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Thank you. This will be a fun class to read about!
Would be more fun attending especially with the teacher in tight shorts and a tank top which would distract the young men to their determent.

Must focus on what is important. Not that tight shorts and a tank top are not important.

Thanks ccg.



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Would be more fun attending especially with the teacher in tight shorts and a tank top which would distract the young men to their determent.

Must focus on what is important. Not that tight shorts and a tank top are not important.

Thanks ccg.


not tight shorts.

more like

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A Few Weeks Later

Things had settled into a routine for Veronica and Violet. As the rest of the country kept coming apart, things were getting less and less certain.

Veronica was having less and less work to do, or so she told Violet. Veronica would meet her at the base gym for the classes Violet was teaching, then both of them were off to some location or another for hunting or fishing. On the nights they didn’t, Veronica spent time relearning the recurve and reteaching Violet how to shoot a bow. Scattered in among all this activity, Veronica spent time repairing arrows or making new ones from parts, tying flies, or any one of a hundred different projects.

Violet tried keeping up with her, but Violet needed her sleep as well. Between the kids she was teaching, Veronica she was reteaching, and trying to learn things herself, Violet was wiped out most nights. She had no idea when or if Veronica slept. If she wasn’t so tired, she would be worried for her friend.


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At Class on the Racquetball Court on Base

“Looks like we lost some more, Owen.” Violet said looking at the dwindling group here for class.

“Yeah, I guess some parents aren’t seeing the value compared to the gas to get here.” Owen replied.

The class size was now down to Owen’s brother Daniel, Derek, Gretchen, a freshman girl named Rachel, and two Junior boys, Caleb and Brett. The rest didn’t show up anymore. Violet knew she could still teach them quite a bit. The plus side of such a small class was the high instructor to student ratio and the ability to accelerate the pace.

“Well, we will work with what we have. Refresher on last week’s strikes and disarms then we can move into the new stuff with knife techniques.” Violet answered, looking to not dwell on the loss of some of their students.

Owen hadn’t moved.


“Well, I was wondering. You seem to be focused a lot on weapons and offensive techniques. Things normally reserved for more advanced students. I’m not trying to second guess, just understand.”

Violet looked at him as she framed her answer. She knew he would probably think she was either nuts or trying to sling some mystical bullshit if she flat out told him she was flying by the seat of her pants and a nagging intuition they had limited time and these skills might save the most lives for them in a fight. Finally she thought she might be able to explain some.

“It’s the law of diminishing returns. It took less time to train crossbowmen than longbow men and it took less time to train people to use muskets than it took to train someone to penetrate a knight’s armor with any other weapon. I don’t know how much longer we will be able to do the classes and I want to get as many tools into these kids minds to give them an edge to help them survive. A spinning backfist is simple, elegant and very devastating when done right. Twelve inches of steel shoved through your liver is much more effective and takes a lot less practice and training to do. It all comes down to what we have time to give them for their survival tool box.”

She could tell Owen hadn’t looked at it like that. Now he was deep in thought as Violet spoke again.

“Some of this we will work backwards. What do they need vs what do we want them to know. We need them to be able to cripple or kill a larger stronger opponent so at the least they can escape and get away. That is why we are having then change clothes before knife training. Shorts and T-shirts will let them see where the tendons and ligaments we want them to target are. Mobility crippling blows will be much more important than outright killing blows.”

“Do you really think they will need training like this?” Owen was honestly concerned now.

Violet thought back to the women and girls she trained downrange. How even when disarmed, they could fight back against their attackers and captors. She had read the after action reports and seen some of the autopsy info. She knew they took a serious toll on the enemy, much higher than expected. She prayed it didn’t become necessary here, but she couldn’t take the chance. She would train them as long as she could to the best of her ability.

“Whether I think they do or not, I can’t take the chance. We must train them to give them the best chance of survival.”


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Later that Night

“You were working them pretty hard.” Veronica observed as they left the court.

“Well, they needed to know the seriousness of things. Once you start working with blades, it can get real ugly real quick. Sticks can do a lot of damage, but you usually have to mean it and put a little effort into it. With a blade, a simple slip can plunge into a spleen or liver and it’s all over.” Violet said in a somber tone.

“Wouldn’t have been a big problem except you gave them all knives to keep.” Veronica quipped back

“With the way things are going, I wanted them to have a tool to start with.”

