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We were just given my grandparents home up north. Of course part of that was doing a massive clean out of 62 years worth of stuff. My grandmother was a fantastic knitter. I have a bunch of knitted afghans. :) Yay! And dish cloths. :) Yay!

A few days ago when cleaning out a closet I came across her knitting bag. Full of yarn, needles, and other stuff.

My question is this. Is there a good place I can go online to learn some basic knitting to get started? I'm at a place in my life where something like knitting would probably be good for me. :) I'm looking for someplace to give me step-by-step instructions.

Thanks. Kathe


:eleph: Knitting is awesome.

We have the Stitch in Time section here over at On Your Own. General chit-chat on all things textile, and lots of knitting. YouTube videos will get you started for free, in place of your LYS (local yarn store), which is probably not holding in-person lessons or gatherings. Craftsy is back up and running (AFAIK, under more or less the same format), and they have/had excellent lessons, but you really don't need to spend money with them until you decide you like it. Try the YouTube videos first. There are countless knitting channels, so if you don't like one, or even the first several, there are countless more. Many are very well produced.

I could recommend a dozen books, but learning from scratch that way is a bit more of a slog.

For forums, Fiberkind is an on-line alt. to Militant Lefty Ravelry (although I've never figured out how to post there). If you like listening to podcasts while knitting, you might enjoy Politically Incorrect Knitters.
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I learned by watching you tube videos.
I did too. I crocheted for over fifty years before I got serious about learning to knit. I learned to throw by watching Marly Bird. There is a vid or two where she teaches her mom to knit. It really helped. I finally drifted over to Continental Knitting because this is the most like I crochet. Easier for me. Youtube is your friend.

That little gear thing on the bottom of the Youtube screen controls (among other things) the speed of the video. Learn to slow it down. That helps. If you can download the vids to watch when you have no internet, that helps, too. Good luck. Sorry for being late to this thread.