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FASCISM Portland State University Considers Sanctions for Professor Behind Journal Hoaxes
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    Portland State University Considers Sanctions for Professor Behind Journal Hoaxes

    Portland State University Considers Sanctions for Professor Behind Journal Hoaxes | Breitbart
    Tom Ciccotta
    3-3 minutes

    Portland State University may punish Professor Peter Boghossian for his role in the “grievance studies” academic journal hoax.

    According to a report by Campus Reform, Portland State University is considering how they will punish Professor Peter Boghossian for his role in a series of fake academic journal papers that were designed to reveal the far-left radicalism in academia.

    Breitbart News reported on Boghossian’s efforts towards the end of 2018. Working with two other scholars, Boghossian wrote and submitted a series of preposterous academic papers. One paper focused on “rape culture” between dogs at the park and another paper was a re-written section of Mein Kampf featuring, this time, vitriol against men. These papers were both accepted to be published by a team of peer-reviewers.

    Now, Boghossian is facing potential sanctions by his university for his role in the hoax. Boghossian, who had been placed under investigation by Portland State University, was found guilty by the administration of research misconduct. Now, he is waiting to see if he will be punished.

    The editor of one academic journal voiced support for Boghossian. She points her criticism at the editors who uncritically accepted and then published his hoax papers.

    “This was clearly a satirical project, meant to expose a lack of academic rigor on the part of a subset of intellectuals,” the editor said. “The content of the publications was purposely written in an extreme and outrageous manner. I am professionally dismayed that the content made it through multiple reviewers, an associate editor, and the editor-in-chief of these journals.”

    “I speak as a former scientific researcher and as the managing editor of an academic journal with a twenty-year history,” the editor continued. “As a female in science, I have faced my share of marginalization and discrimination and believe that the fields of gender studies and communication are poised to make vital contributions to our evolution as a society. However, as in all fields, they must contend with staunch review and criticism of their failures, otherwise, their work will eventually be rendered meaningless.”

    Stay tuned to Breitbart News for more updates on this story.

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    sounds like the editors may be the ones with the real problem

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    Portland is a one party, Marxist dictatorship at this point in time. PSU is a third rate, third world cesspool obsessed with PC delusions and sucks up taxpayer dollars while it spews Marxist ideology. At any rate, the new puritans of the left have made sure conservatives are crushed at all levels of Oregon society. Fruitcake college, much like Evergreen in Washington State. The best thing would be to defund PSU and let it rot away.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Murt View Post
    sounds like the editors may be the ones with the real problem
    and they don't want it pointed out, hence the punishment
    Better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war.


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