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WAR Erdogan's Syria Invasion Begins: Turkish Jets Filmed Bombing Kurdish Targets
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    Turkish Invasion Threatens Syrian Christian Communities in ‘Renaissance’

    Turkey’s invasion of northern Syria is a threat to the sensitive Christian communities rebuilding in a country that lost the vast majority of its Christian population, Aid to the Church in Need Director of Outreach Edward Clancy told Breitbart News.

    Aid to the Church in Need, a papal charity of the Catholic Church that supports persecuted Christians globally, released a study last week finding that persecution against Christians has diminished somewhat in light of the defeat of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Also contributing to that decline, however, is the near-complete eradication of Christians in some areas. Clancy discussed the aid group’s findings with Breitbart News in a conversation last week.

    Discussing northeastern Syria, Clancy noted, “that was a very well-established Christian community there. There were 30-35 towns and cities along the [Khabur] river banks where Christian communities live.”

    “There had been a renaissance of sorts there. There had been a regrowth of the Christian culture because they were living, there was a place to work, there were good, arable fields,” he noted. “That’s being, in a sense, wiped away now in that all of these towns along the river are becoming targeted by the Turkish incursion, or whatever happens between Turkey, the Kurds, and Syria, so those are the people who will be forced to go into Kurdish Iraq.”

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced “Operation Peace Spring,” an invasion of northern Syria to eradicate the indigenous, mostly Kurdish population and replace them with mostly Arab refugees currently in Turkey, this month. The operation officially ended following a ceasefire agreement brokered by Russia, but that agreement requires the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), the mostly Kurdish U.S.-backed militia responsible for defeating the Islamic State in its “capital” of Raqqa, to evacuate the Syrian regions near the Turkish border. The SDF has repeatedly accused the Turkish military and its allied Free Syrian Army (FSA) militia of violating the ceasefire.

    Erdogan, who has referred to the Armenian genocide as “the most reasonable action that could be taken” at the time, attempted to reassure ethnic and religious minorities in Syria upon announcing the invasion by falsely alleging, “Turkey has never committed any civilian massacre in its history and it never will.”

    Christian community leaders expressed concern immediately following the announcement of Turkey’s operation.

    “They are targeting residential areas in Qamishli, where people of all religious backgrounds live,” Bassam Ishak, a Syriac Christian leader, told NPR this month, referring to a Syrian city with an ancient Christian population. “We think this is a message to the Kurds and Christians there to leave, so Turkey can move refugees there. We think it’s a form of ethnic cleansing.”

    The Turkish attack reportedly damaged Christian churches in towns near Qamishli in the region as well as the city’s Christian neighborhoods.

    The presence of recovering Christian communities in Kurdish areas highlights a general tendency for Kurdish leaders to tolerate their presence in a way that other regional factions – and, of course, the Islamic State – did not. Clancy noted that Kurdish leaders in Iraq and Syria have taken in Christians in part because of Western concern for them, and the West “understands that in each Christian community, you have what represents people who act as agents of dialogue, in that their presence allows more [Arab] Sunni and Shia and Kurds to interact and address problems with less battling.”

    He adds that Christians benefit Kurdish communities by “support[ing] institutions that help society.”

    “They tend to support more educational institutions. We see this in Archbishop [Bashar] Warda [of Erbil] building the Catholic University of Erbil – during a time of war and destruction, what is he doing? He’s building a university and he is going to start training future leaders and future professionals,” Clancy noted.

    “You see the institution of education being important to Christians, that is one of the foundation stones,” he continued. “You see the philosophy of living in a multicultural society being expressed. You don’t hear about any of the major churches preaching ‘we need to have walls around us and we’re never going to interact with them and they are our enemy,’ you hear the opposite.”

    “If the Christian communities disappear, there is a good chance that these catalysts go away and the more bellicose, problematic people become more powerful and more active and more potent,” Clancy predicted.

    Kurdish leaders are under pressure – in Syria, from the Turkish invasion, and in Iraq, from growing refugee flows – that also trickles down to Christian communities, however. Clancy noted that the Christians slowly rebuilding in the area Turkey invaded will likely be the ones to flee across the border to Iraqi Kurdistan, where reports indicate a boom in human trafficking following the launch of “Operation Peace Spring.” The capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, Erbil, has already taken in over half of the 229,000 Syrian refugees in Iraq, according to the United Nations. While Christian populations already in Erbil have helped absorb the large refugee flows, Clancy said, “it’s like a branch that is bent … how much more tension can you put on different communities?”

    Clancy added that in Erbil, following the initial attacks on Iraqi Christian communities by the Islamic State, Kurdish officials bristled at having to accommodate thousands of Christian children in Kurdish schools. But those pressures differ significantly from what Christians returning to non-Kurdish former ISIS strongholds are facing.

    “In some of the newly returning communities of Christians, you hear about this Shia movement to place mosques or other things in front of Christian places of worship that use PA systems or loudspeakers to blast Muslim prayer and try to dishearten the Christian population,” Clancy noted, “and you hear about the effort to, say, buy up Christian land or to try to take over Christian properties.”

    “There’s always going to be upset because even in Kurdish Iraq, in the area where the Christians are in the Erbil region, they are a minority, they are subject to the rule of someone else and they always have to live very tentatively in a sense even though there is establishment,” he added.

    The Christian communities under Kurdish control are some of the only ones remaining in Syria and Iraq. Aid to the Church in Need’s recent report, titled Persecuted and Forgotten?, estimated that Iraq has lost 90 percent of its Christian population. Syria, Clancy said, had lost about “at least 75 percent.”

    Christianity may be at the peak of extinction, but Clancy noted there was still hope in the small but determined group of Christians who insist on maintaining a presence in a region converted to their religion by the first generation of followers of Jesus.

    “Of course there is hope, and the hope is [in] people who don’t leave, they stay there,” he said. “These people always offer hope, they do things that are superhuman, some people may say crazy, but they truly believe that they should be there and they should stay.”

    Aid to the Church in Need is actively helping Christians rebuild their churches in former ISIS strongholds throughout Iraq and Syria.
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    Erdogan: Turkey to widen safe zone area if attacked by the YPG

    Turkey has urged the United States and Russia to fully implement its separate agreements with them on the withdrawal of YPG terrorists 30 kilometers off its borders with Syria and to resume the military operation and to widen the safe zone if it’s attacked by terrorists.

    “We will retaliate in kind against any assault from outside of the safe zone and will widen the area of the safe zone if necessary,” President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said on Oct. 30 in his address to the Justice and Development Party (AKP) at the Turkish Parliament.

    Turkey and the U.S. agreed on Oct. 17 to the withdrawal of YPG troops 30 kilometers south of the Turkish-Syrian border from between Tal Abyad and Ras’ul Ayn provinces. Turkey halted its operations after Washington assured Turkey that the YPG terrorists had been pulled back from the said area.

    Erdoğan also urged Russia with which it signed on Oct. 22 another deal for the withdrawal of the YPG troops from the east and west banks of the Tal Abyad-Ras’ul Ayn strip. Some 150-hours-long deadline for the withdrawal of the YPG from Manbij, Kobane and Tel Rıfat provinces expired on Oct. 29 at 6 p.m. while Russia announced that the YPG had left the area.

    “Russia has notified us that 34,000 YPG terrorists have withdrawn 30 kilometers south of our borders with 3,600 [pieces of] heavy weaponry. But our findings show that the implementation of the agreement is not compete. We will conclude our work and will share it with Russia,” Erdoğan said.

    Turkey recognizes the YPG as the Syrian affiliation of the PKK and therefore as a terrorist group. The PKK has been designated as a terror organization by the U.S., the European Union and Turkey.

    Erdoğan, responding to questions on what Turkey’s Plan B or C would be in the case that the agreements are not implemented, said,

    “We are now executing Plan A. We may implement our Plan B, Plan C if our expectations in Ayn al Arab, Menbij will not be met. We will see what steps we will take in line with the conditions in the field after the completion of joint patrolling.”

    President Erdoğan informed that Turkish-Russian joint military patrolling will start on Nov. 1 in areas designated by the Oct. 22 deal. The area will cover seven kilometers deep in Syria around the Manbij, Ayn al Arab and other provinces.

    Turkish, Russian joint patrols to start in Syria safe zoneTurkish, Russian joint patrols to start in Syria safe zone
    Erdoğan reiterated that Turkey will not hesitate to attack YPG terrorists if they have not yet pulled back from these areas, vowing that Turkey has reserved its right to resume its operation against terrorism.

    In response to a question, Erdoğan said he might hold a phone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin at any time.

    Turkey launched on Oct. 9 its Operation Peace Spring in northeastern Syria to wipe out the YPG terrorists from its borders. Erdoğan said more than 900 terrorists have been “neutralized” during the operation which cleared 558 residential areas of the YPG.

