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New Members Check-In Thread...
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  1. #121
    Nemesis Guest
    Hello to everyone. Am really glad to be a member here, have been lurking for some time.

    Have really learned a lot here, and still learning. As an old geezer, I hope that I can contribute a little, I will try. I pray that none of us will really need what we have learned, but I am confident that at least some of us will.

    My name is Nemesis, live in KY.

    Principle's that I live by: God, Family, Honor, Country.

    I am a conservative/constitutionalist. Notice in my principles, you will not see party.

    Many years ago, I took an oath to the U. S. Constitution, not to a party. I am still bound to that oath. God blessed me with a family. It was a gift from God. Along with that gift, came certain responsibilities, among others, was to protect them. With God's help, I will do my best to hold up my end of the bargain.

    Again, I am really glad to be here, and just hope that over time I can give back at least a fraction of the helpful info I have ( and will ) glean from the fine folks here.

    May God Bless (again) the U.S.A.

  2. #122
    Join Date
    Sep 2005
    Hi! Checking in from the state of Colorado.

    This site is the best! The wealth of information everyone provides is truely life-saving! It's great to be part of a group that are of "like minded"

    Now I need to go back to prepping because I'm wayyy behind.


  3. #123
    Funny you should mention reading all my PMs.....I cant read any of them for some reason.

    Got some odd message about my account not haveing enough privelages or something like that.

    I would appreciate some good advice on how to get this matter cleared up!

  4. #124
    Just checking in from MI. Been reading for quite awhile, but just registered.

    I've learned so much from the site, hopefully I can help pass along some of that info to others!

  5. #125

    Thanks for letting us join!

    My sweetie and I have been lurking for a couple of years. We are organic gardeners and preppers since Y2K. Also use essential oils and herbs, so we fit in here in a lot of ways. We were content just to lurk until Katrina came by. We were so impressed by the heartfelt and genuine caring of many members here. The group seemed to come together to help those who needed it. Just keeping the correct info coming in was better here than the MSM. You all deserve a pat on the back (and more) and we are glad to be here.

  6. #126

    Checking In for First Time

    Hello to Everyone.

    Hopped to this board off a link from somewhere a few weeks back and bookmarked it immediately after just looking at some of the thread topics.
    I have been lurking (as I tend to do on other boards - sports related. Need some hobby to take my mind off TEOTWAWKI) on a daily basis since then. Decided it was time to be a "registered lurker".

    Thanks to TB2000 mgmt for allowing the registration and thanks to all of you who post the great information found within the site. Great Job!


  7. #127
    Greetings to you all from Illinois. I enjoy reading this site and hope I can contribute a little. Thanks for allowing me to become a member.

  8. #128
    Patsypie Guest
    Hello from Humble, TX. Heading towards Longview to visit my son while the weather is bad. I'm asking God to keep His hedge around all of us who are in this ugly storm's path.


  9. #129
    Join Date
    Sep 2005
    Riding my motorcycle

    New Member

    Hello all-I am thrilled to be here. Looking forward to being a new member!

  10. #130
    Join Date
    Sep 2005
    Garden of Good and Evil
    Hello everyone,

    Checking in from the Savannah area, and add me to the list of long timer lurkers turned member! I'm glad to be aboard, officially. This place has been just a clearinghouse of information and views, even though I've been prepping for several can never really learn too much! Also, many thanks to the people who keep this forum going. It's because of all your work and investment of time that keeps this community running, and sane. My hat is off to you.

    Take care,

  11. #131
    Join Date
    Sep 2005
    Crossing the Rainbow Bridge
    new member checking in nothing to see here move along

  12. #132

    Checkin' In!

    Thanks for letting us all get onboard!

  13. #133

    Checking In

    Posting to check in.......thanks!

  14. #134
    Join Date
    Sep 2005
    SW Montana

    new - kind of

    Lurked for awhile so thought I should join. From SW Montana - hello to all

  15. #135
    Join Date
    Jul 2004


    Hello Dennis, et al,

    Checking-in from somewhere in Kentucky.

  16. #136
    magema Guest

    Checking in

    Saying hello from NW Louisiana. A long time lurker.


  17. #137
    Neanderthal Guest

    new member

    Thanks Dennis

    Looking forward to learning alot from this site.


  18. #138
    Checking in from Detroit area. Have been lurking for a long time now - always enjoyed reading all of the different point of views on this site - so now I can share my POV if I feel it's appropriate. Thanks!

