CRIME Man admits to killing teen after political dispute


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MCHENRY, N.D. (Valley News Live) - Early Sunday morning, Foster County Deputies were called to a fatal hit and run that happened in an alleyway near Johnston St. and Jones Ave in McHenry, ND.

Court documents say at 2:35 Sunday morning, 41-year-old Shannon Brandt called 911 to report that he had hit a pedestrian because he was threatening him. Brandt told State Radio that the pedestrian was part of a Republican extremist group and that he was afraid they were “coming to get him”. The pedestrian has been identified in a GoFundMe page as 18-year-old Cayler Ellingson.

After visiting the scene where the incident happened, deputies went to Brandt’s house in Glenfield, ND, which is about 12 minutes from the crash scene. Brandt admitted to consuming alcohol before the incident, and stated he hit Ellingson with his car because he had a political argument with him. Brandt also admitted to deputies that he initially left the crash scene, then returned to call 911, but left again before deputies could arrive.

Court documents say just before the crash, Ellingson called his mom and asked if they knew who Brandt was. She said yes, and told her son she was on her way to pick him up. A short time later, court documents say Ellingson called his mom again to say that “he” or “they” were chasing him. It was after the second call that Ellingson could not be reached again.

Ellingson was pronounced dead at a Carrington Hospital. Brandt has been charged with criminal vehicular homicide and leaving the scene of a deadly accident.


If it was reversed, the headline would say.. MAGA Trump supporter runs over upstanding citizen for supporting our Democracy.

The above piece should of been headlined..
Democrat kills MAGA Trump supporter just because.
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So having admitted to the wanton killing - and turning himself in - will he be released "into his own recognizance" to await indictment and trial? If it gets even that far?

Police probably let him drive himself home.

"You be careful driving now - you've been through a lot."

Soros DAs gotta "DA." And work to agenda.



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And some people wonder when I go out of the house why I carry a pistol. Be interesting to see what the local DA does with this one and what the kid's family does or says.


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Nothing for nothing, but what "republican" group hangs out 235 am.
This story ain't passing my sniff test.


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And some people wonder when I go out of the house why I carry a pistol. Be interesting to see what the local DA does with this one and what the kid's family does or says.
My expectation is that this first one, maybe the first few, will be tried... but it won't be long before at least in public opinion there is overwhelming support for killing us, and it is seen as morally righteous, even if the laws haven't caught up to make it, strictly speaking, legal for the avg jo-blo to do

.. and don't forget the gifts o' that patriot act, they want us dead. it's legal to kill us w/o due process "if" we're domestic terrorist, and they've all but wrapped up the legaleeze to justify us as such. . . won't be long now..


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41-Year-Old Shannon Brandt RELEASED on Bond After Killing 18-Year-Old Cayler Ellingson Over Teen’s Conservative Views
Jail confirmed to me that Shannon Brandt, who reportedly confessed to killing a North Dakota teen because the 18yo victim was “part of a Republican extremist group,” posted bond and is back on the streets.

Since his release, it appears Brandt started scrubbing his social media.

North Dakota man free after admitting he mowed down 'Republican' teen over politics, records show
Shannon Brandt posted $50,000 bond after fatally striking Cayler Ellingson with his vehicle following 'political argument' police records show

The North Dakota man who allegedly admitted to fatally striking a teenage pedestrian with his car because the pair had "a political argument" was released from jail on Tuesday after posting $50,000 bond, records show.

Shannon Brandt, 41, spent just days in a Stutsman County Jail on criminal charges related to the death of 18-year-old Cayler Ellingson before he posted his $50,000 and was released, according to county jail records. Brandt’s listed attorney could not be reached by phone and did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s email inquiry.

Brandt, a Glenfield resident, was arrested in the early morning hours of Sunday after he told the state first responders’ radio that "he struck the pedestrian because the pedestrian was threatening him," according to a probable-cause affidavit provided to Fox News Digital on Wednesday morning.

"Brandt stated that the pedestrian called some people and Brandt was afraid they were coming to get him," the document continues. "Brandt admitted to State Radio that he hit the pedestrian and that the pedestrian was part of a Republican extremist group."

North Dakota Highway Patrol reported on Sunday that there was a "street dance" on Jones Street near Hohneck Street in McHenry when Brandt struck Ellingson and then fled the scene.

Ellingson was rushed to a local hospital with serious injuries, but could not be saved.

Brandt’s and Ellingson’s families both showed up at the scene shortly after police arrived, court records show.

Ellingson’s parents later told police they knew Brandt, but they did not believe their son did. Ellingston's mother described how she was on her way to pick up her son from McHenry when he called her and said "that ‘he’ or ‘they’ were chasing him." She could no longer reach him after that.

Investigators later tracked Brandt to his Glenfield home, where they stopped him outside the house, and he began talking, the affidavit states.

Brandt "admitted to consuming alcohol prior to the incident," the records show.



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Which totally supports this killing.............wait.........or:

Maybe this killing supports Biden's view of the MAGA crowd being the biggest threat to democracy.

Let's go the ball game between dims and repub, and shoot some repub's. Or let's go to DC on Jan 6th and poke some Trump supporters into entering into Congress.

Or we can all be friends and party once we get rid of all the Republicans. Unity ya know. We will all agree then.

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It doesn't pay to antagonize anyone with your opinion. These days people are low on self-control and easily enraged enough to commit violence.

That said, there are some verbally vicious people I'd love to run over with my car about half a dozen times. However, the satisfaction gained is not worth the legal entanglements I'd have to endure.

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These days, the only thing that could get me personally involved would be a direct threat to myself or my pups. I can air my opinions here all day long and debate them with smart, knowledgeable people. I don’t waste my time with other venues.


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ND has a lot of wide-open empty space to really hid things if someone wanted to. Sort of like the Nevada desert outside of Las Vegas.


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shall we JUMP?
shall we SHUT UP?


let me just STAND here and get my ASS KICKED a little while longer
maybe it'll stop before they KILL ME



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Or we can all be friends and party once we get rid of all the Republicans. Unity ya know. We will all agree then.
Except nothing useful would get done in the U.S. anymore, and the surviving Dims will all die of starvation and bad water in the dark.
Not a good plan for them.


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I found this info floating around another internet spot.
I hope I'm not committing a crime by posting it.

Kara Brinster
State's Attorney
(701) 652-1270

Why has Shannon Brandt not been charged with murder?

This is the phone number for the North Dakota AG's Drew Wrigley's office

(701) 328-2210

Please give them a call, be polite and respectful, and ask why Shannon Brandt has not been charged with murder even though he admitted murdering Cayler Ellingson

Email too: Email Attorney General | Attorney General