OT/MISC Quilt Squares or just "What's for Dinner?" Sunday, March 19th, 2023


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About Quilt Squares
In 2012, when things in the world seemed to be headed for major changes in our own worlds, the "What's For Dinner?" threads began having a deeper insight into members' lives. Post's became like a personalized quilt square.
It didn't matter what it was, it was just capturing a moment in time.

We seem to be headed down the same path in the world as then, and in the case that our personal lives are upended in some way, this is one way to keep the memory of our world alive as it is now.
It doesn't have to be exciting, it's whatever you want it to be.
Please feel free to join us, and add your square, or just share what's on the menu at your house.
Everyone is welcome! ;)

It's another cool day in NE Florida. 57 degrees, brisk howling winds and a fluffy white and blue sky! Love it!

It's been a quiet, restful weekend. I needed it!

Dinner will be simple tonight: Nathans hot dogs on buns, sauerkraut, and mac-n-cheese.

How about you? Share a square or just "What's for dinner?


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We've been under a freeze warning for 3 days here in NE Mississippi. High temp today is 42 with low tonight of 25. At least it's stopped raining for a few days! It should be Spring by now, but Winter is still going strong.

I have a new recipe I'm trying tonight, instead of our usual pizzas. It's a cheesy, creamy, potato and ham crockpot casserole. I'll probably fix a green veggie, and some hot, crusty, buttered, and poppy seeded Kaiser rolls to go with it.


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Spring can't decide up here. Nice one minute, snow flakes the next.......... sigh.

I think I'll make chili and my own coleslaw for dinner.

I had a craving for Pecan Sandies earlier this week, but let me tell you, those ones they're selling nowadays are NOTHING like the ones you used to be able to buy. I think I'll make my own next week, found this nice recipe, it has 5 stars and looks like the ones you used to be able to get:




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I’ve been in Manhattan Ks with Louisiana baseball team since Wednesday. I feel bad for them since the weather has been anything but baseball weather. They play their last game this afternoon then we head back to KC for the night before I take them to the airport in the morning.

Super nice, polite team which has always been the case with a southern team.

Lunch was a lunch box from Jimmy John’s courtesy of the team.


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Nice day today with our first high of 50 deg. F. Snow is melting quickly. Not feeling well today so hubby went to Church without me.

Tonight we have a choice of left overs. Roasted chicken with sides, or venison in gravy with green beans I made in the crock pot a couple of days ago.

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First of all, mzkitty, thank you for the recipe. Husband used to LOVE pecan sandies, but aside from avoiding sugar due to prediabetes, he found that they just aren't the same as he remembered them. Looks like I can substitute swerve for the sugar and he could eat those...so the next warm day (that he can eat something crunchy) while he's outside, I'm going to make some and surprise him.

It is, however, cold today. It was 38 degrees this morning, and 62 in the house since we refuse to turn the heat back on. The sun just came out (I was notified by our inside cat who wanted to sit in the window) but I feel chilled to the bone. Supposed to warm to around 57 degrees today.

My kiddo is driving in California, from south to north to deliver fresh meat, and I'm a bit worried about the weather. He says he's fine.

I have boeuf bourguignon in the crock pot, to be served over rice, hoping it will warm me up. With, oddly, corn on the side. Husband really wanted and thus bought an ear of corn, and I guess he'd better eat it now.

Because Husband is having a root canal on Tuesday...so I am planning my meals ahead for at least a few days just to be sure he can eat them. (I have never had a root canal, but one of our kids did and I recall soft-ish foods for a while.) So Tuesday afternoon, I will make him an omelet. He loves that, with avocado slices on top. Wednesday, leftover soup from today. No ear of corn. But maybe some soft bread.I have a wonderful recipe for no-knead bread that is supposed to crunch up on the outside, but I forgot to adjust the oven once and made it t less-than-crunchy and Husband liked it better (not so hard to chew) so there we go. Thursday, spaghetti, just to be sure he can eat it. More soft bread. Or maybe I'll use the leftover bread for French toast, which he also loves. And we'll see if he can eat spinach or something by then.


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It’s still chilly here but the sun is shining.

Our kids and grandkids are off on a little getaway so it’s just DH and I today. I’ve got all kinds of salad veggies ready for salads and DH is planning on grilling some burgers for supper tonight, might put some fries in the air fryer too.


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We've been under a freeze warning for 3 days here in NE Mississippi. High temp today is 42 with low tonight of 25. At least it's stopped raining for a few days! It should be Spring by now, but Winter is still going strong.

