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Well, the Germanic people in Scandinavia show depictions of decorated trees from the Bronze Age, I tried to get that one to transfer over but it one of those giant "addresses" and I didn't have time to go through every source to find the original.

But the rock carvings are mostly between 5 and 7 thousand years old, and this one is a decorated tree on a boat, with Winter Symbols near it.

They had similar customs in parts of the Middle East pretty early (I remember that from researching a novel on Gilgamesh) like a lot of "thou shat nots" in the old testament (especially the really strange sounding stuff) they are based on things that "everyone else does" so the Chosen People are not supposed to.

It is a matter of personal faith if one decides to refuse to do them or not (like wearing mixed linen-wool fabrics or eating shellfish) but when you study the people around the early Jewish People, the "the shalt nots" start to make a lot more sense in terms of being "separate," from the "usual" customs of the time.

OK enough thread drift, usually we don't have this thread until December lol
Well, you know how it is. Christmas always gets started early. At least we didn't start this up in September!

And I get it; some of those thou-shalt-nots do seem really bizarre. Like the tassels. Or the odd instructions on how to cook goat. It's not like the mother goat knows or cares if its milk is being used to cook its children. I mean, yeah, it's kind of an insult-to-injury thing but it's not like they're sufficiently sapient to know they're being insulted.

But then, the idea of separation is an important one.