Violet remembered the look on everyone’s face when she opened her bag and started handing out the blades. They were nothing fancy, just a simple duct knife. They had hardwood handles, stainless steel construction and a double edged blade about five inches long. Even better, one side was a smooth edge and the other a serrated edge.

When Violet saw them, she knew they would work for the students. For less than twenty bucks a piece, she was able to equip them with a fairly stout and durable working blade. The serrated edge would be great for tendons and connective tissue in a fast moving slash while the smooth edge could peel the muscle off of the bone in a close in grapple.

“I understand Violet, but their parents might object.” Veronica broke into her remembrance.

“Well, what are they going to do? Fire me? It’s not like I’m getting paid for this.”

“Good point. Besides, we already know at least half the class’ parents wouldn’t object.”

“Well, Caleb, Brett and Rachel will have to talk to their parents about that. I put in the release form they would be handling weapons, so I’m covered.” Violet looked over at Veronica before she continued. Veronica was dressed ready for the field.

“Veronica, can we skip the hunt for tonight? I’m beat and could use some more rest.”

Veronica looked a touch disappointed in spite of herself but she knew her friend wouldn’t ask if she didn’t need it.

“Sure, we can go tomorrow.”


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A Few Days Later, at Veronica’s

The whole class was standing in Veronica’s garage, staring at the body strung up from the ceiling as Violet was walking them through the damage they were able to cause with their knives and sticks. Each student took turns trying to do as much damage as they could in thirty seconds to the carcass, after which Violet would walk them through what they did, what damage was done and what they could do better.

With this exercise they all learned about how tough skin can be, how ribs can stop all but the most precise knife attack, how fast you can wear out doing full out strikes and attack patterns and many more lessons that reading about or watching a video clip just can’t impart. It was an eye opener for many.

When the lesson was over, Veronica gave an impromptu lesson in how to break down a body. Within half an hour, the pig carcass was separated, the meat bundled up and distributed to the students to take home to their families. Derek and Gretchen were the last to leave, having stayed behind to help clean up.

“I think they really got something out of today, other than ten to twenty pounds of pork. Thanks again for helping with this.” Violet said as they went into the house.

“No problem although I had to giggle at the thought of doing this on base in the racquetball court, especially if the pig was fresher and we left a pool of congealing blood on the floor with no explanation.”

Violet had to laugh thinking about the look on the gym personnel if they went into the court after a ‘kids self-defense’ class and saw a three foot puddle of blood left behind. They would lock down the base and start looking for the body!

“Some of the things I want to get into before we go west for Christmas, they might be better done out here.” Violet figured to broach this now, after they had already used her place one.

“What are you thinking? Live butchering? Kukri goat beheading?” Veronica was a little leery about where this was headed.

“Nothing that exotic. I was thinking basic archery. We could shoot on the small set up you have out back and I could really use someone who knows the bow much better than me to teach it.” Violet leaned her head on Veronica’s shoulder, looking up and batting her eyes dramatically.

Veronica busted out in laughter after a moment or two of this.

“OK, fine. I’ll do it. We need to see if MWR on base still has any rental bows we can use. We want to teach the fundamentals first, not all the complicated complex crap I have on a lot of mine. Besides, most of the kids couldn’t pull mine. Ride in with me tomorrow morning and we can go check.”


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At Veronica’s House

The group was finishing clean up from their last session before their short Christmas break. Everyone enjoyed the archery and agreed it would be a great addition to their curriculum. Veronica presented it as a good hunting skill while Violet reminded the students it was something to engage more parts of their bodies and mind. Nowhere in the process did they talk about using arrows on people. However, the kids were smart, remembering their lessons visualizing the pig demo as the arrows flew. Violet was proud of them when she heard them talk about the anatomic similarities between the two, especially where vital organs are located. By the end of the evening it was decided they would keep training with the bows.

With this decided and the garage clean Owen and his bother left. Derek and Gretchen were the last ones there which was normal. They always seemed to hang around after everyone else left. Veronica and Violet didn’t mind.

It was weird they both like them and neither one of them had normally had any use for kids. Veronica at least in her mind had good reason. She had seen too many of them hurt and or abused. Her mind was superimposing such things on new ones she met, always seeking out clues and such subconsciously. It was a major drawback of her job. It made relationships difficult at every level. Violet just saw them as annoying and lacking concentration.

Derek and Gretchen were different. Special, extraordinary with a purpose and uniqueness that drew them to you as friends

Violet saw a focus in them that most kids lacked. She could use this to train them and make them better people. They made her laugh and were respectful. They were young with but had a special soul. This is what made them important to Violet. She knew she had a sacred duty to teach and protect them.

