Livestock Copper sulfate for mites


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Anyone ever hear of giving copper sulfate in your chicken water to help control mites in the coop?

If so, could use some info on this topic...and thanks.
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I've used it for sick turkeys, and it works as long as you give it to them right away. But I haven't tried it for mites.


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Thanks, I picked this up on another site and many have said they've used it for years. I'm just so dang tired of spraying the coop and trying to catch chickens to treat them...ugh...not my favorite thing to thought I'd try it but looking for other input.


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Get a few bags (5) of construction sand and dump some of it in the run/pen area in a pile and let them take sand baths. Hold back on two or three of the bags for later as they will scatter it around after a while.
The spraying in the coop is good to get some control on the problem.