POL [Video] Mark Robinson, “If I Were the Governor of Texas”…

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I really, REALLY like Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson!!! EXCELLENT CHOICE for V.P.!!

For this one you do HAVE TTO SEE VIDEO AT LINK because it's not from yt!
It starts at the 9:34 mark through the 25:12 mark (16 minutes and change), but listening to the commentators after this speech was also FUN!

I'm just going to screen cap the short introduction.

Mark Robinson, "If I Were the Governor of Texas"... - The Last Refuge


Yup, He’s Calling Home The Mules!



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I'm sorry but that style of speechifying sets off defensive inclinations in my mind. It has been used too many times by preachers more interested in the collection plate then in GOD. He has some good points (if he means them, but remember he is a professional politician) but every time I hear that approach it makes me want to make sure of the location of my wallet and to vacate the area. I hate schmooze laden sales pitches too.

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.... Mark Robinson calls for state level military action to step up and secure the border...

Just another blowhard politician. Come on down, bring lots of money, 'cause it's gonna take it to fight the lawsuits from the Feds and all the woke political action groups. Not mentioning the salaries of the guardsmen. Seems everyone wants to bitch about Abbott, but he does a fair job considering the states money and the interference from thre USJD....