Veronica, however, just had no use for kids but these two were different. She did not know why she liked them. Maybe it was not being around them during some of their formative years, maybe it was not finding any negative signs of treatment, regardless of how long she knew them or looked. Whatever the reason, she was actually friends with them without either side losing sight of their stations as teenager and adult.

“Guys I got a favor to ask, we will be gone about a week or so. can pop by the house once or twice to check on it, I would really appreciate it? we will be gone about a week or so” Veronica asked.

She knew asking was a formality but it is polite.

Most people would be worried about a couple of teenagers having keys and basically free range of their house for a week or so. Veronica wasn’t worried. She knew their parents, liked them a lot. Their father works on base and their mother was a pharmacist downtown. They went fishing and hunting frequently. As Derek and Gretchen got older, they went more and more with Veronica. Derek and Gretchen weren’t just any teenagers they were friends.

“By all means, feel free to shoot some more out back, just make sure everything is dry when you put it away.” Veronica told her two favorite kids. “And like I told Owen, if he wants to hold a practice or two while we are gone, he has to get with you two since you have the keys.” Violet added, causing Veronica to add some more instructions.

“And if he does, it’s still up to you two to make sure they clean up to what I expect it to look like. Got me?” She said in a serious tone, then her smile broke through. “No wild parties and I know how much is in the liquor bottles!”

“Yeah, Veronica doesn’t like competition!” Violet quipped.

“Whatever. Kids, we should be taking off late tomorrow, so don’t trash the place, no wild parties and don’t forget to practice.” Veronica said as they walked out to Gretchen’s new truck.

New truck wasn’t quite accurate. It was an older compact puck up, the same model and vintage as her brother’s. The truck was an early Christmas present from her parents. They wanted her to have something useful but also not big enough to get her in trouble. For the past six months Derek was helping Gretchen learn to drive while fixing up the truck to reflect her style making sure it was safe for his little sister.

The excitement of having the truck still showed as she slid into the driver’s seat of her truck. Derek tried to calm her down reminding her of promise to be ready to take her test before Christmas.

“Remember just because you drive off road hunting or camping, getting a full, proper driver’s license is different.”

Derek plastered a look of horror and fear on his face beside her and mouthed ‘Save Me!’ as they pulled out of Veronica’s Driveway.
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On the Road

It seemed to take forever to get into and out of the gas station. Not that big of a surprise, though. Between the fences, serpentine barriers and the guards, the owners of the station weren’t taking chances. It was one of the very few still up and running on their route.

The fuel prices were outrageous but they were still willing to take Veronica’s credit card for some reason. Violet just shook her head at this act of faith in the face of current events.

Veronica topped up both tanks. She figured to do the same on the way back but just in case, she had the five-gallon extra container mounted in the center of the spare tire and a couple military style jerry cans she brought. Fuel to make it home would be nice.

“Hell, at the way prices are going, a full fuel tank will cost almost as much as the vehicle it’s going into!” Violet said for either the third or fourth time.

“Yeah, and did you see the positions on the roof? I think that was a Barrett fifty cal in that sandbagged position.”

“I guess they don’t want to end up like the others along this stretch of highway. Shit, at this rate, there won’t be a reliable way to get fuel to make this trip too many more times.” Violet said as they moved on down the road.


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Later that Evening on the Road

They stopped at a rest stop to pee. This wasn’t a big rest stop, just a small one. It reminded both of them of the ones in Europe away from the Autobahn. Two stalls per side, and the walls don’t go all the way down. Great for a breeze in the hot summers, but it wasn’t summer now.

“What’s that smell?” Violet was asking as she was looking around when Veronica was coming out of the bathroom.

“Yeah, yeah, real funny. Your shit stinks too, Violet.” She said as she walked towards the SUV.

Veronica’s joke fell flat when she really looked at Violet. Violet was looking around, walking carefully and sniffing the air. That’s when she caught a whiff of it. ****.

“Violet, we need to go.” Veronica started waving for her to move to the SUV.

With the shift in wind, they could hear a weird, low-pitched rumbling sound.

“What is that smell, Veronica?” The sound was really making her twitchy. Violet drew her pistol.

“Entrails mixed with decomp. Let’s get out of here.”

