Livestock New goldfish


Two absolutely beautiful female Ribbon tail calico goldies arrived today from Raingarden Goldfish in HI.

They are plump, and lively, and FAR prettier than I was expecting. I set their 50 gal stock tank up on cinder blocks in our pretty, very private, off-the-patio, garden "room." The spot also has a 100 gal stock tank for some more fish, later (or, I may move the pair of Watoni goldies that seem to always be sulking out back - don't know what is wrong, there).

These are "livestock" because I use their spent water in various tubs, wicking beds, and rain-gutter-grow set-ups. Some of the pots are only planted with gravel, and the fish waste is the sole source of nutrients. I get mixed results on those pots - some poor, but others quite good. Fastest way to fill the rain gutter reservoirs is to just siphon out from the fish tank...not exactly "self-watering," but, good enough.

Scored some large Omaha Steaks Styrofoam coolers at the thrift store. $1 each (that place is getting a bit pricey). Set them up on the rain gutter. (gutter is held in a sturdy 2X4 frame, and suspended on cinder blocks. Be sure to level ) I use socks for wicks in the Styrofoam pots. Cut a 1" hole near each end at the bottom, roll sock from the top like a doughnut, and insert toe end from the inside so it hangs into the gutter reservoir from the bottom, with the doughnut securing it on the other side. Some top watering still required, but they really do help in our intense heat. I also like the sock wicks with pots set in very shallow water in plastic wading pools. (Since an inch, or so, of water is all that is needed, it is also easy to make one's "pools" with scrap wood and plastic sheeting.) Black Kirim and Beefsteak tomatoes are going into the coolers.

The ribbon tails will come inside for the winter, but hardy varieties (commons, Comets, Watoni, and Wakin) may be over-wintered outside in our mild climate.
It is not possible to have too many gold fish.