    President recalled that the two objectives of the operation was to provide the security of Turkey and to pave the way for the return of Syrian refugees to safer areas in their homeland.

    On the return of the Syrian refugees, Erdoğan said there was a proposal tabled by prominent European countries to hold a four-way meeting with the participation of Turkey, Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

    “There are three venues where such a meeting can be held: Either in Gaziantep, Şanlıurfa or Istanbul. If you want to discuss the refugee issue then you should come to Gaziantep or Şanlıurfa as the incident is taking place here,” he said.

    Hinting that German Chancellor Angela Merkel proposed that he visit Berlin for such a meeting, Erdoğan said, “What does Berlin have to do with it? Am I a tourist? You should better come here and maybe you can see the situation along the border with your own eyes.”

    If this meeting cannot take place in Turkey in November, then four leaders can come together on the sidelines of NATO’s 70th-anniversary summit in London on Dec. 3 and 4.

    Turkey has lost two dozen civilians and nine troops at the hands of YPG terrorists, and more than 700 attacks have taken place against the Turks living abroad, but no leader calling on him to stop the operation has expressed his or her sorrow over Turkey’s losses, Erdoğan said.

    “Many of them are at NATO with us. Many of them are at the EU that we negotiate with (for full membership), but all these (anti-Turkey) protests are taking place in their countries under the control of the police. Any sound from them? No. Seventy-nine of these protests targeted our flag, our missions, mosques, associations or our citizens,” he added.

    Slamming the European countries for backing terrorists, Erdoğan urged: “You are making a mistake. The terrorist snake which you are breeding with your hands will one day turn to you and bite you. You will understand the mistake you commit when bombs will explode on your streets, terrorists will use their guns and vandals will start to ravage.”

    President Erdoğan referred to the Yellow Vest protests ongoing in France and stressed that this sort of rallies will spread to all countries.

    Erdoğan also slammed the U.S. House of Representatives’ resolution that recognizes the 1915 events as “Armenian genocide” and said the Turkish Parliament will pass a counter-resolution.

    “From here, I am addressing U.S. public opinion and the entire world: This step was taken as worthless, and we do not recognize it,” the president said, addressing his party members at the parliament.

    The Turkish Parliament would pass a counter-resolution, Erdogan said, adding that Turkey was saddened that a” slander” against the country is being accepted by a country’s parliament. “We would consider this accusation the biggest insult towards our nation,” he said.

    “A country whose history is full of the stain of genocide and slavery neither has the right to say anything nor to lecture Turkey,” Erdogan stated.

    “In our faith, genocide is definitely banned,” he said. “We consider such an accusation to be the biggest insult to our people,” he said.

    The step to consider the events as genocide “does not count for anything,” he emphasized, saying American lawmakers had acted “opportunistically” to pass the bill at a time when Turkey is being widely criticized for its incursion into Syria.

    Erdoğan later told reporters he had not yet made up his mind about whether to go through with a visit to the United States, which had been set for Nov. 13. “I haven’t made my decision yet; there is a question mark,” he said.
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    Turkey, Russia, Iran issue joint statement on Syria

    The foreign ministers of Turkey, Russia and Iran reaffirmed their strong commitment to the sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of Syria in a joint statement on Oct. 29.

    They issued the statement as guarantor states of the Astana process on the peaceful settlement of the Syrian crisis ahead of the first meeting of the Constitutional Committee of Syria, which consists of government, opposition and civil society members.

    UN Special Envoy for Syria Geir Pedersen had earlier met with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov and Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif ahead of the committee's inaugural meeting on Oct. 30.

    They expressed their conviction that the launch of the Constitutional Committee proved "there could be no military solution to the Syrian conflict."

    They said they were committed to advancing a viable and lasting Syrian-led and Syrian-owned and UN-facilitated political process in line with UN Security Council resolution 2254, which was backed by all members of the Security Council.

    Çavuşoğlu said Turkey believes its Russian partners regarding the withdrawal of the YPG from the safe zone area in northern Syria but felt otherwise about the terrorists.

    "Russia informed us that PKK/YPG elements left. We have to believe our Russian partners, but we cannot trust terrorists," Çavuşoğlu said at the press conference in Geneva with his Russian and Iranian counterparts.

    He said the launch of talks for a new Syrian constitution is a huge step forward.

    On Oct. 9, Turkey launched Operation Peace Spring to eliminate terrorists from northern Syria east of the Euphrates River to secure Turkey's borders, aid in the safe return of Syrian refugees and ensure Syria's territorial integrity.

    Ankara and Moscow reached a deal on Oct. 22 under which YPG/PKK terrorists will pull back 30 kilometers (18.6 miles) south of Turkey's border with northern Syria within 150 hours and security forces from Turkey and Russia will conduct joint patrols there.

    "This is a huge joint victory," said Lavrov, noting that there were "a lot of difficulties" to get to the start of the constitutional committee, which confirms the "commitment to the territorial integrity of Syria."

    "There is no military solution for the Syrian conflict," said Lavrov.

    Zarif agreed that the constitutional committee is the beginning of "a very difficult process."

    "The commission must be Syrian-owned and led and must be acceptable to the Syrian people," he said, and not "foreign-led."

    "We insist on the territorial integrity of Syria, and the armed forces of Syria should control it," said Zarif.
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    "No man knows but that the last backward glance over his shoulder may be his last look, forever." - Ernie Pyle Born: 1900 KIA: 1945 Shima, Okinawa

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    Russian Air Force launches massive attack across Idlib (fair use)
    By News Desk -2019-10-30

    BEIRUT, LEBANON (12:30 P.M.) – The Russian Air Force unleashed a massive attack over the Idlib countryside on Wednesday, as their warplanes targeted several sites belonging to the jihadist rebels of Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham.

    Led by their Sukhoi jets from the Hmeimim (var. Khmeimim Airbase), the Russian Air Force reportedly launched over 30 airstrikes in the Idlib countryside, hitting a number of Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham targets in the southern region of the governorate.

    According to a military source in northwestern Syria, the Russian Air Force primarily targeted Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham’s positions in the towns of Ma’arat Al-Nu’man, Rakaya, Kafr Sijnah, Kafr Nabl, Al-Tinah, Ma’ar Tahrouma, Naqir, Jbala, and Umm Seer.

    At the same time, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has been heavily shelling the southern Idlib countryside.

    These attacks by the both the Syrian Arab Army and Russian Air Force come at the same time the military sends reinforcements to southern Idlib for the upcoming offensive against the jihadist rebels in this region of the country.



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    Al-Masdar News
    Breaking: Turkish-backed militants to handover 18 captured Syrian soldiers to #Russia #Hasakah #Syria #Turkey
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    Links @source....
    Posted for fair use....

    Syrian army, Turkish forces clash near border as Ankara threatens more force

    Issued on: 31/10/2019 - 02:39
    Modified: 31/10/2019 - 03:06

    A Turkish soldier stands guard on the Turkish-Syrian border in Akcakale in Sanliurfa province, Turkey, October 30, 2019.

    Text by:
    Syrian army troops clashed with Turkish forces near the border town of Ras al Ain on Wednesday, Syrian state media reported, as Ankara said it reserved the right to launch another cross-border offensive against the Kurdish YPG militia.


    Syrian media said Turkish troops had seized villages on the edge of Ras al Ain. Turkish-backed rebels said there had been intermittent clashes between Turkish and Syrian troops in recent days south of the town, which Turkey seized from Syrian Kurdish-led forces earlier this month.

    The report underscores the risk that violence in northeast Syria could resume after Ankara struck separate deals with Washington and Moscow to push the YPG at least 30 km (19 miles) south of the border

    As part of Turkey's deal with Russia, Syrian troops have with the agreement of Kurdish forces headed north to take up positions near the border, a region Damascus has not controlled since early on in the country's eight-and-a-half-year-old war.

    In Ankara, President Tayyip Erdogan told lawmakers from his AK Party that Turkey has information the YPG has not completed its pull-out, despite assurances from Russia on Tuesday that they had left ahead of the deal's deadline.

    "Even though the information in our hands suggests this has not succeeded in a full sense, we will give our response to them after our field assessments," he said.

    Ankara views the YPG as a terrorist organisation because of its links to Kurdish militants in southeast Turkey, and aims establish a "safe zone" in northern Syria cleared of the group.

    "If we see that the members of the terrorist organisation have not been moved out of the 30 km, or if attacks continue, no matter from where, we reserve our right to carry out our own operation," Erdogan said.

    The YPG is the main component in the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) that fought for years alongside U.S. forces to shatter the Syrian half of the "caliphate" declared by Islamic State militants in northeast Syria and neighbouring Iraq.

    Turkish-backed forces crossed into northeast Syria on Oct. 9 to attack the YPG after President Donald Trump's abrupt withdrawal of U.S. forces there a few days earlier, drawing international condemnation of Ankara.

