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Community mourns loss of grandmother and granddaughter killed in multiple vehicle accident.​

l’m so sick of this! So many innocent lives snuffed out, because of these invaders. I was told that there have been at least 7 innocent deaths in traffic accidents, the last year, in the counties surrounding Ozona. And did you see? 17 patients in this accident. 15 illegals in that pickup.

God bless this family, and all their friends and loved ones. This shouldn’t have happened.


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Just up the road from here. This crap is almost a daily occurrence on IH10, US83, and US377. Being that we can hear 10 traffic from our front porch, we do get the evaders as they scramble through the brush. Not as many right here where we are, as 10 is down in a cut right in front of us which keeps any bailing from being successful, but a mile either side of us are relatively prime pull-over-and-bail locations. I've seen footprints in the pasture and found places where they bed down or lay low, but haven't seen any active tracking either by foot or hoppyclopter over our place, which I take to mean they headed some other direction.

Can't get lax though. There's always one flower in the arrangement that is determined to turn the other way.