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"Mourning America" Poem & Prayer


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"Mourning America"

[Published in Timebomb2000 for Memorial Day, May 25, 2020.]

One day each year is set aside
That we remember those before.
Who offered all they had or were,
That God would open freedom's door.
We are not worthy of their pain
We are not fit to give their due
And yet their sacrifice remains,
God's gift of grace to me and you--

America, I mourn for thee.

Compared to those who lit the flame,
Of freedom's fire in men's souls.
Their heirs despise the noble scenes
And daring feats that made us whole.
For Bunker Hill and Normandy
Have passed far from their hearts and sight.
The selfish tantrums of our days
Spawn Satan's heat; forsake God's light.

America, I mourn for thee.

The heroes of our distant past,
Now hide their faces from our view.
In shame they see what we've become--
Their seed are taught to hate God's truths.
Their children's children have forgot
That duty, honor, virtue's love,
And willingness to choose the right
Were corner stones sent from above

America, I mourn for thee.

Dear God, please heal our troubled land,
Help us forsake our wicked ways.
Let us now honor Founders passed,
Recalling their more valiant days.
Let us renounce those who betray
The rights and laws that made this land.
Let us reject the Tempter's slaves,
And heed, once more, Thy true commands.

America, I pray for thee.

(c) www.servingjesuspoetry.com
All commercial rights reserved
Unlimited non-commercial usage allowed.

[Timebomb's copyright policy coincides perfectly with my view of the law as well as my desire to retain commercial ownership of this and other poems. Any piece may be copied; quoted; tweeted; excerpted; etc. so long as such use is not commercial. ALL my poems are free. They must remain free by all who use them. If any of these pieces finds favor in the reader's heart, praise God.]

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