    Trump's decision has been lambasted in Washington by Democrats and his fellow Republicans alike for abandoning Kurdish fighters who helped rout Islamic State. On Tuesday, the House of Representatives voted decisively to sanction Turkey, a NATO ally.

    Joint patrols

    Joint Russian-Turkish patrols had been set to begin on Tuesday at a depth of 10 km (6 miles) inside Syria, but Erdogan said they would begin on Friday and at a depth of just 7 km (4 miles), after a Russian delegation held three days of talks in Ankara seeking agreement on cooperation.

    "Getting the United States out of Syria was the one big interest Turkey, Russia and Iran had in common," said Nicholas Danforth, senior visiting fellow at the German Marshall Fund.

    "But now Russia's longstanding support for restoring the Syrian regime's sovereignty will come into direct conflict with Turkey's desire to project its interests and territory in northern Syria," he said.

    Russia has been Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's most powerful international backer, while Turkey has supported rebels who fought for years to overthrow him.

    On Tuesday, the Turkey-backed Syrian rebels said they had captured an undisclosed number of Syrian army soldiers near Tel Hawa, in the countryside around Ras al Ain. A spokesman for the rebels said that the YPG had not fully withdrawn from the border area and that a new round of clashes were expected.

    Some 300,000 people have been displaced and 120 civilians killed since Turkey's incursion, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a UK-based war monitor.

    The U.S. House voted 403-16 for a resolution calling on Trump to impose sanctions and other restrictions on Turkey and Turkish officials over its offensive in Syria.

    In Geneva, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's government condemned what it called the occupation of its land while the Syrian opposition demanded justice at the opening of a U.N.-backed panel meant to usher in reconciliation, political reforms and free and fair elections as a basis for a lasting peace.

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    US continues repositioning forces in northeastern Syria ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – Col. Myles B. Caggins III, spokesperson for the US-led coalition, explained to Kurdistan 24 that the coalition is beginning to reposition troops to the Deir al-Zor region.

    “The Coalition continues a deliberate withdrawal of forces from northern Syria and will reposition some forces to the Deir al-Zor region in order to continue partnering with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to defeat ISIS remnants, protect critical infrastructure, and deny ISIS access to revenue sources,” he told Kurdistan 24 on Thursday.

    “Adding mechanized forces provides infantry, maneuverability, and firepower. All Coalition military operations are de-conflicted with other forces operating in the region, through pre-existing channels and interlocutors in order to reduce the risk of interference, miscalculation, or unintended escalation of military operations.”

    He added that the Kobani Landing Zone remains open to facilitate the additional movement of troops and equipment outside of Syria.

    On Thursday, a Kurdistan 24 reporter witnessed a convoy of US forces arriving near the village of Şelomê southeast of the town of Al-Qahtaniyah (Tirbespiye), on the border with Turkey.

    Moreover, the local Hawar News Agency reported that a convoy of the US-led coalition was spotted passing from Tal Tamr toward Ain Issa and Serin, south of Kobani.

    Caggins confirmed that Coalition forces, on Thursday, transited “the M4 highway and other routes, as it withdraws troops from northern Syria and repositions some troops to the Deir al-Zor region.”

    Last Wednesday, US President Donald Trump announced that the US would retain a military presence in eastern Syria to prevent the Islamic State from regaining control over the oil fields.

    READ MORE: US to bolster control of Syrian oil fields

    Then, on Saturday, a US military convoy was seen traveling west on the M-4 highway toward Qamishli, before it turned south.

    Local sources thought the movement might be part of the newly announced US deployment, but that was not correct.

    Thomas McClure, a Syria-based researcher at the Rojava Information Center, told Kurdistan 24 that SDF sources said there had been no “patrol per se, just a part of an ongoing return to positions of US troops.”

    “They were on the move on the main border road between Tirbespi and Qamishlo,” he said.

    “General movement has been southward but US forces are also back in positions close to the border near Derik.”

    Along with its partners in the SDF, the US now holds the Syrian oil fields. But as it withdraws from other areas of northeast Syria, it will bolster its presence in the oil fields to include armored vehicles: Abrams tanks and Bradley fighting vehicles.

    Media reports suggest that some 500 US troops – roughly half the current deployment – will be involved in controlling the Syrian oil fields.

    The US will continue to control air space, and counterterrorism operations will also continue, the Washington Post earlier reported.

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    EndGameWW3 Retweeted

    Rojava Network

    19m19 minutes ago
    +++Explosion reported in the village "Naddah", 3 km east of Turkish occupied city Azaz.

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    Kurds: Turkey ‘Occupying Christian Villages’ in Syria for ‘Ethnic Cleansing’

    The general commander of the majority Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) accused Turkish soldiers and their allies Thursday of “occupying Christian villages” in northern Syria, where Turkish officials claimed this week their military operation had ended.

    President Recep Tayyip Erdogan launched “Operation Peace Spring” this month, an invasion of northern Syria Erdogan claimed necessary to return some of the 4 million Syrian refugees in Turkey to their homeland. Turkey declared its objective to be the creation of a “safe zone” made out of Kurdish territory through the removal of the indigenous Kurdish population, who Turkey would replace with mostly Arab Syrian refugees.

    Kurdish forces condemned the invasion as an attempt at “ethnic cleansing,” one they alleged continued after an agreed-to ceasefire ended on Wednesday.

    America, whose withdrawal precipitated the Turkish invasion, and Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad’s close ally Russia brokered the deal.

    “Turkey has not adhered to the ceasefire agreement with USA and is continuing its war,” Mazloum Abdi, the general commander of the SDF, said on Twitter Thursday. “Turkey with Jihadists, began to occupying [sic] Christian villages and trying to break into Tall Tamir predominantly Assyriens [sic], threatened with annihilation. USA must fulfill its obligations.”

    Syrian Kurdistan (Rojava), the main target of Turkey’s invasion, is home to a growing population of Christians who fled the Islamic State when the terrorist group established a caliphate centered south of the region in Raqqa. In the aftermath of the SDF, with American help, defeating ISIS in Raqqa, Christians in Rojava have been taking advantage of arable land and the absence of Sunni Arab jihadists in Kurdish territory to rebuild their lives.

    As aid groups have warned, “Operation Peace Spring” is a direct threat to these communities. SDF spokesman Mustafa Bali warned in a statement similar to Abdi’s that Tal Tamir [Til Temir], home to one of Rojava’s resurging Christian communities, is under fire.

    The small Christian population that managed to survive ISIS are now fleeing their homes in Khabur area near Til Temir due to Turkish attacks. On the day the House voted to recognize Armenian Genocide, another genocide is just starting.

    — Mustafa Bali (@mustefabali) October 30, 2019
    Bali added that Turkish forces had been using Syrian airspace controlled by American forces to attack civilian areas. “People are undergoing an ethnic cleansing campaign by [Turkey],” he said, describing Washington and Moscow as “responsible” for the attack because they had helped broker the ceasefire.

    Reuters reported Thursday that locals had spotted American military vehicles patrolling the Syrian-Turkish border for the first time since President Trump announced this month that he would withdraw American troops from the region. A Kurdish source told Reuters the patrol would not be the last of its kind.

    Videos circulating on social media from Tal Tamir show heavy clashes and fleeing civilians.

    Local sources say with the Turkish forces approaching Tal Tamir city people fleeing the area. City was the first point of refuge for displaced residents of Ras al-Ain and its hospital is very important for the region. Tal Tamir is outside of so called ‘safe zone’ of 32 km depth

    — Mutlu Civiroglu (@mutludc) October 30, 2019
    The Kurdish news service Rudaw noted on Wednesday that Tal Tamir was also home to civilians that had already fled the Turkish invasion from the town of Ras al-Ain, which Kurds refer to as Sare Kani. Locals in Tal Tamir described the situation as “not good.”

    Assad’s official news service, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), corroborated the news of “Erdogan’s terrorists and mercenaries” attacking villages in Rojava. The “terrorists” in question are members of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), a coalition of anti-Assad forces that includes al-Qaeda and other jihadist elements. Videos from the battlegrounds in Rojava show FSA members shouting “Allahu akbar,” the classic jihadist battle cry, and desecrating the corpses of Kurdish fighters. The SDF has referred to the FSA as “the new ISIS.”

    The ceasefire agreement was in part contingent upon Assad’s forces entering Rojava and securing areas against Turkish invasion. The Kurdish forces have operated largely independent of Assad, neither attacking nor cooperating with his troops. “Operation Peace Spring” forced the SDF to accept Assad troops’ presence in its territory. SANA reported “fierce clashes” between Turkish soldiers and Assad troops in Ras al-Ayn on Wednesday.

    Following the end of the ceasefire Wednesday and renewed Turkish attacks, reports from SDF members on the ground indicate that Assad’s army began to withdraw from the Turkish battle lines, leaving local civilians exposed to attack.

