Shots Across the River from UTEP (Univ. of Texas at El Paso)


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The violence in Juárez struck close to home Saturday afternoon when a shootout across the border sparked a response from law enforcement in El Paso. Paisano Drive was shut down from Executive Center Boulevard to Santa Fe Street for about 30 minutes to prevent people and vehicles from being struck by stray bullets, officials said. A gunman was killed and three Juárez police officers were wounded during the shootout shortly before 6 p.m. near the Rio Grande, a Mexican federal police spokesman said.

No injuries or property damage was reported in the United States from the incident, which took place just across from the old La Hacienda Restaurant at 1720 W. Paisano, El Paso police spokesman Detective Mike Baranyay said. Officers reported that no bullets crossed into the U.S. either, he said.

The violence began in north Juárez when gunfire was exchanged between Juárez police officers and a group of gunmen in the area known as the Monumento Al Cigarro and Las Tortugas park, said Mexican Federal police spokesman José Ramón Salinas. Salinas said federal agents arrived after the attack to assist with the investigation.

El Pasoan Ray Campos could see what was going on in Juárez from his home in Sunset Heights. He said he heard at least 40 gunshots from automatic weapons. The shootout lasted 20 to 30 minutes, he said.

Eric Valdez was at the University of Texas at El Paso when he heard the shots, but he thought the sounds were just part of campus construction projects.

Residents in Sunset Heights near UTEP took out binoculars and stood on top of vehicles to see what was going on across the border. At least six people had been killed in Juárez by midafternoon. More than 6,000 people have been murdered in the Juárez area since a war between the Sinaloa and Juárez drug cartels began in 2008.

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Times reporter Aileen Flores contributed to this report.
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Gun Battle Breaks Out In Juarez Near Border
Daniel Novick-KFOX News Weekend Anchor/Reporter

Posted: 7:07 pm MDT August 21, 2010
Updated: 9:55 pm MDT August 21, 2010

EL PASO, Texas -- Border Patrol officials said there was major gun fire in Juarez near the Old Fort Bliss around 6 p.m. on Saturday.

Customs and Border Protection officers, Border Patrol agents and El Paso police officers all responded to the scene, near Paisano Drive in West El Paso.

Border Patrol spokesman Ramiro Cordero said Paisano Drive was closed off, and agents were prepared to handle any spillover violence.

KFOX media partner was reporting that three police officers in Juarez were injured and one armed suspect was killed, according to federal police spokesman Ramon Salinas.
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More on the Mayor execution:

Police arrested in northern Mexico mayor's killing

By MARK WALSH, Associated Press Writer – Fri*Aug*20, 5:50*pm*ET

MONTERREY, Mexico – Six city police officers were arrested Friday in the killing of a mayor in northern Mexico, as the country's escalating drug violence targets more public officials.

The suspects included the officer who guarded the house where Santiago Mayor Edelmiro Cavazos was seized on Sunday. The officer said he was kidnapped with the mayor and later freed unharmed.

The officers confessed to being involved in the Cavazos' killing, said Nuevo Leon state Attorney General Alejandro Garza y Garza, even though some declared their innocence while being presented to the press.

"We are still looking for others who were involved as well," Garza y Garza said.

The body of the 38-year-old mayor was found handcuffed and gagged Wednesday outside of his town, a popular weekend getaway for residents of the industrial city of Monterrey.

One of the officers took part directly in the kidnapping, while the others kept watch on roads surrounding the mayor's home, said Adrian de la Garza Santos, director of the state investigations agency.
See video from security cameras at the mayor’s home on the night of his kidnapping, five cars show up outside his house, his bodyguard was one of the perps and six other police members were the abductors. Video from

See this google translation page for video.

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And the list goes on ...

Shooting in Cd Victoria Tamaulipas

From Narco blog see google translation here

A confrontation in Cd Victoria Tamaulipas left one dead and one wounded entertaining, on 18 August, where gunmen aboard two late-model trucks, shot and killed two crew members of a white Malibu Chrevolet. The clash took place between Juarez and Gardenia Street in Ciudad Victoria Tamaulipas, in the photos that show only one person can see that shot and then rammed a vehicle to cause more damage, the killed was identified as Jose Turrubiates Luis Gonzalez, alias "El Turru or Turro," another name is unknown, but note that he died minutes later at the hospital.

Stressing also that one day before this event, shot a 3 Youth age 18 and a Jovensita 17, who were at a party at mine 12th Street in that city and which do not report all the local press or the government gave no reports, witnesses and neighbors of the site reported the facts and the bodies were lifted up and dropped off at funeral for the same convoy that shot, all at root of the confrontation between two groups vying for the square that capital.

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Yesterday 33 run, 6 in the Valley of Mexico

In three municipalities in the state of Mexico bordering the Federal District there were six executions linked to organized crime.

In Ecatepec, in the colonial streets of Ciudad Cuauhtémoc, were found the bodies of two men with their hands and feet bound and shot execution-style in the head.

The municipal Public Security Bureau reported that on one side of the bodies were found a card with the following message: "Nap, ayi ta your Jente. Att La Resistance. "

According to initial investigations, the subjects (which remain as unknown) were killed elsewhere and dumped in the settlement mentioned above.

Moreover, the State Security Agency said three men were executed in Coacalco and one in Tlalnepantla.

He said that the edge of 15:15 hours was discovered in San Felipe Street, colonia Ex Hacienda San Felipe, in Coacalco, the lifeless body of a man in the back seat of a van.

In the same town, two young men were shot by unknown assailants while they were on the street Fragoso Gabriel Suarez, of the colony Santa Maria Unit 3, where two people were wounded by gunfire high caliber.

Meanwhile, in Tlalnepantla, a man was killed while driving on North Peripherals, towards the Federal District, at the height of the San Lucas Tepetlacalco.

In addition, two people were executed Durango moments after their release and leave the Social Rehabilitation Center No. 2 of Gomez Palacio, where he served a sentence for robbery.

The authorities reported that subject to board a taxi fired former inmates after they allegedly refused to be lifted.

In Chihuahua, 15 executions were reported, of which 13 were in Ciudad Juarez. There was also finalized in Oaxaca (3), Sinaloa (3), Sonora (2) and BC (2).
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