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New Members Check-In Thread...
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  1. #161
    Dragonfly checking in. It's about time I de-lurked.

  2. #162

    New Member

    Greetings from Canyon Country, CA. I have been a lurker since the summer of 2004. My aunt turned me on to this site. I am currently on maternity leave with baby #2 and can't seem to get enough of the internet.

    Knowlege is power and thanks for all of the great insight into prepping. I now have plenty of diapers/formula/H2O and other stuff for if/when the BIG one hits.

  3. #163
    Join Date
    Sep 2005
    Checking in and very pleased to be here.

  4. #164
    Join Date
    Sep 2005
    Woohoo. I've been lurking for months now but didn't want to have to grovel to become a member. When the server load issues from Katrina locked me out I was pretty bummed. I really enjoy reading everybodys advice on preps. Thanks for giving us this opportunity to become members.

  5. #165
    Join Date
    Sep 2005

    checking in

    Checking in from the 4th corner, decloaking, and glad to be here. I have enjoyed the board as a lurker pre 99 and check the pulse daily. Thanks for all the efforts.

  6. #166
    Howdy Y'all. I'm another lurker who has come in out of the cold. I have more to learn than to contribute, but will speak up when I can. My contribution to TB2K is on its way.

  7. #167
    Shiney Guest

    News addict has needs

    Old lurker relents, de-cloaks after 8 years in slealth mode.

    Must have info Have grandkids in Texas Need to watch info about hurricane

    Here's what I look like without my cloak:

    Haven't been a happy camper since the 1970s. Gotta love this board.

    (Hey, these smiley deals are kewl! Thanks, Dennis.)

  8. #168
    mox411 Guest

    Radio Check

    check check, 1, 2.

    long time reader, first time writer. (is that hokey enough?)


  9. #169
    quepasa Guest


    Not really a lurker, but the site looks like a lot of people are benefiting or at least having fun, thoughtfull conversations and I want to play too!

    I'm primarily intersted in natural remedies, especially relating to meningitis and/or firbromyalgia so if anybody as any knowledge on these topics, please let me know.

    Thanks for having me

  10. #170

    New Member Checking in

    Been lurking for years and have missed previous registrations. Thanks for letting me in.

  11. #171
    Yet another lurker brought in.

  12. #172
    Join Date
    Sep 2005
    earth, what about you?

    checking in

    Hi everyone, glad to be here.

  13. #173
    Join Date
    Sep 2005
    Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
    Yet another long time lurker, from the eastern edge of Newfoundland.

  14. #174
    Mikeb41 Guest
    Hi all,
    Great to be here, for all the news that doesn't make the news!!!

  15. #175
    Andy Guest

    Just checking in

    I've been lurking for a little while and finally took the plunge. I hope to be able to add something to the board. I've know a few of you on other boards so it is good to be with you.

  16. #176
    thanks for letting a 2 year lurker in lol. i would have never asked. so i just lurked but here i am now on open reg. not much of a poster but i surely learn from watching.

  17. #177
    Major Guest
    Major sends his greetings from Louisiana and wishes to say thanks for the opportunity to be a part of a great group of friends. Must confess I have been lurking since Y2K, and have learned so much from the TB2K family.

  18. #178
    Join Date
    Sep 2005
    Wichita, KS

    I've enjoyed lurking here for some time, and thought I'd take advantage of the registration offer so I don't get locked out. I probably still won't be posting much unless I have info or confirmation of an existing topic.

    I have to say I enjoy all of the valuable info I get here, as well as the questionable info!

  19. #179
    Howdy All....Just checkin in

  20. #180
    Bratwuf Guest
    I've been lurking since Greenspun.
    DAMN happy to be here.
    Thank you to Dennis the other mods and all the posters here. I've learned tons. The links and the information that y'all provide are awesome.
    I hope I can give even a fraction of what I've gained.

  21. #181
    I've enjoyed this forum for many years, glad to finally be a member.

  22. #182
    Hi, I'm another newbie checking in. Now I no longer have to read TB2K over somebody's shoulder.

  23. #183


    HI, I'm a new member and just checking in. I've followed TB2K since Dennis started it and I finally joined. Thanks Dennis

  24. #184

    Checking in...

    Big thanks to Dennis for the registration.

    I am a long time reader from Melbourne Australia and find TB2K invaluable.

    I frequent on a more than daily basis and appreciate everyone for keeping this the most up to date current affairs site on the net.

    Be safe everyone. :-)

    Warm Regards,


  25. #185

    I am PollyParakeets son and am glad to be a member.



  26. #186
    Banneret Guest
    Here's another newbie. Thanks to all for the great information on this site. G'day.

  27. #187
    Snickerdoddle Guest

    Newbie here to...

    Well I had to get in here, I was going thru withdrawl's ,not being able to read all the info. that was pushing my panic button's .Gosh I made it just before the final curtain .Thank's for lettin me in .

  28. #188
    Been lurking for over a year, ever since the dark days of "Aussie Guy".
    Many and many a time, wished I could add my voice to TB2K but could never join. Now, here I am at long last!

  29. #189
    Count me in.

  30. #190
    Englishlady Guest

    checking in

    undefinedHi, I am glad to be here. I have used the info for a long time to try and get ready for whatever comes my way, thanks to everyone, Englishlady

  31. #191


    been lurkin' - decided to sign-in

  32. #192
    yell275 Guest
    I've been lurking for a while and finally decided to take the plunge and join this great site. Thanks for all the information.

  33. #193
    Join Date
    Sep 2005
    gardner ks
    Hi ya'll. Great to be here.

  34. #194
    checking in


  35. #195
    governer Guest


    Thank you,
    I am very glad to be on your board.
    I have been reading (lurking) on tb2000 for years, I enjoy the diversity of thought and quality of preparedness ideas presented by your members.

    thank you

  36. #196
    Join Date
    Sep 2005
    So. MN
    New member checking in before I get distracted and forget. I've been lurking a while getting some great tips and timely updates on news and things I should know about.
    I'm glad to be an "official" member of the group. A great big thanks to the Mods for all their work in keeping this board going.

  37. #197
    Have a great time ..... it's later than you think.

  38. #198
    Join Date
    Sep 2005
    East Texas
    Hey just checking in. Went three days without my timebomb because there was so much traffic so had to join. Glad to be here.

    This message brought to you by offroad diesel.

  39. #199
    Observer Guest
    Thanks, Dennis.

    Long time lurker here, finally making an appearance.

    Great to finally be here!

  40. #200
    katrinarita Guest


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