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Whos got ducks? Any advice? We got a Pekin duck with a flock of chickens I recently acquired. Now I am looking to pick up a couple of girls for him. He currently lives in the chicken coop with the chickens but if I expand the ducks will get separate housing in the shared run.


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First, are you sure that the Pekin is a male? Do you know how to tell the difference?

Second, what do you want the ducks for? And what kind of living space will they have? Pekins are a meat breed, not known for being good mothers, but fairly decent layers. Do some research on breeds of ducks before you decide. Dave Holderread's book on ducks is probably the best one out there, but there are websites with information on the various breeds. I plan to get Muscovies for meat, because they are excellent mothers and I already have chickens for eggs.

Also, ducks are messy. I like ducks, and I do plan to get some again next year (and some goslings), but we have a big yard and a small pond down in the little pasture area, so we have plenty of room for them. But if you only have a small space to keep them in, you will have to change their water -- and wash the container -- every day. In cold weather they make icicles everywhere because they shake their heads after dunking them in the water. Their pen will be a mucky, muddy mess without a lot of bedding and really good drainage.