    Since Russia did not fulfill its promise to ensure safety of Syrian soldiers/border guards, SAA troops have withdrawn on their own from many spots along contact lines.@mustefabali @zana_medi

    — Bahtiyar Umut (@baxtiyarumut) October 30, 2019
    Assad’s defense ministry asked the SDF to become an official arm of the Syrian military on Wednesday.

    “We in Syria are facing a common enemy, and we must sacrifice as the people of unified Syria from the Arabs and Kurds to restore every inch of the beloved Syrian territories,” the defense ministry pleaded.

    The SDF rejected the invitation:

    "The Syrian Democratic Forces with all its components and members, and in front of the world, have been the best Syrian fighters for years who have fought ISIS and destroyed its so-called caliphate defending Syria and the world. Therefore, they are heroes who deserve praise and honor and not settle the status and do not need pardons or forgiveness like those issued against criminals and terrorists.

    We also stress that the Syrian Democratic Forces members are disciplined fighters and a systematic military organizations with an institutional body. We absolutely reject this language of speech directed to our members. While it was better for the Syrian Ministry of Defense to address its speech to the General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces in order to open the door of a dialogue expressing a sincere desire to unify efforts and not circumvent the reality and disclaim its responsibilities."

    Erdogan made clear Wednesday that, despite his government claiming “Operation Peace Spring” had no reason to restart after the ceasefire, Turkey’s work was “not finished yet” in Syria.

    “We will continue our pursuit until the last terrorist is gone. Neither threats, nor blackmail, nor insidious games will be able to hold us back,” Erdogan said, using his preferred epithet for Kurdish people.

    Erdogan considers the Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG/YPJ) a wing of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). The YPG and YPJ (the women’s forces) make up most of the SDF and are U.S. allies pivotal in the fight against ISIS; the SDF delivered intelligence necessary to capture ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The PKK is a U.S.-designated Marxist terrorist organization.

    “The only reason we launched Operation Peace Spring is our intention to destroy those terror corridors and those who want to establish that terrorist state,” Erdogan said.

    Turkish National Defense Minister Hulusi Akar echoed the sentiment, saying Thursday that “nothing is finished here yet, anything could happen,” speaking to Turkish soldiers Tal Abyad, Syria. Akar claimed that Turkey’s “Euphrates Shield” operation made Turkey the “only army that fought Daesh/ISIS directly,” according to the state-run Anadolu Agency.

    The 2016 “Operation Euphrates Shield” similarly targeted only Syrian Kurds and their allies with the intention of repopulating their areas with Arab Syrian refugees.
    Deo adjuvante non timendum - With God Helping, Nothing is to be Feared
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    Syrian army, Turkish forces clash near border as Ankara threatens more force
    Syrian army, Turkish forces clash near border as Ankara threatens more force - FRANCE 24
    3:41 PM · Oct 31, 2019
    Replying to
    #Ankara is entrapped between retreat and its designed objective.

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    Isaiah 17:1
    “The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.”

    King James Version (KJV)

    <>▲ View Chapter

    Isaiah 17:1 Context

    1The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap. 2The cities of Aroer are forsaken: they shall be for flocks, which shall lie down, and none shall make them afraid. 3The fortress also shall cease from Ephraim, and the kingdom from Damascus, and the remnant of Syria: they shall be as the glory of the children of Israel, saith the LORD of hosts. 4And in that day it shall come to pass, that the glory of Jacob shall be made thin, and the fatness of his flesh shall wax lean.

    ▲ View Chapter

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    Aleph, Bet, Gimel ��️ א ב ג

    Iranian-Backed Houthis claimed downing a US drone over Asir #Yemen
    Thoughts are things. Thus I'm careful of the thoughts I think, & the company I keep.

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    Donald Trump May Be Preparing for A Standoff with Iran Over Syria
    Seth J. Frantzman
    The National InterestOctober 31, 2019, 12:41 PM EDT

    U.S. policy on Syria has been on a roller coaster ride in October. It’s unclear what will come next because current options vary from withdrawing from part of Syria to leaving all of eastern Syria to increasing troop levels in areas where oil fields are located. President Donald Trump consults only a small team on Syrian issues and U.S. policy remains compartmentalized between the Pentagon and State Department. One thing is clear from the White House, the United States now wants to secure the oil.

    The same day that Trump announced that a U.S. raid killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the president also responded to questions about his tweets that indicated the United States would secure oil fields in Syria. He said that the oil was “so valuable for many reasons, it fueled ISIS, it helps the Kurds, and . . . it can help us because we should be able to take some also.” Trump said he might work with an American oil company to develop the infrastructure. For now, the United States is “protecting” the oil. “That doesn’t mean we don’t make a deal at some point,” he said.

    The “making a deal” portion of the statement is classic Trump and is the kind of policy that has come to underpin this administration, which tends to view foreign policy as transactional. This includes the U.S. policy on “maximum pressure” on Iran which has eschewed military action in favor of economic sanctions. The Trump administration does not want a war with Iran, despite commentary that portrayed his White House as hawkish. The departure of National Security Advisor John Bolton in September reduced chances of conflict with Iran. It was Bolton, with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, that ramped up rhetoric in May. But Iran’s alleged attacks on oil tankers, shooting down a U.S. drone, and involvement in an attack on Saudi oil facilities, showed that Tehran had called Washington’s bluff. Bolton’s “unrelenting force” threats have dried up.

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    US B-52 Bomber En Route to Syria Escorted by Greek Fighter Jets - Reports© AP Photo / Dave Caulkin
    17:30 01.11.2019(updated 17:42 01.11.2019)Get short URL4121
    MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Two Greek F-16 fighter jets provided an escort to a US B-52 bomber on its way to Syria during its flight over Cyprus on Friday, the Kathimerini newspaper reported.

    The bomber took off from Fairford Royal Air Force Base in Gloucestershire, the United Kingdom, and was joined by the Greek aircraft as it went through Athens' and Nicosia's Flight Information Regions, and then continued its flight toward its area of operation in Syria.

    It has not been established whether the bomber's flight is a part of NATO operations or solely a US initiative, according to the newspaper

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    Quote Originally Posted by danielboon View Post
    US B-52 Bomber En Route to Syria Escorted by Greek Fighter Jets - Reports© AP Photo / Dave Caulkin
    17:30 01.11.2019(updated 17:42 01.11.2019)Get short URL4121
    MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Two Greek F-16 fighter jets provided an escort to a US B-52 bomber on its way to Syria during its flight over Cyprus on Friday, the Kathimerini newspaper reported.

    The bomber took off from Fairford Royal Air Force Base in Gloucestershire, the United Kingdom, and was joined by the Greek aircraft as it went through Athens' and Nicosia's Flight Information Regions, and then continued its flight toward its area of operation in Syria.

    It has not been established whether the bomber's flight is a part of NATO operations or solely a US initiative, according to the newspaper

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    For links see article source.....
    Posted for fair use.....

    Military Times


    Bradleys and Army infantry roll into Syria to help secure oil wells

    By: Shawn Snow   1 day ago

    Bradley armored vehicles rolled into eastern Syria on a mission to combat ISIS and prevent oil wells from falling back into the hands of the Islamic extremist group, according to an official with Operation Inherent Resolve.

    Army Col. Myles B. Caggins III, a spokesman for the U.S.-led mission to defeat ISIS in Iraq and Syria, said the mechanized forces moving into Deir ez-Zor province, Syria, hailed from the 30th Armored Brigade Combat team, a National Guard unit from South Carolina.

    NBC News was first to report it, citing OIR commander Army Lt. Gen. Pat White, that Bradleys and Army grunts had crossed into Deir ez-Zor.

    Officials with the Pentagon and OIR did not detail the number of troops or armored vehicles tasked with protecting the oil wells in eastern Syria. But Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said Monday that American troops would continue to withdraw from northern Syria.

    “We are repositioning" U.S. forces to Deir ez-Zor to continue partnering with the SDF “to defeat ISIS remnants, protect critical infrastructure” and to deny ISIS access to revenue sources. "Mechanized forces provide infantry, maneuver, and firepower,”OIR tweeted Thursday.

    Esper said he expected troop levels to be below the 1,000 troops that were deployed to northern Syria prior to President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw American troops from the country following a Turkish incursion.

    Turkey launched operations on Oct. 9 to combat U.S.-backed Kurdish forces. Turkey believes the American anti-ISIS partner force in Syria is a terrorist group.

    The decision to redeploy American forces into Syria appears to be reversal by Trump of his much criticized plan to withdraw U.S. troops from the country.
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    Get the military's most comprehensive news and information every morning.

    American military veterans who served in armor units have argued mechanized forces in Syria could add logistical and manpower strains for U.S. forces in Syria — countering Trump’s aim to withdraw from the region and end America’s involvement in forever wars.

