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Thread: WELCOME!

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    May 2001
    Behind Enemy Lines


    Hi! I'm glad you stopped in. I hope that this room will take off just like all the others have in the past. I look forward to seeing the experts help with issues us ignorant automotive savages are cursed with!

    I'll be wandering in here regularly!

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    May 2001
    Nice garage!!! KEWL!

    Loretta V.

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    Oct 2001
    I figure you'll do this eventually, but a direct link (or button) from the main board would be great for when your first post/thread drifts off the main--you know, something like the direct button to religion and bomb shelter.

    And when I get around to messing with my '85 jeep Cherokee, I'll be back. I have built a garage around it, so I'll be able to work indoors.

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    Dec 2001
    North Carolina
    Dennis, there is ONE shortcoming to the time limited edit function.

    In all threads that involve calls for help or tech problems the thread starter cannot amend the header to FIXED because by then the edit time limit has expired.

    See Baywater Ross' thread below. FIXED
    exe's "starter" FIXED
    Maiden's house not burning down. FIXED

    It would be really nice to see what is open and what is closed in that regard. Any ideas?

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    May 2001
    Mason Dixon Line (-) 40
    If we could just have the moderator of this forum make a weekly reservation with "Click and Clack" for the real tough problems we'd be sitting pretty.

    Maybe we should just submit the stump a chump questions to them.

    I'd offer to add my expertise to this SIG, but beyond - Yep all four tires [minimum] are holding air [and in contact with the ground] and the fluid levels are up to snuff, you'd be dealing with an idiot.

    I can push provided its a level surface or down hill gradient, I don't push up hill.

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    new member

    Hello new to forum posting.
    I guess must jump in with both feet.
    I'm backyard mechanic and am always learning.
    Hope to contribute.
    Thanks for past posts--always learning.

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    Getting ready for my 1999 Dodge Caravan SE last rights.

    Just what I needed! For the last couple days the have been funny noises coming from our van. We had just had the serpentine belt replaced. So I figured that the noise might be belt noise. I took a listening rod and checked all the items on the Serpentine belt path. Nothing but normal "running" noise. Yesterday, I had the hood open and was looking at it, and had the DW start the engine. After a couple minutes, I notice a thin wisp of smoke coming out from under cover at the end of the front head of the engine, (transverse mounted). I tried taking the cover off, but the distributor would not let me remove the cover all the way, but I did see a pully with belt on it. Assume it is the drive for the cam shaft for the valve train on that head.

    I put the cover back on and restarted the engine, A LOT of smoke came out from under the cover, and the engine stopped abruptly as if the cam bearing froze.

    Anyone here ever change a cam bearing? I assume I'll need to replace that cam shaft. Probably also the timing belt, and the water pump, ( it is dripping ).

    Open for suggestions....


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