Fabric After dinner dying


I haven't finished this 1hr 7min run time video, but I absolutely love it. Basically, color from the kitchen garden. Got parsely?

Maybe I'm jaded. Am bored with all the pretty florals, both the ones I already own, and the ones I could buy. Am picky about shades, but what I really just want are good indigo-ish blues, the peaty/mossy/piney greens, and some good taupes that can merge into dull terra cottas, or even dark chocolates. Tricky to pick those off a monitor, and tricky to pick them out in-person under florescents.

Rit dye is cheap, coffee and tea leavings are free, and I have a bunch of real (?) left over indigo (didn't like what it did to the texture of the wool). Realized this doesn't HAVE to be stressful. Since I art quilt with small pieces, whatever areas I do like can be fussy cut from a larger piece of fabric that may be more mottled, or just ugly. I have a long length of good quality white cotton that won't be used as is, in bright white, and smallish strips will work in old glass pickle jars.

So, enjoy the video if that happens to be your cuppa tea.