    .@USArmy troops in 4-118th Infantry Regiment, @30thabct, @NCNationalGuard attached to the 218th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade, @SCNationalGuard, load M2A2 Bradley Fighting Vehicles to support the @CJTFOIR mission in Deir ez Zor, Syria. #DefeatDaesh— OIR Spokesman Col. Myles B. Caggins III (@OIRSpox) October 31, 2019

    The oil wells in eastern Syria are a contentious issue. Analysts contend the decision to deploy American armor to safeguard Syrian oil was made due to the threat of Russian and Syrian armor in the region.

    How the Bradley will stack up to Russian armor is unknown. The small armor vehicle packs a 25 mm Bushmaster chain gun and is armed with the aging anti-tank missile system known as the TOW. But the Bradley could be highly effective against ISIS up-armored bomb-laden vehicles — a tactic that has grown in prominence among ISIS and Taliban fighters.

    The vehicle is also highly maneuverable.

    Syrian Democratic Forces, abandoned by their American partners, were forced to invite Russian and Syrian regime forces into towns and cities across northern Syria as Turkish troops and their Free Syrian Army proxy force rolled through the region.

    The oil fields in eastern Syria were also the site of a clash between American commandos and Russian mercenaries. In February 2018, U.S. troops called in airstrikes against Russian mercenaries and pro-Syrian regime forces moving towards the American position near the Conoco oil fields in eastern Syria. Nearly 200 enemy troops were killed in the attack.
    CENTCOM commander releases video of raid on Baghdadi compound, which now looks like a ‘parking lot with large potholes'
    CENTCOM commander releases video of raid on Baghdadi compound, which now looks like a ‘parking lot with large potholes'

    The compound — located about four miles from the Turkish border near Syria’s Idlib province — now “looks pretty much like a parking lot with large potholes."
    By: Shawn Snow

    Esper and other U.S. defense officials have oft repeated that the U.S. wants to keep the Syrian oils from falling back into the hands of ISIS. Captured oil wells was a main source of income for ISIS during the height of its power in the Iraq and Syria.

    But on Monday, Esper also said Russia and Syria would be denied access to the oil fields. Esper said the U.S. wanted to ensure its SDF partner force could use the oil revenue to fund their fighters and prison camps that are currently holding thousands of ISIS detainees.

    Esper told reporters Monday that American forces protecting the oil fields where prepared to use “overwhelming military force” in self defense.

    Esper said Monday that he has seen no sign of Syrian or Russian forces challenging U.S. control of the oil fields.
    Russia calls US move to protect Syrian oil ‘banditry’
    Russia calls US move to protect Syrian oil ‘banditry’

    Russia’s Defense Ministry on Saturday harshly criticized the United States decision to send armored vehicles and combat troops into eastern Syria to protect oil fields, calling it “banditry.”
    By: Jim Heintz, The Associated Press

    The Associated Press, citing a U.S. official, reported that the U.S. has detected what appears to be a massing of Russian and Syrian forces on the western side of the Euphrates River near Deir el-Zour.

    Russian officials were contacted by phone, and the U.S. was given assurances that the staged forces would not move east, the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss a sensitive issue.

    Jim Jeffrey, the Trump administration’s special envoy for Syria, seemed to refer to this episode when he said last Friday, “We are currently very concerned about certain developments in the south, in the Deir el-Zour area. I’ve talked to my Russian colleague about that and we’re having other contacts with the Russians concerning that situation. We think it is under control now.”

    After expelling Islamic State militants from southeastern Syria in 2018, the Kurds seized control of the more profitable oil fields to the south in Deir el-Zour province.

    In addition to that mission, the U.S. will also keep a small number of U.S. troops at the Tanf garrison near the Syria-Iraq border. American commandos housed at Tanf are tasked with training an anti-ISIS force separate from the SDF mission. And there is a Joint Special Operations Command compound in Syria, south of Kobani. where the raid that resulted in the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was launched.

    “All Coalition military operations are de-conflicted with other forces operating in the region, through pre-existing channels and interlocutors in order to reduce the risk of interference, miscalculation, or unintended escalation of military operations,” Caggins said.

    The Associated Press contributed to this story
    About Shawn Snow

    Shawn Snow is the senior reporter for Marine Corps Times and a Marine Corps veteran.

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    Turkey is the last wall between Europe and terrorism

    Turkey is the last wall standing between Europe and terrorism, the country's Defense Ministry said on Nov. 3.

    “Turkey is protecting not only its own borders, but also the borders of NATO. Turkey's security is the security of all of Europe, including NATO,” the ministry said in a statement.

    “It should be known that Turkey, as the last wall between Europe and terrorism, is fighting terrorism on the frontline,” it added.

    The statement condemned the resolution by the U.S. House of Representatives recognizing Armenian claims about the 1915 events and the French Parliament's resolution on Turkey's Syria operation.

    “Turkey condemns the U.S. House of Representatives resolution accepting the so-called Armenian genocide without considering the historical facts and the French National Assembly, which declares support for the terrorist organization PKK/YPG, and describe it as an ally and hope these historical mistakes were corrected soon.”

    It said that the U.S. resolution on Armenia and a bill backing sanctions on Turkey contradict the Ankara-Washington deal reached on Syria and the spirit of NATO alliance.

    The ministry also said the French Parliament resolution on Turkey's Syria operation is “nothing but an attempt to distort the truth and hide them from the world public opinion, especially French citizens".

    People’s Assembly: What happened in Syria is an extension of ill-fated Balfour Declaration

    The People’s Assembly affirmed that what the US and its allies are doing of supporting and funding terrorism is a desperate attempt to change the firm stances of Syria towards the Palestinian cause, and that the terrorist war waged against the country is the extension of the ill-fated Balfour Declaration.

    On the 102nd anniversary of the ill-fated Balfour Declaration, the People’s Assembly affirmed in a statement that the Balfour Declaration constitutes a black day in the history of the Palestinian people, the Arab nation and the history of humanity as a whole and a strong blow to the international justice and legitimacy.

    The statement added that Balfour Declaration is a flagrant violation of the rights of the Palestinian people, indicating that the hostile, racist and terrorist practices of the Israeli occupation entity against the Palestine people aim at suppressing their resistance and subjugating them and abolishing their existence.

    The People’s Assembly added that attacking the Islamic and Christian sanctities by the Israeli occupation entity is a desperate attempt to impost unjust dictations on the Palestinian people and a blatant violation of the international law and its principles.

    The statement read that what has taken place and what is taking place nowadays in Syria and the region is an extension of the ill-fated Balfour Declaration , and what the US and its colonial allies, and the Zionists are doing of supporting and funding terrorism and their practices of systematic destruction come in a desperate attempt to change the principled and firm stances of Syria towards the Palestinian cause and its adherence to liberating every inch of all the occupied Arab territories.

    The Assembly clarified that Syria will remain a supporter of the historical rights of the Palestinian people and will continue to consider the Palestinian cause as a central cause and the essence of the Arab national struggle, affirming that the Syrian Arab Army will remain a solid rock which will foil all conspiracies hatched against its country.

    Erdogan continues crackdown on opponents, arrests whoever criticizes his aggression on Syria

    President of the Turkish regime Recep Tayyip Erdogan has continued to suppress his opponents as in every stage, he uses a new flimsy pretext in his policy starting from the alleged coup in Turkey in 2016 when he launched a wide and overt crackdown on those who criticize his policies, and recently he has started to arrest whoever dares to reject his blatant offensive on the Syrian territory.

    Intensive campaigns have been launched by Erdogan’s authorities against his critics and opponents since the beginning of the Turkish aggression on the Syrian territory.

    The Washington Post newspaper mentioned that Erdogan has exploited his aggression against Syria to weaken the internal opposition and to suppress the voices of those who criticize that aggression in order to enhance his authority.

    The US newspaper affirmed in an article by journalist Can Dündar that Erdogan has exploited the aggression against the Syrian territories as a pretext to tighten the noose on his opponents, particularly after the losses inflicted on his party “Justice and Development” in the latest local elections which were held last April.

    The newspaper indicated that Erdogan is trying to benefit from the atmosphere of fear and division which he sows in the hearts of those who oppose his policies.

    The Washington Post indicated that the authorities of the Turkish regime have arrested more than 150 persons since the beginning of the aggression on the Syrian territory, adding that the opposition members who are outside Turkey haven’t escaped the revenge of Erdogan as they have been arrested immediately after returning to their country just for using the word “aggression” or “war” on their pages on the social networking website “Facebook”.

    Over the three years after the attempt of the coup, Erdogan launched a large-scale crackdown as more than 77 thousands of his opponents have been arrested and about 150 thousand workers have been fired from their jobs at governmental institutions.

    on Oct. 9th, Erdogan and his mercenaries started an offensive in Syria in the countryside of Hasaka and Raqqa claiming the lives of tens of civilians and injuring others, in addition to causing the displacement of tens of thousands of people and a huge material damage to the infrastructure.
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    Turkey Warns Europe It Is Repatriating All Captured Islamic State Terrorists

    The Turkish government has warned its NATO allies in Europe to get ready to receive thousands of Islamic State fighters captured on battlefields in Syria as it begins efforts to repatriate them to their countries of origin.
    Turkey’s warning comes despite the unwillingness of Europe states to take them in, with the UK in particular even going so far as to strip known jihadis of their citizenship.

