Then I suggest prayerfully think about supporting Jeanne Nigro.

Though I don't live in New York, I know the only way I can assist in getting these scum-buckets out of D.C. is to make sure they're KNOCKED OUT!

A friend here in Illinois sent me Jeanne's story, which I will post below the article on her. After reading it and praying, I decided to give to her campaign, even though I'm in Illinois. When I let my friend know, she showed me a Facebook post of just all the Illinois doners to her campaign, and there were hundreds of names.

Conservatives are fighting back against the SWAMP, not just in their own states, but all over.

My friend is on her mailing list, so she gets emails from Jeanne, and from today's email, bit is Satan attacking her.

If you can't afford to give, would then please be in prayer for her.

Here's how I was introduced to her....

Fair use


Lord God, we ask for Your favor for all God-fearing candidates who are planning to run for office in 2020 and we ask for your protection of and provision for them.
Are you praying for revival and transformation in New York? Then you need to pray for Jeanne Nigro.

We are in a season in which God is raising up and calling into service a new group of leaders—many who never considered stepping into the political realm. But then again most of us never expected our nation to be in the battle in which we now find ourselves for the survival of America and the hard-won freedoms we possess—including freedom of religion.

I was introduced to Jeanne recently by a mutual friend who told me, “You will want to meet this woman!” After talking with her, I think you will too. She has asked for and needs our prayers.

Nigro lives in New York City and is running for U.S. Congress against incumbent Democrat Jerry Nadler. Nadler has been in Congress TWENTY-SEVEN years. He is the head of the House Judiciary Committee who has made it his mission to impeach President Trump. You may have seen him recently during the televised questioning of Robert Mueller and discrepancies in the Mueller Report. This is the giant she is taking on.

Jeanne Nigro never planned on running for office. She has been in ministry now for over fifteen years and anticipated that God would continue to use her as He had in the past via teaching, writing, radio and television. But then God adjusted her view.

Earlier this year, Nigro was selected to participate in a three-month “Christian Statesman Leadership Training” in Washington, D.C.

“I went into it thinking about my “wake-up call” radio program. I primarily wanted to learn more about the Constitution to be better equipped to inspire my radio listeners that engaging in government was biblical and a ministry to which we are all called. I had no desire or interest in running for Congress. However, by the completion of the course, I knew there was no way I could NOT run for Congress,” she explained of the shift that has happened in her life.

A resident of Lower Manhattan, Nigro threw her hat in the ring to represent New York’s 10th congressional district. It is a diverse district representing several minority groups, socio-economic groups, and is predominantly (approximately 80%) Democrat. In the natural it looks impossible, but as David stood facing Goliath, he wasn’t moved by the physical impossibility of the giant he faced. He was moved with passion and holy indignation to stand for righteousness and to fight for God.

Jeanne Nigro now stands facing a Goliath.

Why is she running? “Because I love this country and I believe it’s worth fighting for. It’s ALWAYS been worth fighting for,” she explained. There’s no other country on earth with a Constitution like ours – one that values our God-given rights and freedoms; where ‘We the people rule’ NOT big government.”

“I have such a sense of God working in Manhattan,” she continued. “People write New York City off, but they shouldn’t. It’s no coincidence that God moved me just a block away from Federal Hall, where George Washington was inaugurated and where our first government began. God has an amazing prophetic plan for this city. It’s holy ground to Him. As it has been restored physically since 9/11, it will also be restored spiritually and I believe it will be a city of refuge for righteousness and religious freedom in the end times.”

Here is a spiritual battle plan for New York and how to pray:

For godly wisdom, strategies, and insight on how to find common ground with moderate democrats in the district, the ability to be a light in the darkness, and for supernatural favor among voters in both parties.Lord, we ask that you would give Jeanne wisdom and knowledge as you did Solomon to go out and come in before the people of district 10. You said if we ask for wisdom, You would give it. We ask for wisdom, insight, understanding and favor upon her to take the land. (2 Chr 1:10)
For physical and spiritual protection for Nigro and her family in the city throughout her campaign. She recounted the stories of George Washington and testimonies from Indians who would shoot at him, but were unable to hit him. Let us pray supernatural protection of Psalm 91 over them.

For finances to be able to run an effective campaign. Jeanne shared in our conversation that many people have said they will pray for her, but she needs just as many who will give to her campaign so that she can mount an effective challenge to unseat Nadler. Please pray for provision and that every need would be met; that those who pray will also give! (Phil 4:19)

For additional information, go to or email her at

God calls us to prayer and action. The 2020 campaigns are organizing and mobilizing now. For biblical and strategic ideas on how to get involved, download our prayer guide on Intercessory Activism.

Jeanne's email from today so NO LINK.....

From: Jeanne Nigro <>
Date: 10/9/19 07:42 (GMT-06:00)
Subject: Special Prayer Request - Nigro for Congress


Thank you so much for your prayers! Have been experiencing difficulty w/nerves in left hand so has been very difficult to type but wanted to send short update and requests - need those prayers, makes such a difference as the battle esp now for Congress, our country is so intense and more so by the day…

1) TY prayers fundraisers. God anointed and spoke through me went well and experienced His faithfulness, power, anointing, words in speaking through me now not only in ministry but in this “new ministry of politics.” TY so much for prayers. Have been discouraged about financial results though from it so please pray for supernatural provision, hearts to be open to His leading, wisdom in how where to ask, clarity and confirmation next steps. need at least $7k just for basic expenses to stay in race this month with reporting costs and to finish website. Financial is primary need, prayer request at this time, primary area discouragement and doubt...

2) meeting w/Heritage Foundation here in DC this morning 11aEST to discuss issues w/3 policy experts. please pray favor, only discuss what impt me to know, God bring to mind questions, orchestrate discussion, put His issues in my heart to feel what He feels and to know what He calling me to be passionate about in my platform, what He is calling me to address. can feel easily defeated as all issues are sooo large and overwhelming but He convicted me this morning of false sense of responsibility and burden bearing to think somehow called to solve all of nations issues and to be an expert on them all..enemy uses all sorts of lies to keep us in fear or feeling defeated - esp these times in our country. He reminded me recently enemy under our (his) feet already defeated, we are not the defeated ones, (no matter what media tries to tell us)…Jesus came to destroy works of devil and so we are called to continue this work in Him, taking back ground and increasing Gods kingdom….

wish could type more but too difficult - pray for complete healing.. has been improving past few days…and complete spiritual protection…battle in own mind thought been so intense…attacks in so many areas seemingly unrelated to campaign but yet is as ultimately intended to weaken me… reminded me this morning — focus on self, campaign = idolatry… thoughts on Him = perfect peace

TY so much praying!