Vaccines Video-new research into the vax from La Quinta Columna expose'


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11 minute video ^^^

A woman's voice is interpreting a video by Spanish researchers at La Quinta Columna

Video Summary:

She says they have discovered the new masks being issued now all contain graphene Oxide
(I read where the airlines took Dr Tenpenny's mask away and gave her the new thicker brand of blue mask to wear during the flight.-- MM)
All the covid tests contain Graphene Oxide
She says all the Various vax shots (including the new kinds) contain Graphene Oxide
She says the 'new' Flu shots contain Graphene Oxide
The children's shots are full of Graphene Oxide

Graphene Oxide creates a metallic taste in the mouth
If the graphene Oxide is high enough in a person, it causes the collapse of the immune system.
Graphene Oxide accumulated in the lungs creates Bi-lateral pneumonia
Inhalation of the Graphene Oxide creates inflammation of the mucus membranes
Can cause loss of smell and taste
Creates strong magnetic properties in the bodies
In short, the Graphene Oxide is the supposed Sars-Cov-2, that caused the disease known as Covid 19
This is the reason we never had real isolation (testing) and purification, as admitted by most top level health institutions.
Covid 19 is the result of introducing Graphene Oxide through various routes of administration.
Graphene Oxide is extremely potent and strong in aerosols. :shkr:
..It absorbs certain frequencies that excites and oxidizes the substances very rapidly.
...through 5G wireless technology, that is why the antennas never stopped during the pandemic.
One of the few services that were maintained and escaped special surveillance by state security forces.
We suspect that Graphene Oxide was introduced in the 2019 Flu vaccine campaign in the Flu vials.

Said the only way to stop this in the body is Glutathione...which children have high levels in their bodies and the reason they don't have any real symptoms of Covid.
Levels of Glutathione drop significantly after 65 years of age and why they show more severe symptoms.
Treatment with NAC (n-Acetyl Cysteine) which is a precursor to Glutathione, killed Covid very quickly in patients.

The governments of the world are complicit and this is considered Crimes against Humanity.
The gov'ts propose 3 shots a year to keep the graphene oxide in your body.

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