typed 'electron micrographs of viruses' into my search engine and got back quite a few pictures. There was a picture of some WBC's, one of which was a band cell, that looked like they were being electrified with a small current, enough to cause what appeared to be spikes on the WBC surfaces. There was a picture of what looked exactly like a fungal hyphae, which they called Ebola. There was a picture of a cell involved in phagocytosis, engulfing a small ambiguous mass, a common happening among some WBC's. There were some pictures of bacteriophages, a supposed type of virus that has landing gear and a syringe, all without the use of any energy whatsoever. There were a lot of images created by 3D modeling software, most of them seemingly elaborating on the electrified WBC's. There were not many real electron micrographs, either.

3. There have supposedly been 7 virus outbreaks since 2002 (SARS, West Nile, H1N1, H5N1, Ebola, Zika, and CABAL-19, as a friend likes to say), yet the most recent viral outbreak prior to SARS in 2002 was the Hong Kong flu, which supposedly occurred in 1968. Quite an odd history.

4. If Ebola was real, half the people on the planet at the time of the 2014 outbreak would be dead. What could stop it?

5. Arthur Firstenberg, in his book, The Invisible Rainbow, tells that before the advent of electricity, people related the flu to solar activity. If there were greater than 100 sunspots, a lot of people got the flu and so on. Further, when the power lines were put up starting in the 1870's, there was a 'flu' that lasted for 4 years. When transoceanic radio was developed during WWI, the 'Spanish flu' happened. When the satellite count in the van Allen belt went from 13 to 41 in 1968, the 'Hong Kong flu' happened.

6. All smaller molecules have likely been created already, leaving the pharmaceutical companies increased R&D costs and decreased chances for application in the development of new and larger molecules. Vaccines might be the only thing that has the potential to make them much money. Vaccines, incidentally, can contain aluminum, mercury, nagalase (a cancer cell product), formaldehyde and pieces of DNA.

What is likely really happening with CABAL-19, in my opinion, is that most of the numbers are fudged, as incentives are offered for reporting such, and that any deaths from any 'new illness' are from 5G radiation. Regarding testing, I believe the RNA in cells that is broken or damaged by electromagnetic radiation or otherwise is kicked out of the cells, and that is what is being tested for in the RC-PCR tests.

Anecdotally, after learning the above, I wrote 'VIRUSES DON'T EXIST' on the back window of my car. A gal in Kroger's parking lot asked me about it. After explaining, she told me she had cured herself from hepatitis and HIV by stopping the use of drugs and eating an anti-inflammatory diet. Such is not possible according to the establishment's definition of those viruses. It is possible if those viruses really don't exist and what they test for is extracellular RNA.

Any discussion is appreciated.
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A virus is like a prion - CJD (mad cow disease). It functions more as a key (like an enzyme). It doesn't need its own metabolism because after it latches onto a living cell, it uses the cell's metabolism. Lack of *life* is a large reason why these complex molecules can be stable for decades, if not hundreds of years under the right conditions.

That said, Covid is a political tool. It doesn't have to work as well as the bat gods at Wuhan may have promised. The hype and propaganda take over for any biological disappointments. Back to the drawing board with CRISPER for a new and improved model.

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Good first post.

Pasteur and Beauchamp were rivals.
Apparently, Pasteur was better connected so his theory won out.

Allegedly, on his death bed, Pasteur recanted and said Beauchamp was right.

It was the terrain not germs that caused illness


"Germs" is a big and loose category. We can see harmful bacteria, amoeba, fungi, and tiny parasites under a standard microscope. Giardi will make you sick - it is sort of germ. Ditto, tape worm eggs. Bacteria are a single celled group of organisms that can be harmful in themselves (Syphilis), or produce toxins (botulism is a toxin produced by a bacteria). You can see this stuff for yourself with a $100 dollar microscope, and another $50 bucks in supplies such as gram stain and slides.

Thus, "germ theory" began with the vague (and mostly useful) idea that if you could sterilize the food, as in kill all the bacteria resp. for spoilage, the food would remain fresh (at least until the fats chemically broke down and became rancid). Some bacteria are tougher than others and require high acid or prolonged pressure canning. Germ theory moved forward when Docs were finally convinced that washing their hands before delivering babies would result in better outcomes for the mother. Vax theory began with the observation that cow pox infected milk maids had immunity to small pox.

Bacteria are living cells, and require specific environmental conditions. They are more delicate than the virus's and prions that don't. H-bonds in proteins and viruses are the weak spot for many viruses, which is why spiking a fever is a body's way of killing them off. Not sure how the tougher viruses and the prions get away with that, as my understanding is that the weak h-bonds are how all proteins fold and make complex key-like structures.