ALERT Capitol Action Day For Texit


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Please come join us Thursday, April 8, 2021 at the Texas State Capitol as supporters of the Texas Nationalist Movement from all over Texas converge on the Capitol in support of a vote on TEXIT.
We will be interacting with our individual members of the Legislature to encourage them to give Texans a vote on independence by supporting and advancing HB1359.
At 9:00 AM we will gather at the south steps of the Capitol building to break into teams before heading into representative’s offices including those of the State Affairs Committee where the bill currently resides. We recognize some will be traveling from far, so please contact the event organizer if you are unable to arrive at 9:00 AM. Progress check-in will be midday and then head back out to Senate offices.

TRAINING: We ask that all attendees participate in our exclusive training webinar before this event. This will help increase our effectiveness in the Capitol. There will be a live training on 4/5 @ 7:00 PM and a replay will be available for those who could not attend live.
TEXIT TOUR EVENING EVENT: There will also be a separate 6:30 PM Texit Tour event in Austin (location TBD).