  19. #139

    Checking In

    Hello from the Northwest corner of Illinois, were things are pretty quiet. I'm a relative new lurker on this site. I have found it a very informative site and finally decided to join its ranks. My wife was first acquanted with TB2K back in 1999 during the Y2K bump, with all that is happening we are back


  20. #140

    New member Yeah!!

    I have been reading this board everyday for almost a year now and have enjoyed every minute of it.

    After I saw the latest request for roll-call for Rita, I sent my request in for membership. Later that day they locked it down and for the rest of the day I couldn't get in. That was miserable.

    I guess timing is everything... lol

    I am pleased to be a member now.

  21. #141
    Join Date
    Sep 2005
    Blue Ridge Foothills
    Hey Dennis, thanks for hooking me up...

    Newbee here, looking forward to discussing current events with y'all.


    My Mottos is: Carpe Diem: if you don't someone else will.

  22. #142
    cabela Guest
    Hi everyone the name is Cabela (no I don't have a catalog)
    I live in the North East Pennsylvania. I have been into survival stuff for many years.I like to do blacksmithing,flint knapping,camping,and practice survival skills(dirt time)

  23. #143
    Hooz Guest

    New Guy on board...

    Hey all,

    Checking in from sunny florida.


  24. #144

    I joined today

    I have been reading this site since 1998. It keeps me focused.

  25. #145
    DCprep Guest


    Hi everyone

    Been lurking here for a while and glad to be able to finally join and hopefully contribute some info.

    Victor in DC

  26. #146
    Join Date
    Sep 2005
    Oak Ridge

    Cloaking device now inoperative

    My that was a quick response to my request for membership - I've been ussing TB2K as a news and info site for mabe two years and procrastnating registering all that time. I'm a geologist health physicist, gemologist, libertarian oh and and about a thousand other things all at the same time.

    Hope I can contribute a bit as well as enjoy/use the forum.


  27. #147
    Join Date
    Sep 2005
    Central Valley, CA between Fresno and Modesto
    Hi Everyone, I got so fustrated not being able to get my TB2K fix every few hours when being blocked out as a lurker. I am now officially a TB2K member! Woooohoooo!

  28. #148
    Join Date
    Sep 2005
    Central Mass


    I Love this place!! have been lurking for the past month or so, decided to take the plunge. Been prepping a good part of this year, still lots to do & learn. Gonna be a cold New England winter, I'm afraid...

  29. #149
    Natashi_Kumiko Guest

    Checking in

    Checking in.

    I've been lurking for over a year, finally became a member.

    Chat more later

  30. #150
    Checking in (:


  31. #151
    Join Date
    Sep 2005
    Scottish Borders
    Greetings to you all from Melrose, Scotland. I have been a lurker for some time and I thought it was about time I joined this excellent site, I just hope that I can make some worthwhile contributions. Cheers again for allowing me to become a member.

    nemo me impune lacessit :

  32. #152
    Hello Everyone, Checking in from Southern Indiana here. I've been a lurker here
    for 7 years, going all the way back to the Greenspun boards. Never posted a single message until now.

  33. #153
    Join Date
    Sep 2005
    North Carolina
    Hi everyone from North Carolina. I have lurked religiously every morning, day, and night. It's about time I joined in. Thank you for having me.

  34. #154
    Join Date
    Sep 2005
    New Hampshire

    Checking in

    I've been lurking for quite awhile & decided to join the group.
    This board is quite addictive.


  35. #155
    Join Date
    Sep 2005
    Alien Capital of the Universe, Roswell
    hi..I am a long time lurker and greatly appreciated the info about NO and have family & friends in the Houston area and did not want to be blocked out again like i was yesturday so i humbly join this wonderful group of people and the amazing stories that are expressed what a blessing so many of you are and how grateful i am to join in and if i have any info from New Mexico i will be sure to pass it on..May God be with all my Neighbors in Texas and The South...
    Rita is an Ugly Monster!!
    kim in NM

  36. #156
    Join Date
    Sep 2005
    SW Ohio

    Signing Up

    Come out from the shadows - I love this site. I am addicted! I really appreciate all of the great information from all the posters here.

  37. #157
    Thanks for the opportunity to join y'all here! Been lurking a long time and figured it was time to join up! Really glad to be here.

  38. #158
    I have been lurking for 6 years. Finally had the nerve to register.

  39. #159

    I've been lurking for about 2yrs now and saw the open registration today so I figured that I'd join up.

    I'm in Chicago, IL

  40. #160
    Long time lurker just checking-in. I couldn't stand the I cried "Uncle" and registered!!!!


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