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Nobody Ever Dies When I'm Around: a lifetime of feeling left out. by Jane Baker
In 2002 my mother passed away. I realized then how little I knew about her life before we seven children came along. I had been focused on remembering the highs and lows of my life, but my mother shared very little. Not wanting to leave my children lacking for backstory on their mom, I decided to write about my childhood as a record for them. As often happens, life got busy and my writing fell to the side for a bit. In 2006 my eldest son, Sam, was diagnosed with stage 3b Hodgkin's lymphoma. I had read that one of my favorite authors, Roald Dahl, wrote James and the Giant Peach while he attended to his son after a terrible car accident. It was then that I returned to writing about my youth, more this time to keep my sanity through Sam's treatment and to keep Sam laughing. No one who has heard about my childhood has had an easy time believing me. I think the saying is "True dysfunction is stranger than fictitious dysfunction." Something like that. FREE Was: $9.99

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Yeah, Ben: Two Brothers and an Impossible Dream by Larry W. Plummer
Josh Marshall is on trial for his life, but he doesn't care. He has already lost more than he can bear, his brother, Ben. With no identification and no will to live, even his name he will not reveal. The secret that might free him is locked in his impenetrable will. He can imagine no greater sin than killing another man, and he will do anything to protect everyone he loves from the shame he has heaped on his family name. Chains and bars or lethal injection will not dislodge his awful truth. A new love enters Josh's life. A young clinical psychologist, Sarah begins to unravel Josh's tormented past and gives him a reason to live one more day. If only she can convince him that the future is still worth living. If only she can persuade him to fight for himself, because he is her future. FREE Was: $5.99

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>From Death to Life, God's Path Toward a Resurrected Marriage by Sharon Migala
How would you describe your marriage? Thriving? Routine? Or is it nearly dead? Could you use some new ideas to bring more love into your marriage? Maybe you need a huge miracle? No matter where you are, God intended for you to have a love-filled, alive, and fun marriage. This book is for anyone who desires to have that kind of marriage. Join the journey as we cover seven topics that will equip you to have a complete and loving relationship with not only your spouse, but also with God. You will read testimonies to encourage you, you'll learn practical tools for your everyday life, and Biblical truths to help you live in power.
Let the renewing of your mind, and healing of your heart transform all that is around you, and how you approach every situation. Come see that nothing is impossible with God! FREE

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50 Christmas Spritz Cookies by Pamela Kazmierczak
Welcome to the eleventh volume of The Ultimate Christmas Recipes and Recipes For Christmas Collection!! Are you looking for New and Delicious Spritz Cookie Recipes? This cookbook has a wide variety of choices if you are looking for Christmas or Holiday Chocolate Cookie Recipes! Christmastime is filled with incredible foods to eat including pies, cookies, desserts and dinner. There are plenty of Christmas Cookies you can make this year, including Spritz cookies (Also known as Cookie Press Cookies)! Inside this book you will find the best Christmas Spritz Cookies to make at home. FREE Was: $2.99

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The Gun: The End Time Saga Origin Short Story by Daniel Greene
A new gritty origin short story in The End Time Saga universe. A dismembered body in the park... Grand Rapids Detective Bill DeYoung is an old-timer riding it out until retirement. A ravaged body in the park and a drunken witness are about to change his plans, so is the end of the world. The events happen concurrently with the first novel, End Time, but it can be read at any point in the series to get exciting additional content on the origin of a main character. Start the award-winning series filled with duty, treachery, honor, betrayal, and grim hope today! FREE Was: $0.99

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There Are Worse Things I Could Do by Adrienne Barbeau
A HILARIOUS, WISE, REVEALING ROMP THROUGH FIVE DECADES OF HOLLYWOOD! "Wow!!! Adrienne, like Mame, has LIVED!!!! And like Candide, she emerges unscathed, as dear as she was when she began. But what a wild ride!!!" -- Bette Midler. Originally published in 2006, this L.A. Times bestseller by Tony-nominated actress, iconic "scream queen", and vampyre thriller author Adrienne Barbeau is many things: a touching coming-of-age journal, an inspiring actor's handbook on how to survive in the biz, and a witty Hollywood memoir -- chronicling five decades of stage, screen, and romance. There's only one Adrienne Barbeau, as singular and irreplaceable as Marilyn, Meryl, or Hepburn -- and as down-to-earth as any soccer mom (which she is). Only one Swamp Thing girlfriend, only one Ruthie the snake charmer, only one original Rizzo. No other voice in Hollywood can you imagine as Creepshow's Billie growling, "Get out of the way, Henry, or I swear to God you'll be wearing your balls for earrings." FREE Was: $4.99

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Tides of Desire: A Christmas Romance (Garrett Brothers Book 3) by Tracy Sumner
An undeniable love that started with a Christmas kiss. TIDES OF DESIRE, the steamy sequel to the award-winning TIDES OF PASSION! The feisty beauty who imagined a solitary life... Spirited physician Macy Dallas is fervently committed to medicine, but a troubled past has kept her from committing to love. She's never experienced ardent yearning for a man until she kisses Caleb Garrett... and her awakening passion is impossible to resist. The jaded man who vowed to protect his heart... A gifted boatbuilder who is dedicated only to the sea, Caleb doesn't believe in the power of love. A wretched childhood has governed his life until he doesn't believe he has anything to offer. A beguiling puzzle, Macy challenges his fears, and he considers giving in to their explosive passion. Even though he knows he's not the man she deserves. An irresistible affair that started with a kiss... FREE Was: $0.99

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