Now that Veronica said it, Violet could recognize it. She knew the smell of blood and the newly dead. They have been hunting enough the past weeks but Veronica is so smooth with the knife, there was no bowel smells when Veronica was field dressing a kill. The difference was adding decomp and bowel. Violet was used to decomp mixed with burned bodies from her deployments. Next question, what was that sound?

“Where’s it coming from?”

“I don’t think we want to know, Violet. Let’s get out of here, Damnit!”

Suddenly, something else snapped into focus in Violet’s mind. She knew that sound.

“I agree, that’s a ****ing dog pack fighting over dinner.” Violet started backing towards the SUV. She didn’t want any of the dogs to head towards them from wherever they were.

Once they were safely inside the SUV they looked around a little more closely for a moment or two but saw nothing nearby.

“Screw it, let’s go. Pack of dogs would take some more firepower than our pistols to stop and I would prefer to not crack out the carbines.” Violet said.

“Yeah, but we might want to keep them handy when we come back through on the way home.” Veronica added as they pulled back onto the highway.


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Thank you, according to Isaac Asimov the way to handle a dog pack would be to injure one to make it whine or cry and the rest would attack that one and give you time to escape. Not something I want to find out first hand...


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Thank you, according to Isaac Asimov the way to handle a dog pack would be to injure one to make it whine or cry and the rest would attack that one and give you time to escape. Not something I want to find out first hand...

Too many variables.

Depends on the packs experience. Chase \ prey drive, prior exposure to loud noise, how much noise is going around at the time , how the dog is wounded, what position it is in among the pack, where in the attack stream they are when they are wounded and so on and so forth.

Better off to injure/incapacitate/kill as many as possible in the leading edge of the attack streamuntil you run dry or they are too close, then transition to a large blade to severely lop off parts
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Too many variables.

Depends on the packs experience. Chase \ prey drive, prior exposure to loud noise, how much noise is going around at the time , how the dog is wounded, what position it is in among the pack, where in the attack stream they are when they are wounded and so on and so forth.

Better off to injure/incapacitate/kill as many as possible in the leading edge of the attack stream.
Remember the movie " The Grey". Yeah, I will pass on that!


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Remember the movie " The Grey". Yeah, I will pass on that!
Yes, and that was about Timber Wolves, not a dog pack.
I don't think there's much hope in derailing a wolf pack by picking off the leading edge; every time I've been around wolves, even in a zoo, their focus on anything alien to the pack was laser-like.
I've seen evidence of them in the wild but never had a confrontation w/ them and I'm happy to keep it that way.
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Outskirts of the City

“I don’t know, V, I felt safer fueling up out in the middle of nowhere.” Violet said as she worked the pump.

“It’s ok. I got your back.” Veronica said as she swept the area and the line of waiting customers with her eyes.

Compared to the very methodical and structured activity at their stop on the highway, this was a chaotic jumble. Cars trying to sneak into line in front of others, fist fights were happening, horns were blowing, it was a miracle gunfire hadn’t broken out there. Yet.

“So, no browsing the Quik-ie mart?” Veronica asked as Violet finished with the pump.

“No, let’s just go. We can keep an eye out for one a little less nuts. I don’t want you to have to start shooting people to get to the slushie machine.”

They were happy to put the city behind them and get into the mountains, heading to Paige’s.


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At Paige’s

Veronica and Violet arrived late in the night or early in the morning, depending on if they looked at their watch. Since they got there at such a difficult hour, they just fired up the tent on top of the Ent and slept in there.

They were already dressed and warming themselves and coffee at the fire ring when others started showing signs of life. Henrik was the one to find them when he came out for more wood.

“You guys should have let us know you were here. It’s too cold to be staying out here when the house is so warm.” Henrik looked a bit embarrassed.

“That’s ok, no reason to wake you guys. The tent was fine. Between the tent itself and the sleeping bags, we were plenty comfortable.” Violet said.

“Yup, that’s my ‘Ent’. Don’t worry about it, Henrik. We will grab our stuff and come in as soon as everyone is up and decent.” Veronica said as she handed Violet a steaming cup from beside the fire.

After watching Henrik carry an obscenely large armload of wood into the house, Violet and Veronica went back to their coffee and conversation.

“The road has been getting sketchier and sketchier each trip. How much to we want to tell them?” Violet asked Veronica.

“We are here for the holidays. Let’s keep the doom and gloom at a minimum.”

They stood and finished their coffee.

“I’ll get our bags, you get the presents.” Veronica said as they walked to the ‘Ent’.

Soon, they were inside with the festivities beginning.