    “We are not going to keep them until the end of time,” Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu told reporters. “We’re not a hotel for Daesh,” he said, using another name for Islamic State.

    He said Turkey would hold captured foreign fighters “for some time. After that we’ll send them back to their countries”.

    Soylu said E.U. countries including the Netherlands and Britain had stripped some of the fighters of their nationality to prevent Ankara from sending them home.

    “They found an easy solution,” he said. “They say ‘I took his nationality away, it’s your problem now’. That’s unacceptable in our view, that’s totally irresponsible. What do you want me to do with your terrorist?”

    Last year two captured Islamic State terrorists complained the UK was too harsh on them after the alleged members of ‘the Beatles’ execution team were stripped of their UK citizenship.

    The U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces captured Alexanda Amon Kotey and El Shafee Elsheikh last January in eastern Syria.

    They argued that press stories about ‘the Beatles’ were fabricated and used as a pretext to have them killed – as ‘Jihadi John’ was in a drone strike. “No fair trial, when I am ‘the Beatle’ in the media. No fair trial,” Elsheikh said.

    He claimed the British government’s decision in February to strip them of citizenship was “illegal”, exposing them to “rendition and torture”, Elsheikh said, “being taken to any foreign land and treated in anyway and having nobody to vouch for you”.
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    US Air Force delivers armored vehicles to Syrian border region amid reports of new base in Deir Ezzor
    US Air Force delivers armored vehicles to Syrian border region amid reports of new base in Deir...
    6:24 PM · Nov 3, 2019·

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    Turkey should be kicked out of NATO

    A new survey has revealed well over half of the German population would like to see Turkey booted from the NATO over its recent military incursion into northeastern Syria.

    Of those surveyed, 58 percent reported wanting Turkey expelled from NATO while even greater numbers supported imposing economic sanctions and export bans against Erdogan’s government, Deutsche Welle reports.

    The survey, conducted by the global public opinion and data company YouGov, and commissioned by the news agency dpa, interviewed more than 2,000 adult Germans between the 25th and 28th of October. The poll discovered that 58 percent of Germans want Turkey ousted from NATO – an intergovernmental military alliance of 29 North American and European countries originally designed to counter Soviet military expansion into Europe.

    Just 18 percent of survey respondents were against Turkey’s expulsion from NATO.

    An even larger percentage of the German population would like to see their government take a tougher stance against Turkey, with 69 percent supporting a complete ban on arms exports and 61 percent supporting economic sanctions against Erdogan’s government.

    Since Turkey’s military offensive into northeast Syria earlier this month, the German government has halted some of its arms exports. However, a complete ban on arms sales to Turkey like Merkel had previously promised to do has yet to be enacted.

    On the other hand, national populist politicians from the Alternative for Germany (AfD) have called for a less tolerant approach to be taken, urging both Berlin and Brussels to freeze all outgoing funds to Turkey.

    Germany isn’t the only NATO member to harshly criticize Turkey’s military aggression in the Middle East. Many other countries inside the alliance like the US and various EU member states have also condemned Erdogan’s actions as well.

    Although NATO’s founding charter does allow for members to remove themselves from the military alliance, a formal mechanism by which a member country can be thrown out of the organization by other members has been established. Thus, the removal of Turkey from the alliance would be a messy and prolonged process that would require the approval and ratification of every member country.

    It’s no secret that Turkey acts as a strategic land bridge connecting the East to the West. Furthermore, Turkey has the second-largest army in NATO, second only to the United States, making it a crucial contributor to the alliance’s defense and military capabilities. Together, these two facts make the prospect of expelling Turkey from the alliance a daunting one.

    To make matters worse, Turkish President Recep Erdogan threatened to ‘open the gates’ and ‘flood’ Europe with the 3.5 million ‘refugees’ currently living in Turkey if European governments fail to assist him in building a so-called ‘safe zone’ along Turkey’s border with northeast Syria.
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    Turkish billboards: “Don’t take Jews and Christians as friends”

    Billboards displaying Quranic verses calling for Muslims not to take Christians and Jews as friends were spotted in the Turkish city of Konya earlier this week.

    Konya is well-known as Turkey’s most culturally conservative city. In last March’s local elections, Islamist Justice and Development Party (AKP) garnered more than 70 percent of the vote.

    “Do not take the Jews and the Christians as allies. They are [in fact]allies of one another. And whoever is an ally to them among you – then indeed, he is [one]of them. Indeed, Allah guides not the wrongdoing people,” the posters say, citing Quranic chapter five, verse 51.

    To the side of the Quranic quote are a cross and a star of David with bloodstains.

    The posters are believed to have been put up by Islamist organizations. Below the Quranic verse are the logos of AGD and MGV, two organizations that are affiliated with the Islamist Saadet Partisi (Felicity Party) – a party which belongs to the notorious Millî Görüş movement, SCEPTR reports.

    Millî Görüş has been referred to as one of the “the leading Turkish diaspora organizations in Europe” and has also been described as the largest Islamic organization operating in the West.

    The billboards were eventually removed following widespread outrage.

    A spokesperson for the city has said that the municipality’s AKP administration was not responsible for the contents of the posters.

    Garo Paylan, a representative for the HDP party – a party represents the Kurds and other religious minorities in Turkey – said that he would be presenting that issue to the Turkish parliament.

    Turkey, a country that is 98 percent Muslim, is home to between 200,000 to 320,000 Christians, and close to 12,000 Jews.
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    Cat Retweeted
    Karl Håkon Gulbrandsen
    SDF: During the last 24 hours, 61 jihadists killed, 22 injured 4 military vehicles, 3 armored vehicles and a motorcycle destroyed by our forces.
    8 SDF fighters were martyred and 11 were injured.

    #SDF #NESyria #Syria
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    Al Jazeera News
    Turkey 'to send back' ISIL prisoners even if citizenships revoked


    Links at source.....
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    Turkey will send captured ISIL members back to their countries, even if their citizenships have been revoked, Minister of Interior Suleyman Soylu has said.

    Soylu on Monday hit out at European countries, saying they were creating "a new form of international law" by demanding that the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS) prisoners be tried where they were caught.

    He said Turkey had nearly 1,200 foreign members of ISIL in custody and had captured 287 during its recent operation in northeast Syria aimed at clearing the border region from Kurdish fighters it considers "terrorists".

    "We will send back those in our hands, but the world has come up with a new method now: revoking their citizenships," Soylu said.

    "They are saying they should be tried where they have been caught. This is a new form of international law, I guess."

    "It is not possible to accept this. We will send back Daesh [ISIL] members in our hands to their own countries whether they revoke their citizenships or not," he said.

    Is enough being done to prevent armed attacks? (25:00)
    Turkey launched an offensive into northeast Syria against the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) last month following a decision by United States President Donald Trump to withdraw troops from the region.

    Over a dozen killed in car bomb attack near Turkey-Syria border
    The Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG), seen as a "terrorist group" by Ankara over its ties with outlawed Kurdish fighters on its soil, is the main element of the SDF, which was a leading US ally in beating back ISIL in the region.

    The armed group kept thousands of ISIL members in jails across northeast Syria.

    Western countries have often refused to accept the repatriation of citizens who left to join ISIL in Syria and have stripped many of their citizenship.

    Turkey has repeatedly called on European countries to take back their citizens fighting for the group and has accused the SDF of releasing ISIL prisoners amid the recent offensive.

    Soylu said on Monday recaptured foreign nationals would be taken to prisons or camps in Turkish-controlled zones in northern Syria, including in Jarablus, al-Bab, Azaz and Afrin.

    Conflicting narratives about Turkey-Syria border
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    Syrian Christians Take Up Arms Against Turkish Invasion

    Kurdish news service Rudaw reported on Tuesday that Syrian Christians living near the Turkish border are taking up arms to protect their villages from invading Turkish forces and their Syrian allies.

    Rudaw’s report focused on a woman named Madelin, an Assyrian Christian mother of three, who joined up with the Syriac Military Council (known by the acronym MFS), a Christian militia aligned with the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

    “We Assyrians are 17,000 people spread across the Jazira Region in northeastern Syria,” Madelin explained.

    “Our villages were paradise on earth. Before ISIS coming to the region, other differently named groups attacked our region. After the situation calmed down, we were living peacefully. Life was somehow good. Now, Turkey is coming and repeating the same history. They want to return the mess and conflicts to northeast Syria,” she said.

    Rudaw quoted an MFS statement that said the group has deployed forces to protect eight villages, where the situation has become “calm” after deadly shelling on Sunday by Turkish-backed forces.

