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I didn't get it right away. It wasn't until I noticed the stick up the first guys rear that I caught on. Never been accused of being quick. Lol


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Don't feel so bad about it, it took me a while too. LOL!
I typically get these and quickly, so when I stared at it for a good ten minutes this morning on Facebook, and that was pre-inhaler and pre-caffeine, I knew I had to post it here!

The web designer one is easy, know someone on FB who is still trying to figure that one out and it's been three hours now! :xpnd: :lol: :xpnd:


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That dog is really cute.

As for the first funny, that went right over my head. I would have been standing right behind her.

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Probably my fault, Flippper.

I was looking for Pachy's old joke thread and might have found an older one. Probably just lost graphics.


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Ragnarok: That was always my plan. Our Drill Instructor always told us, "When in doubt, find the guy who is wearing his hat indoors and follow him!"