POL Trump challenges Biden to an 18 hole golf match


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Damn, I was driving home from the store and thinking how cool it would be if he made that proposal…… :lkick: :lkick:
I'm a psychic….:lkick:
Now that’s some golf I would watch….:p
I'll start working on my more refined clap….

Come on you virtue signalers and your creepy, criminal Uncle Joe leader! A cool million wagered to actually help people in need…:smkd:

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Well, right before the golf challenge, Trump did ask for another debate this week with no moderators or cut off mics.

I think the original format worked in Trump's favor. When Trump aggressively attacked Biden and interrupted him, it turned off a lot of woman voters.

The last time, Trump appeared to be the reasonable one while Biden just mumbled on.

All Trump has to do is watch Biden self destruct.
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But, but, old gropey made some kind of nonsense statement at the debate that his golf has improved. What he stated was total scatological nonsense and would place him in the very small category of a world class golfer, something he isn't and never was.


The only way Biden would be able to play 18 holes of golf would be if an ambulance drives him from hole to hole, and he’s wheeled out on a gurney and that gurney is raised to an upright position. For every hole
We could stick a GPS tracker on him and have a live map of him trying to navigate 18 holes. New game..forget Waldo, where's JOE!?


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Which I’d be ok with. The whole Nero fiddles while Rome burns thing comes to mind with a golf game.

sorry but your hero Bo Gritz is no more - no more dumbazz illiterate raves from the rear of an Idaho hideaway half track ....

you'll have to settle for a civilian that's proved his mettle in DC battle - sorry if the guy likes to entertain while he waits to go to work on the Country's ****ing mess .....


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Maybee skeeball on the Boardwalk would be more fitting for Joey B...
Putt-Putt is just beyond Joe's capability.

"Joe, if you don't 8 stroke, you have to remember to remember to take your ball from the hole - so someone else can have a chance."



Pride comes before the fall.....Pride month ended.
It was Joe who challenged Trump, to carry his bags for the whole eighteen.....Joe be on the line for carrying his bags too...can't do. Trumps team is top notch, that's for sure.

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You know Joe would look around and point with that stupid look on his face the whole time.

"Where am I supposed to go now? What am I supposed to do?"

Meanwhile, Trump would be finished on 18 before Joe knew where to stand to tee off on the first hole.