Land Greg Judy's Checklist When Selecting a Farm


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Thought someone might be interested in watching this. Greg Judy raises sheep and cattle commercially , I think mostly on leased land. So he's talking primarily to people who are looking for land suitable for livestock. I have some comments and additions to what he says, but it's a good video, and not too long at 18:17 run time.


My comments: I would have included markets in the location category, but it's fine that he separated it. One thing I think he absolutely should have mentioned is to check on flood plains. Whether you are going to be living on the land (in which case, you generally are not allowed to build on a flood plain), or just keep animals there while living elsewhere, it's important to know if the land is likely to flood.

He also considers woodland to be unproductive, but it isn't necessarily. If you need wood for heating or cooking, or for building material, it's important. Woodland may also have food trees on it -- nuts and various fruits -- depending on location. If they aren't already there, you can make openings and plant some. Woodland can also be used as pasture if managed correctly, while still being useful for all of the other things. And it can be a very necessary windbreak for both the livestock and for your home if you do live there (honestly, I know some of these guys who raise livestock commercially are using leased land that they don't live on, but I would be really leery of having my animals very far away from where I lived).

And y'all who live in the arid regions of the west need to really think hard about his comments on rainfall. One big reason I chose this area (south-central KY) to move to was to go from 17" precipitation per year in Eastern Oregon to somewhere between 40-50" per year here. Yes, this area can have droughts, but even a droughty year here is going to have more rainfall than an average year there. And wells aren't nearly as deep here, ponds are very common, and little creeks are everywhere. There are way too many people living in the arid regions of this country -- more than can be supported without a lot of modern technology, and, in some areas, water brought in from hundreds or even a thousand miles away. Lose the tech and the population in those areas is going to crash fast.

Just some things to think about!



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I love Greg Judy. We have St. Croix sheep and I've watched almost every video he's made. Unfortunately, we don't have the cleared acreage to scale up very far at this point. We've got 7 ewes and are working on growing our flock. He's very informative and has great videos on almost every subject that pertains to livestock and containment.