Livestock one quail


Ok, so the Summer has been discouraging. The squirrels ate almost my entire hydro gardens, and what little was left blew away in a couple of wind storms, and then the green house I was going to re-cover to protect the plants got tumbled and crushed like a tin can in the last wind storm.

The free-range ducks lay eggs, but I only find them after the squirrels(?) have eaten them; same most of our chicken eggs. Our chickens are old, and not laying much anyway. I'm going to be confining everything, and mostly wire mesh that is too small for squirrels and mice.

So...I got some Favorelles that are ok with confinement. They are still young, but doing well. I also purchased some Cortournix (spell?) quail eggs from a local farmer, and was loaned an incubator. Fast forward past a few dozen Slightly Redneck quail care videos, and to day 19 of the hatch. I only had nine eggs to start with, and one had a crack. I have one little quail that hatched out in the wee hours two days ago. I think the rest of the eggs are dead, but the itty-bitty chick is healthy, and I have a lead on a guy who wants to get rid of some quail (don't know the species).

Also, this heat sucks.
Just sayin.'