ECON Is A Liquor Shortage Looming?


Got a link to those "wine juice kits"? I don't drink myself, but I know it makes a fine trade good.

One source. But the prices have skyrocketed! Still, they really are nearly foolproof if you can reasonably control temperature, and understand basic sanitation.

There may be other sources at better prices. Maybe even Amazon with their sweet shipping deal with USPS? Shipping gets VERY expensive due to weight.


Dennis Olson

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klinton 94 assault weapons ban also caused a huge shortage, that lasted almost the whole 10 years of the ban
Don’t get me started. I told the story on another thread. I was within about $50 of being able to afford an AR. At the time, they were selling for about $425. The AWB was announced. The next day those guns were $800. The day after that, $1200. There was no “day after that” because they were all gone. Another month and I would’ve owned one. As it was however, I didn’t get one until right after Sandy Hook in 2012. That was a long 18 years (sigh).


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An industry insider was telling me that these shortages are going to be a thing.

One workaround is to explore your local distilleries and such. Don't get hung up on the big name, legacy products.

F'rinstance, Rebecca Creek is a damned fine sippin' whiskey, made in Texas.

Examples abound.
1835 isn’t terrible also


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Frankly, I’d be better off. I’m thinking I’m going to need every whit I have in my head to deal with the gators nipping at my heals should a liquor shortage really come about. But...I’d miss my bourbon terribly.


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When I was on the boat, we'd take a 5 gallon bottle, grape juice and a glove from the Doc's office, a little yeast from the cook's store. And Damn, in about three days the glove on top of the bottle would pop up. Tasted like Sh!T, but you could drink it. We always did police ourselves, so no one drank too much. True storey.


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I work at two different bars, we have trouble getting Jim beam red stag, miller light, Busch, Busch light, MGD, corona, and a few others. Plus a bunch of other weird things. Been a fight at the bars, and we end up running to different beer distributors to find it and nobody knows why it's happening