INSANITY Here we hold hope


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I would like to just say. If I am looking for truth or solid information it's here tb2000

With everything happening in the world there is no better place than here to get the right information. There are so many places now but here is the best place no woohoo

I have been a member for a long time and every morning I have my coffee and a read through tb...

Just is to short not to say thank you to all of you for posting and replying..the crud munger(who I got to meet years ago) and mods for holding the fort down


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I too used to turn to TB when something broke and I wanted the non-fluff facts from people who understood the issues and impacts.
..I was tickled when just yesterday I posted some well documented military position paper, and a quick scan of the footnotes showed a couple o' TB2k entries. Unfortunately, whatever those posts were that made such an impressive cut were no longer found in the database, but, wow... clearly the bar was once incredibly high.

I too give thanks, never often enough, to the handful of Admin and Mods who pull the bulk o' the weight around here.
You don't get paid enough, and it's been too long since I've even remembered to proffer a simple thank you in appreciation



TB2K serves multiple functions in my life: it’s my cyber home I spend a whole bunch of time here but it’s also my cyber Church many believers here who have prayed for me during hard times

I am blessed to be a member here
We are BLESSED to have YOU!!

Let me also take this moment to express how very much I love this place!! Not only is it the BEST INFORMATION SOURCE ANYWHERE for current world events, it is also my family

All of you have been kind to me, listened to me when I have been upset or complained, and have made me laugh and cry with your personal stories. Many of you have prayed for me and I have also prayed for many of you .... something that I believe is VERY important!!
Finally, the majority of members here love animals and express it in wonderful stories and comments about their FUR KIDS.

This group and this place have become VERY IMPORTANT to me. Thank you each one...... especially Dennis!!