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Social ButterFly
Emily's List
by Sean Platt

All Cora wants is a new start. But when your problems come back to haunt you, how far will you go to exorcise them? After the tragic loss of her horror writer father, Cora is starting over in a new town, at a new school where nobody knows her. Nobody knows about her OCD tics. Nobody knows about her time in a mental hospital. Nobody knows she sees her father's ghost. But her new start is shattered when she fails to suppress her OCD tics in class. She finds herself targeted by bullies again. New town, same loneliness and shame. She's afraid to turn to her overworked mother, who is already worried about her mental health. Then Cora meets Emily, the only person who gets her. Homeschooled Emily has suffered serious abuse, and she has a list. A list of people who have hurt her. A list of people that includes Cora's bullies. And Emily wants Cora's help in getting revenge. Can Cora find a normal life by striking back at her tormentors? Or is she being lured into a darkness that will consume the sanity she's desperately clinging to?

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Free Book of the Day
Fight the Good Fight (Echoes of War Book 1)
by Daniel Gibbs

Corporal David Cohen thought he'd left war behind. He was wrong. The Terran Coalition faces repeated and brutal attacks from the repressive League of Sol. To defend his home planet, David trades his dream of becoming a rabbi for a battlefront in the far reaches of space. When particle beams fly, his courage under fire brings quick promotion. But in the lulls between battles when he must confront his soul, David finds a different enemy: the ghosts of those killed under his command. Yet in war, it's kill or be killed -- and the enemy shows no mercy. David must square the tenets of his faith against his responsibility to crew and country. If he fails in his command, billions face enslavement by a ruthless regime. Now it's an all-out fight for the galaxy's freedom. Because a man's greatest foe lies within.

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GOD IS SPEAKING 3: Visions, Dreams & Voices
by Andy Ripley

GOD IS SPEAKING 3 (VISIONS, DREAMS & VOICES) is the third book of a three-part series describing what God has spoken to us through His word, the Bible. In the Bible eras, certain chosen men received information from God through visions and dreams. These great visions and dreams are written out for us to see in the Bible. They are often breath-taking in their beauty, dreadful in their declarations of judgement, and stunning in their prophetic accuracy. At different times and in different circumstances, God has chosen to speak to His people in different voices; sometimes He has spoken to us with the voice of our father, with the voice of our husband, or with the voice of our judge. Does God still use visions and dreams today? Does He still speak to different people with different voices? These and other questions ate explored in this book.

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Next Stop Execution: The Autobiography of Oleg Gordievsky
by Oleg Gordievsky

Oleg Gordievsky was the highest ranking KGB officer ever to work for Britain. For eleven years, from 1974 to 1985, he acted as a secret agent, reporting to the British Secret Intelligence Service while continuing to work as a KGB officer, first in Copenhagen, then in London. He provided Western security organizations with such a clear insight into the mind and methods of the KGB and the larger Soviet government that he has been credited with doing more than any other individual in the West to accelerate the collapse of Communism. In this thrilling memoir, Gordievsky lays out his extraordinary, meticulously planned escape from Russia, a story that has been described as 'one of the boldest and most extraordinary episodes in the history of spying.' (Ben Macintyre - The Times)

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History & Current Events
Battle of the Atlantic - World War II
by Hourly History

Imagine a battlefield of millions of square miles, with an enemy that was often invisible when it struck. Imagine a convoy of ships carrying vital supplies from North America to Great Britain, at the mercy of the deadly marauders under the water, waiting to attack them. The Battle of the Atlantic, the longest campaign of World War II, took place upon the Atlantic Ocean as the Allies traveled back and forth from North America to Great Britain with desperately needed oil, provisions, weapons, and supplies for the embattled forces fighting against Nazi Germany. The U-boats, the terror of the undersea, made those convoy journeys particularly precarious, especially after Germany's Admiral Karl Dönitz developed his dreaded wolf pack strategy.

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Advice & Self-Help
The Law of Attraction: Secret Principles of Success
by Xavier Rose

"Here is where you manifest your wildest dreams and cultivate the crystal-clear mindset that bursts through the doors of abundant success, wealth, and happiness!" Do you want someone else to control how much money you make or do want to control it yourself? Are you a person who enjoys having restricted winning potential or do you want to be limitless in your profits? Do you prefer the comfort of being told what to do or can you take on the fear of the unknown? The answers to these questions will expose your current mindset and reveal if you are meant to be a ruthless winner. It is essential that you learn what it takes to become a warrior of success so that you may never endure waking up, looking in the mirror, and hating what you see. This book gets down and dirty first to show you the principles of success and then ends with the law of attraction practices. Your beliefs will be challenged. The world as you see it will change!

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Amish Cooking (Amish Cookbooks)
by Sarah Spencer

Discover the Amish ways of cooking wholesome meals the whole family will love. Prepare authentic recipes passed down from one generation to the next with Amish Cooking. There is nothing quite as tempting as biting into a warm dish that you know has been made from fresh, natural ingredients, and that is the beauty of the Amish way of cooking. Amish culture emphasizes the simple life, and so the Amish prefer to prepare their food in the simplest, most natural way possible. Their traditional recipes have been handed down from mother to daughter for many generations.In the midst of a hectic modern lifestyle, it feels warm and soothing to return to simple, classic recipes to put food on the table for our families. Simplicity also means that you do not have to spend hours in the kitchen or use any special gadgets. You can easily create something delicious that can satisfy your stomach and mesmerize your family members.

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