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Correct! Good eye.

I’ve actually got close up pics of SR-71 gear, including an unwrapped engine, a avionics package for training/testing purposes, and several close up pics of the cockpit mocked up, all taken at the museum of flight at the northeast part of Love Field in Dallas. Some amazingly cool stuff, including the Apollo 7 capsule, a real Flying Flapjack, and so many other craft.

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mzkitty, please ignore Mr. Grumpy. All of us who've been around for several decades have seen tragedy, cruelty, loss and pain. Sometimes a sweet and innocent image, no matter how contrived, lets us put aside the ugliness for just a moment.

For example, some cynical people scoff at Norman Rockwell's idealized paintings. Many more of us love them for the escape they provide.


I give up.
I’m not arguing. I’m offering a personal opinion. Where da big wooden fork & spoon at? (Snicker)
Well, the thread is supposed to be about NICE. And your insulting personal opinions are only meant to stab, so you might as well keep your mouth shut instead of not being nice. Nobody was saying all your dog pictures were trite, after all.

Remember the old saying, "If you can't say something NICE, don't say anything at all?"



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Big cats love boxes too !!


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Sigh...not my cat. Box on the floor? Ignores it. There was a thing going around here awhile back where you tape a square on the floor to see if your cat would sit in the square. Mine turned her nose up and walked right through it. She's just not interested. UNLESS...I'm folding clothes on the bed. Then she's right in the middle of whatever I've just folded and lain down. Or if I lay a shirt out on the bed as I'm getting dressed in the morning. Or if I'm just trying the freshly make the bed. Then she's alllll over it. Damn cat. :lol:


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The spectacular twisting Julesburg supercell on May 28th, 2013 in Julesburg, Colorado, United States.
The storm was tornado warned for more than one hour, but stayed an LP (Low precipitation) storm through all its cycles and never produced a tornado, only occasional brief funnels, large hail and some rain. Low precipitation supercells, like this one in Colorado, are most common in the high plains of the United States. Usually, they don't produce much precipitation, but whatever precipitation that occurs is usually in the form of very large hail. The rotating updraft that can be witnessed in this incredible capture is part of what makes these storms so dangerous.



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Just lunch at a local restaurant…those are the Chugach Mtns where the Anchorage bowl is, as viewed from this side of Cook Inlet. I had tri-tip bites and a lovely porter, right beside Wasilla Lake :) I love seeing the kayakers and floatplanes….