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We're still in the middle of this mess and it's a good time to start thinking about what we've learned to be better prepared for the next crisis. One thing I learned is that people traveling to their vacation homes might not be welcomed with open arms by the year-round residents so I'll probably be planning on bugging in. Who else has lessons learned? Thanks in advance!


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I actually learned that one with the book Lucifer's Hammer 40 years ago.

Beyond that, keep topping things up. We had a few items that were not at optimal levels like they should have been.

It do need to re-organize our BOBs. Too much stuff for them. I do need to slim them down.

More freeze dried stuff would be better for longer term problems.

Friends / family do not get it no matter what and will laugh at you and then tell you with a straight face they were on board all along.

I still don't have enough ammo

Though I did understand the American Supply chain is weak, I did not understand that fact truly and how fast things will go south.

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Been thinking about this subject for a couple of weeks now:

What have we learned?

1. Our national stockpile of medical supplies is a joke - outdated, expired, just flat bad because no one is overseeing rotating the stock (didn't want to come out and blame Trump because it's not all his fault - it goes back to Obummer). And not to mention not enough of the really needed supplies in stock that even work.
2. The supply chain has switched to JIT which turns out to be a another joke because now no one can get TP, PT, eggs, meat, milk, bread, etc. I get the bottom corporate line, but when people are hungry........ well you know.
3. He who yells loudest gets (Cuomo). And, just why is NY so special? Dump as far as I'm concerned.
4. Wage gap - I feel so sorry for those at the bottom who live paycheck to paycheck and have nothing set aside. But, on the other hand I don't. I don't need the latest cell phone, tablet or other new gadget. Put some aside! Even if it's only $10 a week to provide a safety net. I learned that in my poor years and still do it.
5. Our leadership doesn't know whether to go right, left or down the center. Again, not blaming OrangeMan because he can only go on what he's told and his so-called experts come up with. Would really hate to see the Dim's in charge tho because that would be a fuster cluck beyond all fuster clucks.
6. The economy is built on smoke and mirrors - guess it was past time for it to explode. But we all knew that already (at least everyone on this site did).

I have to hope that we will survive this and come out as a better nation and better people at the end of a long dark tunnel.


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I forgot to stock up on tarter sauce, I'm good other wise, but I've been doing this for a long time. I could make homemade but DH probably wouldn't like it. We aren't bread eaters, cereal eaters or milk drinkers, so none of those things are a problem for us.



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I did go to walmart yesterday, first time in a month, and there was no tarter sauce to be found.



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From my foxhole-there was some of a lot but there were gaps. Today I could not find alcohol pads. Tried five places before I was able to find H2O2. So a starting rule is gonna be think what you need for six months and triple. For starters.
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