I have a new recipe I'm trying tonight, instead of our usual pizzas. It's a cheesy, creamy, potato and ham crockpot casserole. I'll probably fix a green veggie, and some hot, crusty, buttered, and poppy seeded Kaiser rolls to go with it.
That sounds delicious!


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Corned beef sandwich and cole slaw.

Finished transplanting my first seedlings into pots this weekend for my cold frames. Lots of impatiens and marigolds for color bowls; squash; cucumbers and a couple of blueberry plants. The peppers, melons, eggplant and tomatoes are still under grow lights until it gets a bit warmer, but they are all in pots as well.

Still blustery and wet for the next week, but getting warmer.


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It's cold today. There's a few flakes out there, falling from the sky AND walking the streets.
Since it's the feast of St. Joseph it's Linguini with olive oil, garlic, Romano cheese & fresh ground black pepper for dinner.
No dessert. Maybe munch on some Reese's PB cups later.

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Sunny and warm-ish today. Too bad I had to work, and i swear, every jerk showed up.

We shear on Thursday this week, so the rams will go into the barn tonight, and the rest of the flock tomorrow. We have snow coming in starting tomorrow night and they have to be dry to shear. Sadly, one of my pregnant ewes had a miscarriage overnight. Don't know why, the twins were not deformed. Something was not right though. The ewe is doing good and should clean out completely on her own. Shes not showing any signs of being sick in any way.

Dinner will prob be a chicken patty or two thrown in the air fryer.

Have a good week all!


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also cold here in WNC woke to 21 and it rocketed all the way up to 36. good excuse to play inside so I did and I stayed on the radio all day.

made a huge pot of fra diavalo tomato sauce with pork and chicken - simmered all day on the stove. plenty left over to freeze. dinner tonight is rigatoni, escarole salad and a nice bottle of valpolicella.


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My lovely DW made stuffed pablano peppers and flour tortillas stuffed with chunk pieces of pork tenderloin, rice and enchilada soup. Was excellent.

Temperature was 47 today with a low of 28 tonight.

Went to the local town last night to buy a few groceries and stopped at Sonic for dinner which was two cheese burgers and two large onion rings. Had drinks with us. With tip it cost $22.42. Another reason we do not eat out very often. Took one of the large onion rings home for a late snack.

Cost of everything is going up.



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After seeing all this good food I'm ashamed to say we are having Hungryman TV dinners. I was going to order fish and chips but they went up another 3 bucks. So it now costs 19.95 for fish and chips. Delivery and tip on top of that. Nope don't think so.
This is going to be a real interesting week. If it all goes away it has been real nice knowing you all.


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Today was sunny but cold ! and blustery today. Think the high today was 41 or so per the thermometer on the patio.

Me and Tbear palled around today; cleaned house and he helped me on an internet search of cars. We got rid of the last two cars I was playing with when i had my heart attack in 2012. Two older Mercedes Benzes; sad to see them go but they got donated to Vehicles for change as a tax deduction for next year. So now we're down to 4 cars-but i'm searching hard for the 5th........ :) the nice thing is; our car insurance just by removing those two cars goes down by $ 804.00 every 6 months. i like savings!

When the missus came in from church; we went over to Fairfax so she could get a pedicure. Went to the same one as last time; they do a great job. The place was empty for a Sunday afternoon; usually it's knee deep in feet and toes. The manager said business was down when i asked; she also said people are getting the least expensive mani pedi packages if they do come in. The bad economy is hitting the barber/nails industry now. Well, my missus got the works because she deserves it. It's $75 bucks for the works; they do pretty much everything but fix you dinner :). I got to sit in the chair beside her. Apparently those massaging chairs really do work; because I drifted off to a very nice nap and my wife smacking me on the shoulder to wake up. i was snoring. oops!

Once she was done, we popped over to the local Safeway and picked up some ready to eat stuff for dinner. i got Greek salad; she got some freshly made spaghetti bolognaise. We divvied it up half and half and we ate like kings. And the missus didn't have to cook either.

All is good in our world tonight; and i wish the same to all of you. Have a great week!

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64 and cloudy but apparently warmer than many of you. I put Primroses in the flower boxes just to see if the soil will be healthy enough for Fushia's later in the spring. I went to an Italian delicatessen and got a 12" grinder-$18 ouch, but will get 2 meals out of it, with leftover broccoli soup.