WEATHER Signs of winter?


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Nights down into the 40's & 50's. Acorns dropping like.....well, acorns? Leaves starting to turn on some trees.


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Central MD - I saw a wooly caterpillar (or some call it a woolybear caterpillar) on Sunday in my garden. It was completely BROWN. Not a hint of black anywhere on it. Folklore would say that means we are going to have an almost non-existent winter. I somehow doubt that. But we'll see.


The Great Cat
From what I've seen forecasted the Southeastern region is supposed to have a mild winter.

Another snowmegadon in the works according to Murphy :rolleyes:


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I had previously reported that we had no mullien in our central CO area. Well, it has come back and caught up. Now the stems on many of the plants are 3' to 4' tall, which would suggest a winter with a lot of precipitation if the old wives tale is accurate.


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well football season is starting, grandson plays friday.. temps will be in the 90,s heat index over 100


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Hot and muggy again this week in Central Fla. No end in sight. All the rain is in Lakeland and west. We need rain.

Dennis Olson

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99 here today with heat index of 104. I’ll be freezing my ass off. I hate winter. (BTW, the thread title should say FALL rather than WINTER. JMHO.)


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It is in the 90’s here but i have several maples that are yellow and dropping. Looks like next week in the 80’s. SE Ohio. Tomatoes are already come and gone.