PRYR RQST Son needs prayers badly right now


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Thank you everyone for your prayers for my son.

Poor kid married a real beaut 3 years ago and she is going to take him to the cleaners quite badly, I am afraid. She has managed to pull all the tricks on hiding money and going for every dime she can take. 3 years is worth a third of his pension in WI, too, I guess (of course the best 3 of 8 he has had so far). Thank heavens no kids. I keep hoping it will turn out better than it looks by next Thursday. Wednesday was the 1st court hearing on the mess. I keep telling him it could be worse but right now he is looking at a mountain of bills and getting the short end of it all. At least he can set it up so she can't get the money for 30 years - when she turns 65 - and it will sit there not drawing interest or gaining any value from what it is at now. On top of everything else, he was in an accident and has a grade 5 ac tear that was scheduled to be repaired on Wed and she would not let the case be postponed. Lovely woman, let me tell you.

I am still praying for a miracle on Thursday that he doesn't end up as badly off as it looks like right now...


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praying the Lord intervene and for a good fair outcome for him. but it sounds like whatever the cost it is worth getting shed of her. always sad and painful tho.. sorry he is going thru this