    The Assyrian International News Agency (AINA) noted on Monday that “some Christians” have been “mistreated by the Kurds,” but said they are “united in their opposition to Turkey entering the area.”

    The MFS expressed support for a ceasefire in the area to protect residents from “further distraction and atrocities” and asked for support from the international community.

    “There have been concerns in Christian villages about possible atrocities by Turkey-backed fighters, which include former jihadists,” AINA reported.

    MFS forces have been deployed during previous Turkish incursions. The group received support and equipment from the U.S. to fight the Islamic State.
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    Reports in #Russia and #China : Israeli made “David’s Sling” interceptor rocket fell on the border between the countries , the interceptor rocket was taken by the Russian regime armed forces in order to try and retrieve any technology unknown to them
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    Russian media reports quoted Chinese media Sina saying that the missile was taken by Russia for "reverse engineering."

    An advanced Israeli surface-to-air missile that was fired from the David's Sling (formerly known as the Magic Wand) missile system was given to Russia by Syria, when it was found intact after the rocket did not explode on contact, according to Russian media sources.

    The rocket was reportedly fired on July 23, 2018, and Syrian forces that were dispatched to the scene found the missile intact after it sustained minor damage from impact. The missile was then taken to a Syrian-Russian base where it was transferred to Moscow for further research.

    Read More Related Articles
    Iran remains worst state-sponsor of terror, works with al-Qaeda
    Why did Turkish intelligence fail at finding Baghdadi?

    Treating Severe Asthma Attack | Severe Asthma Healthgrades
    David's Sling was developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and American defense contractor Raytheon. The system is designed to intercept enemy planes, drones, medium- to long-range rockets and cruise missiles and the newest generation of tactical ballistic missiles at low altitude.

    The system forms the middle layer of air defense systems between the Iron Dome and the Arrow 2 and Arrow 3 Missile Defense systems.

    Russian media reports quoted Chinese media Sina saying that the missile was taken by Russia for "reverse engineering."
    Attached Images
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    State-of-the-art Israeli missile falls into Russian hands
    'David's Sling', Israel's advanced surface-to-air missile, reported seized by Russian army after landing in Syrian territory

    An advanced Israeli missile has been captured by the Russian army and taken back to Russia for study, according to reports from Russian and Chinese media outlets.

    The reports claim that a “David’s Sling” type surface-to-air missile, which Israel fired last July to intercept two Syrian missiles fired at Israeli territory, was located by Russian military forces after it failed to detonate.

    The missile, having failed to intercept its target, landed in Syrian territory, and was eventually recovered by the Russian army, which barred publication of the missile’s discovery and recovery at the time.

    After the missile was retrieved and neutralized, it was shipped to Russia, to give Russian engineers an opportunity to study the advanced Israeli weapon up close.

    The David’s Sling Missile System, which was developed by Israel and the United States, is part of Israel’s anti-missile defense system, with anti-ballistic missile capabilities.

    Russian warplanes bombard Idlib countryside

    Russian warplanes bombarded on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning the Idlib countryside- considered a de-escalation zone- where a children’s hospital was targeted and five medical staff were injured, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported.

    The monitor added that the Russian warplanes carried out 12 raids, stating that the number of people killed since April 30 in the de-escalation zone is 4,371.

    Earlier on Wednesday, the observatory had also reported that Turkish-backed forces attacked wheat silos using drones in northeast Syria’s Sharkarak village, adding that they targeted one ambulance in the process.

    It was also reported that there had been fierce fighting between Turkish-backed forces and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the same area. They stated that Turkish aircraft have been hovering over Tell Tamer, targeting SDF bases since Tuesday night, which resulted in the death of two SDF fighters following intense shelling.

    On Sunday, Pro-Turkish militants had also attacked a US military convoy near the city of Tell Tamer in northeast Syria as it was moving toward the Iraqi border, Russia’s defense ministry stated, according to Sputnik.

    EU urges restoration of trust with Turkey

    Turkey is "very important" to the European Union and trust must be rebuilt between the two sides, said the EU Parliament's new Turkey rapporteur.

    In his first-ever interview with media after coming to office, Nacho Sanchez Amor told Anadolu Agency that he would endeavor to be objective during his term, and maintain contact with any interlocutors concerned.

    Stressing that the EU recognized Turkey has "legitimate concerns on security," Amor said this did not constitute consent to Ankara acting "unilaterally" in Syria, referring to Turkey's recent anti-terror operation in northern Syria.

    Ankara and Damascus had signed the anti-terrorism Adana Agreement in 1998 aimed at easing Ankara's concerns over the presence of the PKK terror group in Syria.

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said the agreement allows Turkish forces to conduct operations inside Syria near the Turkish border.

    Amor underlined that Turkey's operation in northern Syria was a major obstacle to developing Ankara's relations with Brussels, which he said shared a wide consensus over the issue.

    Amor said he remembers both Alan Kurdi -- a Syrian child who drowned in the Aegean Sea while trying to cross to Greece -- and the toddler Muhammed, who was killed in a cross-border mortar attack on the town of Akçakale in Turkey.

    The mortar attack which killed toddler Muhammed was conducted by YPG/PKK terrorists from Syria.

    "I have to criticize sharply any attack on any civilian target coming from anywhere in that area," he stressed.

    Amor underlined that the EU always praised Turkey's acceptance of refugees, which he said was a "shining example" of the EU's principles and values.

    He said Turkey has a "complete right" to ask EU for support in sharing the burden of refugees.

    Amor added that he was planning to make his first visit to Turkey in January.
    Deo adjuvante non timendum - With God Helping, Nothing is to be Feared
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  28. #1068
    Aleph, Bet, Gimel ��️ א ב ג
    Heavy clashes taking place between Turkish-backed SNA and SDF in the vicinity of Kafia village west of Tal-Abyad #Syria
    Thoughts are things. Thus I'm careful of the thoughts I think, & the company I keep.

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    EndGameWW3 Retweeted


    2h2 hours ago

    Our reporter:
    Syrian government helicopters flying over city of Manbij and its eastern countryside, after landing in Saidiya base, forme U.S. military base, west of #Manbi

  30. #1070

    3h3 hours ago

    Our reporter:
    U.S. patrol touring in Syrian-Iraqi-Turkish border triangle, from village of Junaidiya in Remailan countryside, to fields of Swaydiya, Karzero and Karachok, following a patrol in bombed areas by Turkish military in the ongoing military invasion

  31. #1071
    Turkey, U.S.: Ankara Reportedly Reconsidering Erdogan Visit to Washington
    1 MIN READ
    Nov 6, 2019 | 15:40 GMT
    What Happened: Turkey is reportedly reconsidering President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's scheduled trip to Washington next week, the Middle East Eye reported Nov. 5, citing Turkish officials.

    Why It Matters: Erdogan's scheduled visit could provide an opportunity for both countries to repair their acrimonious relations, although it risks worsening existing tensions if the two sides fail to reach common ground. If Ankara cancels the visit, however, it could burn bridges with the White House, which — unlike Congress — hasn't come down as hard on Turkey over its offensive in northeastern Syria.

    Background: The Turkish government remains concerned that Washington doesn't see eye to eye with Ankara on several sensitive issues and that the White House hasn't pushed back hard enough against sanctions legislation that is progressing through Congress.

  32. #1072

    4m4 minutes ago
    EU will not provide financial aid for Turkey’s Syria safe zone, says official | Ahval

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    Donald Trump Confirms Turkish President Erdogan Will Visit the White House

    President Donald Trump confirmed Wednesday his plan to host Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the White House, despite widespread condemnation by members of Congress of his actions against the Kurds in Syria.

    “Look forward to seeing President Erdogan next Wednesday, November 13th at the White House!” Trump wrote on Twitter.

    President Erdogan also visited the White House in 2017.

    The president revealed on Twitter that he had a phone conversation with Erdogan, who said that they had captured “numerous” ISIS fighters, including a wife and a sister of former ISIS founder Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

    Trump invited Erdogan to visit the White House despite the president’s decision to invade Syria to attack Kurdish forces near the border of Turkey.

    President Trump responded by threatening strict economic sanctions on Turkey, ultimately leading to a ceasefire.

    Trump said he discussed with Erdogan the possibility of ending fighting against the Kurds, securing the Turkish border in Syria, and eliminating terrorism in the region.

    Donald J. Trump


    Just had a very good call with President @RTErdogan of Turkey. He informed me that they have captured numerous ISIS fighters that were reported to have escaped during the conflict – including a wife and sister of terrorist killer al Baghdadi….
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    Turkey captured wife of Baghdadi, Erdoğan says

    Turkey has captured the wife of slain ISIL ringleader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in Syria, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said on Nov. 6.

