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Guardian (The Divine Chronicles Book 1)
by R.J. Radcliffe
In the dead of night Bertie walks the corridors of Macmillan's Hope and Sanctuary Hospital, befriending the dying and letting them know they are not alone, that they have not been forgotten.Is he an angel, there to guide them on to their eternity, or is he just a kindly hospital porter giving those so close to the end a little hope?Bertie is both, and he is neither.He is the guardian of the afterlife, guiding those recently passed back to a time in their life where they were the happiest.Bertie isn't the only one with abilities he cannot explain though, and he isn't the only one for whom the sands of time do not flow. Who is the man who finds him in his dreams, and why does he reach out to him?FREE Was: $2.99

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Chase Me (Dragons Love Curves Book 1)
by Aidy Award
She's stolen a priceless relic from his treasure, and his heart. Ciara is the best damn wedding planner this side of anywhere, but she's no thief. That's exactly what the sexy-ass dragon shifter has accused her of - stealing his treasure. She's going to steal something of his alright, his sanity, if he doesn't let her go so she can get back to giving couples their happy ever afters. Its the best way to ignore the fact she's sure she'll never get one her own. Not with any man, or even a dragon. Jakob is either going to kill the sexy, curvy woman who denies she has The First Dragon's relic, or take her to bed and drive her as crazy as she's making him. Why does he want her so much he can't even properly interrogate her? Might have something to do with the way his soul is screaming at him to mark her, claim her, and make dragon babies with her.FREE Was: $2.99

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by Padgett Gerler
When Ally Albright's husband and unborn child are killed by a drunk driver, Ally is certain her life has ended, as well. But a request from a beloved professor to teach a first-grade class on Pelican Isle draws Ally from her grief and the security of her parents' home to the remote island off the coast of North Carolina. Though her plan is to teach only until a permanent replacement can be found, Ally is immediately captivated by her enthusiastic and endearing students. Befriended by the islanders, including charming Dr. Chris Cruz and loving yet eccentric neighbor Joy Summers, Ally accepts the community's hospitality and discovers that Pelican Isle is not just a way station, it is a safe harbor for recovery, rebirth, and hope--not just for Ally but for all the residents of the island.FREE Was: $3.99

YES YOU CAN: Canning 101 Book
by UCookFine Studio
If you are about to embark on your first ever canning journey, you may have a lot of questions: How to can meat? How to can vegetables? What are the food preserving items needed for this process? How to find an ultimate canning tomato recipe? What are the safest methods of pickling and preserving? And, last but not least, what are the canning water bath times? Canning to preserve food is one of the most popular methods of long-term food preparation. However, deviations from the approved techniques may result in food preserving problems. Fortunately, UCookFine Studio has launched this Canning 101 book intended to explain how to can food for beginners! From the early history of canning to the most creative modern approaches, this new canner book will take its rightful place in your canning supplies kit!FREE Was: $11.99

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Home to Walnut Ridge (The Teacup Novellas Book 3)
by Diane Moody
It seems everyone needs a second chance. Tracey Collins just left Washington D.C. after her dream job became a personal nightmare. Back home in Jacobs Mill, Tennessee, she quickly realizes she's not the only one needing a fresh start. Her sister Alex is in the midst of a career change, finding new inspiration restoring furniture. Their father, a former pastor who's had his own share of disillusionment, now mentors a strange bunch of misfit bikers who do odd jobs around town as ministry. Among them, an intriguing former attorney named Noah, still running from a painful past, catches Tracey's eye. Secrets are uncovered and hearts are restored in Jacobs Mill as they all work together to renovate an old smokehouse into a new shop called Second Chances.FREE Was: $2.99

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The Weight Loss Lifestyle
by Eric J. Belanger
The PROVEN Starting Guide to Reach Your Goals NOW. You'll Learn Proven Habits, Perspectives and Advice to Make Losing Weight, Getting Active and Becoming Healthier Easy! In this Easy-to-Read Guide You Will: Learn Why Diets are a Waste of Time, Money and Effort! Did you know Americans spend around $65 BILLION PER YEAR on weight loss programs, products, supplements, equipment, pills and potions? It's insane and completely unnecessary. Consider changing your perspective and approach to have some easy success and drastically improve your chance to succeed! The Guide provides a no-nonsense, matter-of-fact approach to what we're doing wrong and how we can redirect our efforts. Learn the Fundamental Habits and Mindset You Need to Eat Healthier and Spend Less! The Guide contains detailed, specific tips and tricks for grocery shopping which you can use to maximize health and reduce your monthly food costs. Why spend anymore than you have to trying to eat healthy and feed yourself and your family? Learn Why Carbohydrates and Processed Foods are Keeping You From Your Goals!FREE Was: $4.99

Biographies & Memoirs

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Second Wind: Thriving With Cancer
by Dann Wonser
"Don't you ever get tired of being so positive?" my niece blurted out one day. The question shocked me, five years into my fight with lung cancer. Was my enthusiasm about remaining treatment options so disheartening that even someone normally upbeat struggled to see the hope in my situation? Was the way I was thinking that foreign to how other people think? Over the next year, I came to understand that having cancer had changed more than my body. It had changed how I think. I had grown. Not in spite of cancer, but because of it. Now I treasure every new part of this adventure, as I have learned to not only survive with lung cancer, but to thrive with it.FREE Was: $3.99