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DAD: How to be the father your children need by Craig Wilkinson
As a dad, you are the most important man in your children's lives! You are your son's first hero and your daughter's first romance. The impact you have on them as their dad will last a lifetime. It is a challenging time in history to be a father. The quality of what we bring as fathers is grounded in who we are as men; yet the role of men and the definition of masculinity has never been so unclear. Dad addresses this challenge directly. It speaks to the hearts of men, bringing wisdom and clarity to what it means to be a man and out of that, a great father. Well researched and filled with personal stories, quotes and anecdotes, many from the author's own fatherhood journey, DAD is both practical and inspiring. FREE Was: $4.50

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Tessa (The Saga of the Four Amish Sisters Book 2) by Grace Given
Making beautiful art is Tessa's secret passion. But not all in the Amish community seem to agree and it causes deep heartbreak for the young Amish artist. And yet, God does not let even one of His small children down and through His redemptive power, it becomes clear that nothing can withstand the power of love. This is the second book in a series of four, but can be read as a satisfying standalone. FREE Was: $0.99

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Mediterranean Diet-2 in 1 Box Set by Vanessa Olsen
Lose weight while creating a life of passion, laughter, and sunshine! For centuries, there has been no other diet able to help people enjoy losing weight quite like the Mediterranean diet. It's the kind of diet which goes further than the way of nutrition and exercise, helping people to change their entire lives for the better. Although there are many physical health benefits associated with the Mediterranean diet, there are lots of mental benefits to reap as well.Those who follow the Mediterranean diet experience a long list of these benefits including. FREE Was: $2.99

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Pittsburgh to Cadiz - What's the Difference? (Part One Book 1) by Mitchell Phillips McCrady
The first book of series, the adventure leaves from Pittsburgh, PA. The year is 1998, (just before cell phones and social media). Long days mean nothing when there's a reason. After painting all summer, Mitch and his coworker Kevin head to Europe. With one-way tickets, the only way to commit, they wait a couple days at Kevin's buddy's flat in NYC, before at last landing in Luxembourg. After getting lost in Amsterdam, they then wait for the final leg in Manchester, England. Contracted to harvest Christmas trees, of all things, Mitch's twenty-seventh birthday is on the same day they leave for the Highlands of Scotland. A hard, cold place. A dark humor, with stark personalities, Mitch battles with his traveling partner, the weather, and his penchant for drugs and alcohol... FREE Was: $3.99

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The Random Series Boxed Set (Books 1-3) by Julia Kent
It all started with a naked hitchhiker wearing a guitar -- and only a guitar. And turned into a New York Times bestseller. A random meeting between a rural Ohio chick and a rich Boston musician kickstarted all sorts of random acts of love and lust -- and got even more complicated when his bandmate entered the picture. And never left. From unconventional love to second-chance romance to your wildest desires, The Random Series Boxed Set will have you giggling, swooning, and fanning yourself to the heart-pounding beat of the sexiest, most daring and irresistible musicians to come out of Boston. FREE Was: $7.99

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