E-mail Alleges Legal Action Being Taken Against Zeta Talk's Leider



[ Editor's Note: While this story comes to us second-hand, it was posted as being of interest. Since we're all still alive, much to the dismay of the Zeta Talk folks, we can write this one off as yet another hoax...no big surprise there. The following e-mail appears un-edited...]

Subject: Re: [Cataclysms] Planet X Class Action Lawsuit...

It has been reported on Yahoo that Nancy Lieder of http://www.zetatalk.com and other un-named respondants are going to be the subject of a Class Action Law Suit over the whole Planet X hoax. The crux of the issue is the ppl who made "Life Altering Decisions" over the whole Planet X scare. When asked for comment, the Zetas, as they call themselves, had no comment.

Planet X was suppose to pass by our planet may 15th, 2003, and cause, according to some radio talk show hosts, "catastrophic and devestating earth changes." When the planet didn't pass at that date, then Nancy Lieder changed her date to June 1st, 2003.

The State of Idaho is looking into fraudulant practices of Nancy Lieder's group, which include tax evasion, and other false and misleading claims in which monies were paid. Nancy Lieder is also under investagion by WIASA: The Web Investigations and Security Agency, as well as being investigated by other agencies within the InterGOV International.

If you have been scammed by Nancy Lieder, and/or other parties, then contact these web sites:




Or contact your local law enforcement agency:

Report compiled by: Luke Nichols
Princeton, WV USA