    "We captured his [Baghdadi's] wife, but we did not make a fuss like the U.S. did. Similarly, we caught his sister and brother-in-law in Syria. We will continue our work in this regard," Erdoğan said.

    "I am announcing for the first time," he said.

    The president's remarks came during a speech at a ceremony marking the 70th anniversary of the foundation of Ankara University's theology faculty in the capital Ankara.

    Baghdadi's sister was captured and arrested by Turkey on Nov. 4.

    "The arrest of al-Baghdadi's sister is yet another example of the success of our counter-terrorism operations," said Fahrettin Altun, Turkey's communications director, in a tweet.

    "Turkey's fight against terror regardless of its ideology or origin continues unabated," he had said.

    U.S. President Donald Trump had announced that al-Baghdadi had been killed in a late-night raid in northwestern Syria's Idlib province.

    A senior Turkish official had told Reuters that Baghdadi's sister was captured in the Azaz town of Syria, the news agency reported on Nov. 4.

    The official had said Baghdadi's sister's husband and daughter-in-law are being interrogated as well.

    Rasmiya Awad, 65, was arrested in a raid near Azaz, according to the official. When captured, she was also accompanied by five children.

    Baghdadi had risen from obscurity to lead the ultra-hardline group and declare himself "caliph" of all Muslims, holding sway over huge areas of Iraq and Syria from 2014-2017 before ISIL's control was wrested away by U.S.-led coalition forces.

    The group, also known as ISIS, said a successor to Baghdadi identified as Abu Ibrahim al-Hashemi al-Quraishi had been appointed.

    World leaders welcomed his death, but they and security experts warned that the group, which carried out atrocities against religious minorities and horrified most Muslims, remained a security threat in Syria and beyond.

    Erdoğan also criticized the Western world for using the expression “Islamic terror.

    The West must first look in the mirror. If you’re looking for terrorists, they are there,” he said.

    Another issue that we have to solve is the question of terrorism,” the president stated. “The terrorist is the person who shed the blood of the innocent without blinking an eye for his own perverted cause. In this respect, no Muslim is a terrorist,” Erdoğan stated.

    Islam continues to exist “as the sole recipe for human salvation,” he said, “because Islam is a religion of peace.”
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    EndGameWW3 Retweeted

    Cahîda Dêrsim

    1h1 hour ago
    #SDF forces have liberated once again the village Bir Issa of Ain Issa from the Turkish army.

    A SDF fighter removes the #Turkish flag

    (Footage: SDF Press Office) #TwitterKurds

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    Cahîda Dêrsim Retweeted

    Joey L.

    Verified account

    21h21 hours ago
    Just now: My interview on BBC World News about my exhibition & the unfolding crisis in Syria / Rojava.

    We already know what happened when Turkey invaded Afrin. Ethnic cleansing & horrific war crimes. Why should we believe their recent invasion will be any different?

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    Turkish army will not leave Syria before others: Erdoğan

    The Turkish army will not quit Syria before the troops of other countries leave the war-torn country, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said, stressing that Turkey faces security risks as it has borders with this country.

    “We won’t quit before the last terrorist leave the region. This is one dimension of the issue. Secondly, we will not quit before other countries leave. We are in favor of Syria’s unity and solidarity. We never want it disintegrated,” Erdoğan told a group of journalists on Nov.8 on his way back from Hungary when asked if Turkey’s “Operation Peace Spring” would continue.

    If the other nations deployed there also defend the integrity of Syria, “they have to prove it,” Erdoğan said, emphasizing that other countries do not even have borders with this country.

    “Neither Russia, nor the U.S. or Iran,” he said. Turkey would keep this stance over the “authority given by the Adana Agreement unless the terror organizations are cleared,” he said, referring to a security deal with Syria which Ankara sees as a source of legitimacy for its Syria incursion.

    Erdoğan stressed that the YPG has not left the regions in northern Syria covered by separate deals made with the U.S. and Russia.

    Elaborating on the situation on the field regarding the deals with Russia and the U.S., Erdoğan said Turkey controls Tal-Abyad and Ras al-Ayn, but the YPG members are still in the region and harass Turkey’s borders.

    The same situation applies to Manbij region and Ayn al-Arab, he said and added: The YPG attacks “when it gets the slightest opportunity.”

    “For example, the terrorist organization attacked the Syrian National Army in Tel Tamer region yesterday morning and 11 people were killed. Of course, they [the Syrian National Army] did not leave it unreciprocated. They also killed more than 10 terrorists. The struggle continues in this manner with determination,” the president stated.

    Erdoğan criticized the U.S. for conducting a joint patrol with the YPG from the east of Ras al-Ayn to Qamishli and said he would discuss all these issues with U.S. President Donald Trump.

    He decided to have a face to face meeting with Trump for assessment of the developments after Turkey’s “Operation Peace Spring” following a phone conversation with his U.S. counterpart, the president said.

    “Of course, we will discuss the issues of a safe zone in Syria and the return of refugees to their lands. We will discuss both the S-400, the F-35 issues and the $100 billion trade volume. We will also discuss the struggle against FETÖ and Halkbank,” Erdoğan said.

    “We continue to experience many difficulties here,” he said, referring to several points of strain in bilateral ties with the U.S.

    Erdoğan said that Trump asked him how the previous administrations handled the draft resolutions on Armenian claims.

    “Some developments that would not fit into our strategic partnership with the United States seriously disturb us. We think this visit is very important to overcome this. There are efforts to intimidate us with the so-called Armenian bill and sanction threats. In the previous evening’s telephone conversation, I also felt that Mr. Trump was aware of this. He asked, ‘How has this ever happened?’ On this question, I said, ‘I have worked with Bush, and Obama in the same way. Now I’m working with you. At that time, they had sent [the draft resolutions on Armenian claims] to the commission and it was dismissed at the commission. Now they bypassed the commission and sent it to the congress. We are directly faced with such a situation.’ He said, ‘I’ll study it and talk to my colleagues’”.

    The president also said he will give the letter back to Trump, which was sent to Erdoğan by the U.S. president. Erdoğan previously criticized the letter for not complying with diplomatic courtesy.

    He will inform Trump also about YPG leader Ferhat Abdi Şahin, known also as Mazloum Kobane, about his role in various terror attacks in Turkey.

    Erdoğan recalled that the Arab League is holding meetings against Turkey. One has to ask the members of the Arab League why they do not support the refugees in Turkey whom are mostly Arabs, he said.
    Deo adjuvante non timendum - With God Helping, Nothing is to be Feared
    "You are like a pit-bull..." - Dennis Olson
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    Turkish, US officials continue Syria talks

    Turkey's presidential spokesman on Nov. 9 received U.S. Syria envoy James Jeffrey and U.S. Ambassador to Turkey David Satterfield in Dolmabahçe Palace in Istanbul, a statement released after the meeting read.

    İbrahim Kalın’s closed-door meeting with the top U.S. officials lasted for 90 minutes and they discussed the recent developments in Syria, as well as details of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's upcoming visit to the U.S.

    Earlier, Erdoğan confirmed he will pay a visit to the U.S. on Nov. 13.

    The safe zone in northern Syria, the latest situation in Syria's Idlib, the progress in the Syrian political solution process and the work of the Constitutional Committee were also discussed during the meeting, the statement added.

    Meanwhile, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar on Nov. 8 received the Jeffrey and Satterfield, said the National Defense Ministry.

    A meeting was held in the capital Ankara between Turkish and U.S. delegations headed by Deputy Defense Minister Yunus Emre Karaosmanoğlu and Jeffrey, said a ministry statement.

    “During the meeting, issues regarding the agreement signed with the U.S. on Oct. 17, 2019 were discussed” -- a deal having to do with Turkey’s anti-terrorist operation in northern Syria launched on Oct. 9 -- the statement said.

    At the end of the delegations’ meeting, Akar received Jeffrey and Satterfield, it added.
    Deo adjuvante non timendum - With God Helping, Nothing is to be Feared
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    ELINT News
    #UPDATE: Unidentified airstrikes hit ISIS compound west of Azaz, in Turkish-controlled zone, northern Syria. Unclear if US operation at this time.
    2:37 PM · Nov 9, 2019·
    Replying to
    Each and every ISIS members are either in Turkey or in Turkish-held northern territories of Syria. Is the world blind?


    Yes. The world is blind
    Jim Hose
    Replying to
    It is almost sure that #Turkey is leading the anti-terrorist war 😂😂😂
    Replying to
    Turks dont care as long as they( ISIS ) help with ethnic cleansing of the kurds.. #turkeysshame.

  40. #1080
    Instant News Alerts
    Unconfirmed reports suggest US warplanes targeted an ISIS commander near the city of Azaz in northwest #Syria a short time ago
    2:13 PM · Nov 9, 2019·
    Vincenzo Mannello
    Replying to
    #US and #ISIS Bad times for spurious #children😊
    Replying to
    Turkish warplanes hit Maranaz (West of Azez) not US

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